Creative Destination Wedding Invitations for Iceland Weddings (Part 2 of 3)

Woohoo for the best week ever!  I hope this finds you well and excited to talk about Iceland Destination Wedding Invitations Part 2 of 3!

As we saw in last week’s post on Extravagant Destination Wedding Invitations, this is the part of wedding planning you should take a moment to “Oooh and Awe” over.  Picking a destination wedding invitation can be serious business!  After all in many cases, invitations can act as an additional selling point to your guests.  Having extra visuals in front of your guests may add the additional intrigue for them to say, “Heck yes, we’re coming to Iceland for your wedding!”  And in the end, that is what we all want that, right?

Regrettably, not everyone has the limitless wedding budget we all wish we had… so having super elaborate wedding invites may not be in the cards for you.  Which might be why most of us fall into the other two awesome wedding invitation categories:  Creative (today) and Whimsical (stay tuned our part 3 installment, next week!).  Today, we’re going to review some of the detailed but still reasonably priced possibilities for your Iceland destination wedding invitations and what specifics your invite should include.

Speaking from example, this is the section that our invitation fell into for our Iceland wedding at Seljalandsfoss waterfall.  We had wanted our invitations to be a fabulous visual to put in front of our guests but one that would still stay in line with our budget of $6-8 per wedding invitation (including postage).  Our Iceland Wedding Invitation Story:  Everyone thought for sure since Chris and I have been in the wedding industry for so long we would choose a winter wedding date in an exotic locale.  A location that would be surely be international, beach-side or up in the mountains of somewhere with an epic view.  But we wanted something completely opposite of what we have photographed when we personally said our “I do’s.”  <Enter in from right stage Iceland, Greenland, or Sweden’s Ice Hotel, please!> When we were narrowing down destinations we knew a cold weather locale would be more “us” but would be a really hard sell for our guest list of 90.  Especially since most of them would want to escape the North American winter weather in April!  Keeping that in challenge in mind, we started to design a 4 part package for our Iceland wedding invitations.  We in the end, decided on the following inclusions:

  1. Our Iceland wedding invitation was designed in our wedding colors, brown and sage.  We also had a catchy line that opened our wedding invites saying: “We’ve Traveled All Around, Now It’s Time to Settle Down.”  We cordially invited our guests to join us for this epic adventure in Hella, Iceland on Saturday, April 14, 2014.
  2. The Iceland RSVP Card was included the guest(s) name, decision of coming or not, meal choice, when the RSVP needed to be returned by, self-addressed postage paid return envelope.
  3. The Iceland Wedding Insert Card (Opening line of: “Please Join Us in the Land of Fire & Ice!,”  accommodation details, and our Iceland destination wedding website which was chock-full of the full details on everything happening).
  4. The last thing we included were Iceland scenery photos we felt would attract our guests to come (volcanoes, whale watching, the Northern Lights, natural water wonders, etc.) all tied together by sweet little sage and brown ribbon.  On the back of each one there were details on the trip (IE, what it was, location, duration, and cost for the adventure) to give our guests an easy understanding of the incredible adventure that awaited them!

We felt that by providing our guests with an undeniable visual as to why we chose Iceland (IE, dramatic scenery, endless adventures, etc) and putting as much information in front of them as possible would make the decision easier.  Most of our guests were skeptical of traveling to Iceland so overcoming those inhibitions was important and we did this with our invitation and destination wedding website.  So maybe think about putting your own twist on something similar?  I challenge you to have fun with it!  For a moderately priced detailed destination wedding invitations like the ones photographed below, you can expect to budget ~$4-12 each (plus postage).

In the meantime, you may be overwhelmed by the pages of options for destination wedding invites and what your Iceland wedding invitation should include?  We’ll break it down for you pretty simply here:

Invitations should reflect the style of your wedding decor and/or color theme.  For instance, are you planning a wedding in Iceland that will be soft, romantic, simply sweet, rustic, earthy, whimsical, or bright and bold?  What characteristics will encompass your wedding flair or accents?  Once you have narrowed down your path you can concentrate on what you would like your destination wedding invitation to say…

Invitations should at the very least communicate the following:

  1. Who
  2. What
  3. When (Date/Time of Ceremony)
  4. Where
  5. Menu Choice
  6. RSVP Reply Card
  7. Wedding Website
  8. Any additional important information (booking or discount codes).
  9. Style
  10. Color

Iceland Wedding Photographer Tip:  Send your Iceland destination wedding photographer an invitation so they can photograph it!  [But if sending our way, please put the envelope that you would normally send to your guests inside a bubble wrap mailer (still have postage on it) to prevent damage upon arrival.  That way we avoid water damage, bends, torn envelopes, etc and in the end we are able to photograph your gorgeous invite details fully intact!]   Or if you forget, bring one and lay it out for them to photograph the day of with your Iceland wedding details.  This is a fun element you’ll melt over later!

We hope you have found today’s blog post on moderately priced but creative destination wedding invitations helpful as you plan your dream wedding in Iceland!  A big “thank you” goes out to my lovely Iceland bride and grooms for allowing me to share these details with you today- we have the coolest clients!  Another awesome shout out goes to the tremendously talented folks we partnered with to have these remarkable Iceland destination wedding invitations created.  Check them out and keep them in mind as you plan your destination wedding in Iceland (or in some other fabulous destination wedding locale).  They all were a breeze to work with, super detailed, and had all of their products in very unique packaging when they arrived in person!  I encourage you to check out their gorgeous invitations we photographed below for more Iceland wedding inspiration!  ….Enjoy!

As a final thought, stay tuned for next week’s final installment on Whimsical Iceland Wedding Invitations (Part 3 of 3)!  Oh oh oh and also…. If you are considering having an Iceland Destination Wedding, please  contact us!  We’d love to hear more about you as a couple and understand more about how you see your dream wedding in Iceland!  Let’s set a time to Skype and talk details!

With a smile, Ann and Christopher Peters

Husband & Wife Team Wedding Photographers & Supper Planners Specializing in Iceland Weddings!

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