Extravagant Destination Wedding Invitations (Part 1 of 3)

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The level of excitement I have for this post is off the charts!  Hope you’re as excited as we are to talk about elaborate destination wedding invitations.

Deciding to have a destination wedding anywhere is a really unique and special decision.  But choosing a destination wedding location such as Iceland, Greenland, or the Faroe Islands takes a lot of guts and commitment!  Not only in the planning stages does all that bravery come into play, but also on your actual wedding day as well because of the ever changing weather and dramatic scenery.  Your Iceland destination wedding invitation should follow suit and entice your guests to be brave and join you on this lifetime adventure.

Let’s be straightforward… Your destination wedding guests first reaction to your seeing your wedding save-the-date location as Iceland will be shock and they may have the initial response of “Why would I ever want to go there for a wedding or vacation, its cold?!”  Iceland Wedding Planner Tip: Educate them and prove them wrong!  That being said, today we are starting an awesome 3 part series on different types of destination wedding invitations to help you decide which kind of invitation suits you best- So welcome to part 1 of 3!

Did you realize there are different levels of wedding invitations?  Wedding invitations do not always just give the nitty gritty details of your wedding day, but many times they tell the story of your love, location,  why you chose it, and why your guests should want to visit to see you marry there!   One of the most impressive ways to do this is to give your guests an extravagant destination wedding invitation.  Hands down, the most amazing wedding invitation we have seen is from the super cute husband and wife team, Bri and David the owners of AtlasArtistry.  This dynamic duo was so much fun to work with!  Bri and David actually started their company shortly after they personally struggled to find a “knock your socks off” wedding invitation for their own destination wedding in South America.

They delight in the details just as much as we do so it was a no brainier for us to commission their services for one of our Iceland 2014 clients.  I won’t go into all of the wonderful specifics of their process (because that is fun in itself!) but they are extremely professional, very detailed, take serious pride in their work and the quality of the end product is outstanding.  When the invitation package arrived it was beautifully addressed (Bri has the best handwriting ever), carefully wrapped, packaged, and the invitations were secured safely inside.  These weren’t even our wedding invitations and Chris and I gathered around the dining room table together to as if it was Christmas morning!  Ha, totally happened!  We were totally welled up with excitement for our Iceland destination wedding couple who are going to say their Iceland “I do’s” beside of the Jokulsarlon Glacial Lagoon in 2014.

I think my husband said it best when he opened the invitation… “The old world charm the book exudes seriously transports you the moment it is in your hands.”  He’s right you feel the weight of the book, the key, the texture of the twine, see the romantic seal and it all blends together to create such an incredible experience.  Albeit your guests will get goose bumps as they untie this exceptional destination wedding invitation!  I know we did!  Once you open the invitation you quickly realize that it’s a real book and it has been painstakingly fastened and then hollowed out to create cubby hole.  In this spot you find the wedding invitation passport that is 100% customized to your wedding adventure.  The passport is very authentic looking and includes such components as the following:

  • Live passport page featuring the couple.
  • Engagement photos.
  • Official date, location, and time of ceremony.
  • Wedding day itinerary.
  • Iceland wedding menu.
  • Post Iceland wedding itinerary.
  • “Your Adventure Awaits…” beginning page and “Our Happily Ever After Begins…” final page.

Your wedding guests are instantly transported to Iceland with this extravagant destination wedding invitation.  Inside the cubby hole, you will also find matching fun luggage tags featuring the airport code yours guests will be flying into on one side and on the other an area for your guest(s) information.  On the left hand side you see a pocket which holds various elements that really grab your guest’s attention like mock plane tickets to Iceland that are customized to each guest name (and QR code), a mini Iceland travel brochure, and a fun destination wedding checklist.

Having crazy awesome details like this included in your destination wedding invitation makes it a very real experience for you, your guests, and for sure amps up the excitement for your big day.  For an impressively elaborate destination wedding invitation such as this or something similar you can expect to budget around $30-60 USD per wedding invitation plus packaging and postage to each of your guests.  I cannot say enough good things about this stunning wedding invitation so without further ado, please experience it yourself through our Iceland wedding invitation photos below.

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