Boho Elopement: Michaela + Caleb’s Unforgettable Expedition

Dream of slipping into a lacy wedding dress and placing a crown made of greenery on your head…  All moments before you hike to a waterfall to profess your love to your forever favorite?  Then planning a Boho elopement in Iceland is likely right up your alley!  Nothing really compares to the bohemian vibe some of our couples have.  It’s freeing, meaningful, flowing, up for anything and always driven by LOVE and EXPERIENCES!

Michaela + Caleb Meet

During Michaela and Caleb’s college days, they both had an Anthropology class together (thanks Western Michigan!).  As a matter of fact, Michaela was seeking a study buddy and very boldly put her phone number in Caleb’s phone to start the connection.  Despite starting out as friends, Caleb would not let Michaela ever put him in the token “friend zone.”

These two live their lives non-stop.  They always make time to have a date night, are big movie buffs, love taking walks, hiking, playing video games and going to the gym together.  A couple that plays together stays together, eh?!  Taking road trips throughout the USA, to the UK and countless concerts, these two have also added travel to their relationship foundation.

In fact, during the 18+ months we were Iceland wedding planning together, they moved their little family of 2 plus 2 lovable cats (shout out to Chloe and Hector!) across the country from Michigan to Washington state!

But wait, back up…. How did the proposal happen then?  Glad you asked!  Caleb carried around a vintage ring for over a month waiting for the perfect moment to propose.  We all know there often isn’t a “perfect moment” until you’re in it!  So for Caleb, it was while Michaela and him were hiking around Asylum Lake.  He even went down on one knee in the mud!!  High five Caleb!!!  Soon after planning for their boho elopement in Iceland began…

Boho Elopement

 Caleb and Michaela were married on August 20th 2019.  Their intimate boho elopement adventure began at Hotel Vik (formally known as Icelandair Vik) shortly before sunrise.  Our talented hair stylist went to work crafting a flawless bohemian style on Michaela complete with a gorgeous greenery crown!  All while our Iceland elopement photographer went to work staging details like the wedding dress, grooms details, etc.

The morning flew by and suddenly it was time to grab the adventure elopement “go bags” and load into the super jeep for the day!  Our Iceland Wedding Planner “A-Team” that morning was our fabulous super jeep driver and guide, elopement photographer, exclusive Pastor, and amazing Iceland wedding video team, Veiled in Motion!  To say the excitement was off the charts would be an understatement!!

Vows and Waterfalls

Knowing they always wanted to get married in the middle of nowhere, planning an elopement in the Icelandic highlands made perfect sense!  Our team pitched them over 8 different unforgettable highland expeditions all varying in level of adventure.  In the end, they chose a day which focused on waterfalls, otherworldly landscapes, and a true journey to a badass glacier ice cave!

Although that morning was full of rain and wind, Michaela and Caleb were ready to take it all on!  Likely because the weather in Iceland adds to the story of their boho elopement.  After all, rain gives you the opportunity (and sometimes the reward) of snuggling.  Planning an intimate Iceland wedding ceremony at a waterfall with very personal vows was 100% on the agenda and it was BLISS!

Rainy Love for the Win!

Truly there is something freeing about running around in the rain with the one you love!  Our fabulous groom would agree with that statement too… For example, he took every opportunity to grab his girl and give her a few spins around the lunar landscapes that line the highlands.  And look at how EPIC these Iceland elopement photos are with the rain, it looks so DREAMY!!

Exploring through the Icelandic Highlands

Believe it or not, throughout the highlands of Iceland, you will find countless glacier waterfalls (not spring fed).  What does this mean or look like?  To illustrate, water flows from inside the glacier, picks up sediments and minerals creating a brown almost heavy looking texture to it.  These are some of our favorite types of waterfalls because they are ever changing during the rain and floods.  It’s not good to drink that type of waterfall water, but it is pretty darn beautiful to photograph especially among lava rocks and mountainscapes!

Let’s Go Chasing Waterfalls!

Each waterfall in Iceland offers a different tone, flow, texture, and surrounding.  Furthermore, it’s freaking amazing that even when we come to a waterfall we have visited previously it still manages to look different and WOW us in a different way.  Why?  Because the Icelandic landscape changes with rain, eruptions (think sub-glacial volcanoes heating up and sending glacier floods), earthquakes, and even between seasons.

While Michaela and Caleb continued their boho elopement, they journeyed to 3 additional GORGEOUS waterfalls and explored just about every inch!  And our schedule rocked so perfectly that there was time for a delicious and traditional hot dog BBQ despite the pouring yet crazy fun rain!  Look at these two rock it out in the rain and LOVE IT!!!

Elopement Expedition to Ice Caves

Next, these two literally continued the trend of having an elopement expedition.  Wait, what?  You read that correctly, let’s transition adventure weddings (for the more daring couples) or hiking elopements to planning elopement expeditions!  Likely that would look something like heading into a undiscovered uncharted area that you cannot visit on their own, without proper gear or without a super jeep (or heli).

All of the above were true for when Caleb and Michaela rolled up to our offbeat glacier area.  Shortly after an energizing hike in helmets and crampons, this badass duo ice climbed to a really EPIC spot within a crazy cool ice cave!  Special Note: Our safety specialist fully accessed the area, making it safe, secure and was behind them offering additional support at all times.  Not at any point were the newlyweds in any danger.  Our team takes great care in these types of situations.

Cozy and Cuddly but still Discovering!

While planning their boho elopement, our team knew having time of being fully in the moment was extremely important to Caleb and Michaela.  The Iceland Wedding Planner team are experts at carefully crafting schedules that offer the perfect balance between exploring the unique location and being in the moment with each other.  Plus also ensuring you walk away with stunning photos and videos documenting your Iceland elopement adventure!

Taking a few minutes away from the wind and rain, the lovers found shelter inside of a natural cave.  Totally the inspiring thing about eloping in Iceland too… You can do whatever you want during the day to celebrate!  Maybe you drink champagne, beer from a Viking horn, share a dance in a cave, or steal kisses and cuddle to warm each other up.  Your show, your rules!

Lastly, rounding out the adventure portion of their bohemian elopement, they took one last run through a super cool black desert!  Right before heading back in the super jeep, a raven stopped by to bless their marriage… Did you know that in Norse Mythology ravens are the messengers of Óðinn?

Eloping in Vik: Reception for Two!

Once the elopement expedition concluded, these two newlyweds had time to rest and refresh!  Awaiting them that evening was a simply styled elopement reception table inside The Berg restaurant (compliments of our Iceland Wedding Planner team).  Just because you are eloping, does not mean you can’t partake in local tradition of having a kransakaka!  It’s okay to have leftovers 😉  Hello midnight snack!

Stay tuned below for Michaela and Caleb’s STUNNING Iceland elopement film… Seriously, our team watches it AT LEAST once a week, no joke!  It’s really pairs well with these beautiful wedding portraits.  If you are over the moon EXCITED about potentially planning your own boho elopement adventure or expedition with us, we’d love to hear from you.  Feel free to contact us for more information!

Iceland Elopement Video

Hands down our favorite Iceland elopement video of 2019… Michaela and Caleb’s Iceland Elopement Adventure!  Veiled in Motion did it again and thoroughly captured the vibes and feelings what eloping in Vik is like!  Pure Magic!!!

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