Can Foreigners Get Married in Iceland?

So here you are, you’ve fallen in love with the idea of getting married in Iceland.  Likely because you’re intrigued by all of the different kinds types of landscapes you can explore with the one you love.  Or maybe because the food, history or culture captivate you.  No matter the reason, you’re hooked and not turning back!  Maybe to complete that dream would be to ensure your wedding ceremony is legally binding?  But, wait… Can foreigners get married in Iceland?

Can you actually get married in Iceland?

Yes, friends we are here to tell you that you can actually marry in Iceland legally or symbolically, your decision.  The land of fire and ice welcomes you to say your unwavering lifetime vows to your partner.  Regardless if you see yourself saying “I do” ocean-side, on top of a mountain, at a private waterfall, in front of a lagoon with floating icebergs, or inside a natural cave you can be married in Iceland.  Note: Many Iceland wedding locations require in advance permission (from the land owner, government, national park, town, or agency).  

What do we mean when we say you can be symbolically or legally married in Iceland?  Good question because there is a difference!

Legal Marriage in Iceland: You will follow the rules and submit the specific government requirements within the designated time frame.  You will also have a licensed Icelandic celebrant perform your ceremony.

Symbolic Marriage in Iceland: You will be legally married in your home country before or after you come to Iceland.  The choice is yours on if you wish to hire a local Icelandic celebrant, if you wish to bring your own celebrant, or simply say your personal vows without someone leading the ceremony.

Fun Fact: On occasion, we have had a handful of couples who wish to be legally married in Iceland and bring their own celebrant.  For example, a Jewish wedding in Iceland.  This is possible.  However, you would need to hold a civil ceremony with an Icelandic District Commissioner (DC) before.

Can Foreigners Get Married in Iceland?

Oh la la the question of the day if you’re considering getting married or eloping in Iceland!  At first glance, it may seem super overwhelming just because you lack the knowledge on where to find things within your country or state.

Today our seasoned Iceland Wedding Planner team would love to educate you on this what some consider a mysterious topic.  Trust us from our decade of experience in legally marrying HUNDREDS of couples worldwide we have the correct information to share!

Can foreigners get married in Iceland?  Short Answer: Yes!  In fact, our base Iceland wedding package offers thorough assistance with this process!

Who is able to get married in Iceland?

Any couple in LOVE!  Iceland welcomes every gender, sexuality and couple in love to get married!  However, if you wish to do so legally, you need to be of marrying age (18 years or older) and follow the requirements and timeline the government dictates.

What you need to be able to get married in Iceland

Looks like you’re continuing down the wonderful rabbit hole of Iceland wedding planning!  Likewise, now you are curious how you go about this!  Our Iceland Wedding Planner team has a flawless process and timeline we walk you through to ensure you will go through these steps easily.  We also provide document examples and recommendations on where to get those documents from your local government offices.

Again, we have legally married 100’s of couples from around the world, so it’s likely we have an example from your home state (don’t fret our American friends) or country.  For those of you that have chosen not to hire our team, we will give you a high level overview of what you need to be able to get married in Iceland…

Legal Iceland Marriage Paperwork:

  • Iceland Marriage Notification Form (Hjónavígsluskýrsla).
  • No Record of Marriage (for each of you): This document is also referred to as a CNI or “No Impediments” in some countries.
    • Note: Must be dated within 8 weeks of your wedding date with an Apostille Seal.
    • There is a lot of misinformation out there saying that “single status affidavits” are accepted in Iceland.  They were once accepted up until 2014.  They are no longer accepted so please be aware.
  • Passports (both partners).
  • Birth Certificates (both).
  • All Final Divorce Documentation (if applicable to either) IE, Settlement Agreement / Finalization document.
  • Widow Certificate (if applicable).
  • Airline Ticket Itinerary (Showing Entry/Exit of the country).
  • Passport copy of trustworthy person 1.
  • Passport copy of trustworthy person 2.

Special Note: Many DC’s require documents to be professionally translated to English if not already.  If you need help with this process only, our budget minded friends in our brand section, offer a-la cart services.


The timeline we put forth for our Iceland wedding and elopement clients is simple… You email us all of the above documents 4 weeks before your wedding date for “pre-approval” with our team and the local DC.  Next, our Iceland Wedding Planner team, makes an appointment with the local District Commissioner on your behalf you must attend 1-2 business days before your wedding date (don’t freak out, it is a simple 5-10 minute paperwork verification appointment).

