Daring Elopement of Coral + Scott

To be daring implies that you are audacious in your actions.  That they are intentional and bold.  Elopements have become this throughout the last decade and we are thrilled to have had a hand in such a revolution of thinking.  Setting the path and empowering couples to plan experience driven weddings versus becoming captive to tradition.  Embarking on a daring elopement means a lot things but in our world it means an action packed day brimming with love and adventures!

Coral + Scott Meet

These two were lucky enough to find each other among the 36,000+ residents of Panama City Florida. From having drinks one day to a lunch that turned into dinner, Coral and Scott became inseparable!  To illustrate, they connected on outdoor activities like canoeing, beach dates, being animal lovers, traveling, and pushing the limits of adventure!

Their relationship even stood the test of time too!  For example, early into their developing relationship, Scott was sent to Iraq on military duty.  Turning their relationship into a long distance one, they did countless things to make it work and each other feel special.  Who knew years later, they would begin planning a daring elopement in Iceland!

Hurricane Jeopardizes the Daring Elopement

Coral and Scott, first booked with us in early 2018, wanting to plan an October 15th 2018 elopement.  However, days before, on October 10th 2018, Florida residents began preparing for the wrath of Hurricane Michael.  Devastated on not being able to leave Florida as planned and also not wanting to abandon their home.

These two made the very heartbreaking decision of postponing their daring elopement adventure to the September 13th of the following year.  Our team quickly went to work on rescheduling everything surrounding the day and were thrilled to welcome them back this past September!

September Iceland Wedding Day Begins

Scott and Coral’s adventurous elopement began before sunrise at Hotel Kria in Vik.  Our teams hair, makeup and photographer all went to work!  Totally love that Coral went against tradition and chose a wedding dress that was colorful and oh-so HER!  On that same note, we love that Scott’s groom details incorporated pink too!  Getting ready together creates a super warm vibe as you begin your adventure together.

The views theses two had from their room was really sweet too… Icelandic horses!  Iceland Wedding Planner’s exclusive super jeep team, arrived at sunrise.  And oh what a sunrise it was!!  A true full on sunrise can be rare when the season changes from summer to fall.  So when it happens it feels really special!  Seeing it as they loaded into their super jeep for the day was really indescribable!!

Love Flows

In almost all countries around the world, waterfalls signify a life source.  Iceland reveres this as well, but most also associate waterfalls with wonder and romance.  Why?  Because waterfalls restlessly flow, just as your unconditional love to your partner should as well.  So taking a journey through the highlands to being married in front of a private one is truly an unforgettable adventure during your daring elopement in Iceland!

During their private elopement ceremony, Coral and Scott listened to the flow of the waterfall and said their personal vows to each other.  At the end, they even had a traditional blessing (in Icelandic)!  Following the ceremony, they explored!  All the while, our local Iceland elopement photographer captured their intimate moments!

Surrounded by Mountains

Although our mountains in Iceland do not reach crazy high in the sky like Patagonia or Norway, they can surely leave you speechless!  Viewing these mountains from a distance, they became a must have adventure elopement photo spot!  For instance, from all directions the group was surrounded by uniquely shaped mountains and it felt enchanting with the fresh snow dotting the tops!

Witnessing Natures Wonders

Being in the outdoors among all of the natural wonders nature provides was exactly what Scott and Coral wanted to experience during their thrilling elopement in Iceland!  With every location they explored the day seemed to get better and better and most certainly more connecting.  Which really is our teams mission and the point of planning an experience driven elopement day, truly!  You not only want to walk away feeling like it was THE BEST DAY EVER but that you spent is connecting with each other on a deeper level.  Mission accomplished and they were barely to the half way point!

Being Awed by Private Waterfalls and Glacier Views

Taking the time to be awed by your surroundings is an important dynamic of an adventure wedding.  Soooo… close your eyes, hold hands and BE IN THE MOMENT.  Time will stand still and you’ll be ecstatic you did! Plus I mean who doesn’t want to discover private waterfalls and 360 glacier views?  #saidnooneever!  Not to mention also having a traditional Icelandic hot dog BBQ lunch with these views too, lucky them!

Coral and Scott were very much in the moment while exploring this crazy canyon, waterfall and glacier area together!  Their Iceland elopement photos prove it!!

Walking in the Steps of Movie Stars from Game of Thrones

Being Game of Thrones fans, these two geeked out over walking in the steps of the where one of their favorite stories took place!  For real though who wouldn’t?!  This area really feels alive as you explore it.

Battling the Wind and Rain in Secret Canyons

Even though the rain let loose these newlyweds only laughed and played harder in it!  After all they survived 2 devastating hurricanes during the course of their relationship this was nothing!  Sometimes a shot of something local helps too (thanks Black Death aka Brennivin!)

Finding Refuge in Natural Caves

It’s no secret that Iceland has tons of natural caves that you can find and seek refuge in.  But know, they are all mostly on private property and do require in advance permission if you intend on having photo and video teams professionally / commercially visit.

Having the opportunity to visit and explore a natural cave during your adventurous elopement is thrilling!  To think this specific one Coral and Scott visited as well not only use to be an island but that there is a famous founding Viking buried on top is crazy cool!!  They get bragging rights to all of their friends for sure 😉

Iceland Black Sand Beach with Unforgettable Views

What daring elopement would be complete without venturing to a private black sand beach?  Something really epic happened too, the sun came back out after the storm rolled through!  Such a sweet end to the adventure portion of the elopement in Iceland!  Likewise, a perfect location to share in a glass of champagne to toast their epic day!!

Luxury Elopement Reception Table for Two!

Remember, just because you have chose to elope, does not mean you cannot have luxury details during your reception for two!  Even a simply elegant setup like this can make all of the difference and make you feel like VIP’s at the end of the night.  All of these items are available in our Iceland wedding rental collection.

Nighttime Wedding Photos in a Private Cave

Firm believers in coming full circle for the day, our Iceland elopement photographers always offer a nighttime shoot.  Whether it is simple or elaborate we love creating something special to end the night (as long as our couples still have energy!)!  Since there were no Northern Lights coming out to play that September evening, we crafted something special in a cave for these two to end the night literally and figuratively with a BANG!

Did this daring elopement in Iceland captivate your attention and make you want to plan your own?  We’d love to hear from you if so.  Please contact us for more information!  Lastly, want to know what Coral and Scott thought about their adventurous elopement with our team?  Make sure you read their Google Review of our Iceland Wedding Planner team!

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