Why do this before the wedding day?  Because we don’t have time to deal with paperwork and appointments on our full day adventure wedding days!  By then it’s time to have the unforgettable FUN and adventure together!!  Let the adventure, begin!

Restrictions for Iceland Weddings

Unlike some of our nearby Euro countries (IE, England, Switzerland, etc) Iceland does not have restrictions on where you can be legally married.  For example, you don’t have to marry inside of a courtroom.  Rather you can be married inside a cave, church, or outside in nature,  on top of a mountain or beside the sea, the options are endless!

Although, having in advance permission from landowners, caretakers, permits, etc is important and a perfect reason to hire a local Iceland wedding planner!  Furthermore, the only formal restrictions Iceland has is if you wish to be legally married you go through the formal paperwork process and a licensed Icelandic celebrant performs the ceremony.

Forms you need to get Married in Iceland

During your wedding planning endeavors, and finding out it is legal for foreigners to get married in Iceland you may be researching where to get the legal form! Outside of the lovely list of documents we shared with you above, you need to download and fill out the Hjónavígsluskýrsla which is the legal Marriage Notification form the Icelandic government requires.  How do you fill it out?

  • Section 1: Blue – Your legal Iceland wedding celebrant needs to fill this out (the day of the wedding).
  • Section 2: Orange –  You two fill this out!
  • Section 3: Tiffany Blue – 2 Trust Worthy Persons sign and date (must be over 18 years old).
  • Section 4: Purple – The District Commissioner (DC) you have an appointment with fills this section on the day you meet.

Once you have visited the DC, you will provide this 2 page paperwork to your Icelandic officiant / celebrant who will marry you legally on your wedding day.  Know, if you have hired our team, we walk you through the process of getting your formal / typed marriage license from the Icelandic government and are there to support.

Who Can Legally Marry You in Iceland?

Okay so now that you have the Iceland legal wedding paperwork process kinda figured out you’re likely wondering who can legally perform your elopement or wedding ceremony?

  • Ordained Icelandic Religious Pastor
  • Licensed Icelandic Spiritual Pastor
  • Icelandic Civil Officer (District Commissioner)
  •  Ásatrú Goði
  • Humanist Organization

International Couples We’ve Worked With

We have adored helping and empowering couples worldwide get legally married during their adventurous elopement or wedding with guests in Iceland!  For instance, couples have been from countries such as the following…

The United States of America (all states after all we are Americans so we have firsthand experience!), Canada (all Providences), England, Scotland, Ireland, Denmark, Mexico, Bermuda, Chile, Argentina, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Germany, Norway, Spain, Austria, Australia, New Zealand, China, Singapore, Russia, Thailand, etc!  Seriously, the list is truly endless!

Reviews from numerous international couples on how smooth our Iceland wedding planning process is can be found in our recent blog post, 100 Couples Convince You to Have an Iceland Wedding Experience!  Don’t miss it!  Many of those folks started the conversation with us by being curious if foreigners can get married in Iceland, so you are not alone!

How We Can Help You Plan Your Perfect Iceland Wedding

 Since inception of our professional destination wedding photography business in early 2005 (once called Photos by Miss Ann but now has the DBA as IWP and YAW) we have been working with international couples for over 15 years.  To illustrate, we understand and empathize that planning your perfect luxury elopement or Iceland adventure wedding can be stressful and overwhelming.

After all, remember Ann Peters our owner has been in your shoes before she started this brand!  Our team is patient, thoughtful, and always thorough when answering any sort of questions you have surrounding your decision to marry in Iceland.  Leaving you worry free!

Further, we take the time to learn about you both, your history, your travels, to craft custom schedules for full day adventure wedding days to private locations via super jeeps.  The planning process with us will “feel like you’re there” without being there so you have confidence in your decisions.  Frankly it will feel like you’re planning a really exciting trip versus traditional wedding planning!

On that same note, if you intend on bringing guests with you, our team offers all sort of Iceland wedding planning tips for you and your guests within our weekly blog posts.  Allowing you to have the wedding of the decade without all the stress!  Learn more about our team!

Thrilled you found us today, likely Googling: Can foreigners get married in Iceland!  Happy you have you’re answer?  Now, ready to get more info on potentially planning your elopement or adventure wedding in Iceland?  Feel free to contact us for more information!

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