Glacier Waterfall Wedding: Chelsey + Anders

Sub-glacial volcanoes are literally just that, a volcano sitting underneath a massive glacier.  Iceland has 15+ of these types of volcanoes and some may say these are the most dangerous type of volcano.  Because when this sort of volcano erupts, you don’t have to worry about lava spewing over.  Rather, you have to be aware of where and how the floods will come down.  Next, when it hits the ocean, if it will create a tsunami.  All elements, adding to the thrill of having a  glacier waterfall wedding!

Chelsey and Anders hail from two different parts of the world.  Chelsey is from Midwest America and Anders from Denmark.  Iceland serves as a half way point for both of their families so planning an Iceland wedding made total sense to not make one family travel less or more than the other.  Gotta keep it fair sometimes, you know?  Today we are super excited to share their journey with you because it was a very meaningful one for both them and their guests!

Meeting in Denmark to Planning an Iceland Wedding

Many years ago, Chelsey was out traveling the world and made a stop in Denmark.  While she was exploring Denmark, she stumbled upon Anders.  Believe it or not, their instant connection turned into a very thoughtful long distance relationship!  Love serendipitous moments like these that change the course of your life, forever!!

From texting and video chatting every day to countless trips for both across the North Atlantic Ocean, they were growing their love by exploring together.  We are huge fans of long distance love, mainly because your communication has to be rock solid.  You have to take the time to ask those hard questions and not be intimated by the answers.  It also allows for space for you to be you and have the other person 100% accept you for it.

Fast forward to April of 2018, Anders took the time to talk to Chelsey’s parents and ask for their blessing to propose.  Shortly after he took her out on a walk around a lake and proposed!  Chelsey said yes and their journey to planning an Iceland wedding and more specifically a glacier waterfall wedding began!

Wedding in September in Iceland

Fall officially comes in during the month of September.  You can feel how the weather changes and see it throughout the landscapes as well.  Anders and Chelsey chose to have the lovely wedding date of September 23rd 2019 and could not wait to explore Iceland with their 25+ guests!

The morning begins at Hotel Vik (formally Icelandair Vik) well before sunrise with hair, makeup, and local Iceland wedding photographer getting to work.  Knowing how unpredictable the weather in Iceland is, Chelsey opted in to have 2 wedding dresses.  One for the adventure and the other the reception.  That way, she could go “all in” on the adventure portion and still have a dry dress to don after.  Anders did the same too for his groom attire and details.

Our exclusive super jeep team arrived at 8am and everyone loaded into the trucks for the days adventures.  Guests were super excited to begin the 10 hour adventure wedding day, but little did they know they would be witnessing a glacier waterfall wedding ceremony!

Glacier Waterfall Wedding Ceremony

As we alluded to above, visiting a sub-glacial volcano area can fill you full of fear.  On the other hand, heading into our offbeat side of the glacier our Iceland Wedding Planner team goes into is nothing but fun!  Which means we venture down a private property road, wisk by crazy shaped mountains along the black sands, and even cross a river or two!

Arriving to this area, you feel that it is very special and different.  For example, it is not a typical “tongue” side of a glacier where it is easily accessed.  Instead, you need a super jeep to get up there and time to hike.  The glacier walls exude elements of black and white ice with a shimmer or blue or two around depending on the light.

Wanting to have the best of both worlds, these two came to us seeking a unique private experience driven wedding but also a symbolic place for their two families to be joined.  What could be more meaningful than a glacier waterfall wedding?!  A place where you and your guests walk down a glacier stream to have both your sides / worlds combine.

To illustrate, having Chelsey’s  family on the left hand side of the waterfall and Anders’ friends and family on the right really brought a beautiful visual way to the ceremony.  Plus, having Chelsey, her dad and with Anders at the end walk through the river was the cherry on the top!  On that same note, Pastor Egill crafted an unforgettable ceremony!  Everyone walked away feeling the energy of their love and inspired from the glacier waterfall wedding ceremony, truly.  After all, who can say they were married at a glacier waterfall?  Very few!!

Champagne Toast at Highland Waterfall

Heading in deeper into the Icelandic highlands they went!  Although surprising your guests with a full 10 hour adventure wedding experience is undeniably epic.  But then treating them to a glass of champagne in the rugged wilderness is a unforgettable moment to share!

For instance, even though it was absolutely pouring down with rain, being handed a glass of bubbles and taking in the grand once in the lifetime view is really impactful.  Our Iceland Day of Planner does a fantastic job of setting it up too!

First Dance at a Rainy Waterfall

Sometimes having bits of tradition within a glacier waterfall wedding adventure is needed.  Especially when you have the opportunity to share your first dance on location at a hidden waterfall!  Furthermore, the romance when up a notch because of the dreamy fog that rolled in during too!!

Exploring Colors You’ve Never Seen Before

If you’re a follower of our Iceland Wedding Planner blog, you know that there is a color of green here in Iceland that doesn’t exist anywhere else in the world.  Proof of that lives throughout the mysterious Icelandic highlands.

Places that are made by extreme flooding, volcanic eruptions, gale force winds, etc.  Exploring these areas may even give you a sense of danger, even though you are in experienced hands with us.  Anders, Chelsey, and their guests could hardly believe these areas were so vivid, as they look extremely unreal!

Waterfalls and Endless Love!

A special feeling surrounds you when you explore a new waterfall with the one you love.  That is a feeling our Iceland wedding planning team thrives on.  Doesn’t matter if the waterfall is roadside or deep into the highlands, in that moment it exists just for you and that is a very powerful feeling.  Likely the exact way Chelsey and Anders were feeling when they arrived to the last waterfall to explore…

Volcanic Beaches and Gale Force Winds Meet

Severe gale force winds came in as the group was on the way to the last Iceland wedding location.  Being on a black sand beach during extreme winds like that can be a huge challenge. However Anders, Chelsey and their guests finished the adventure strong before heading back to the hotel to rest and refresh.

Hotel Vík í Mýrdal Wedding Reception

Following their 10 hour adventure day, the group had a chance to rest, power nap, hot showers, etc to then meet again for a Iceland wedding reception dinner.  The Berg in Vik played host to such a lovely occasion.  There they delighted in all sort of delicious local cuisine and even finished the night with a beautiful and delicious traditional Iceland wedding cake!

Has Chelsey and Anders glacier waterfall wedding adventure left you inspired and craving to plan your very own experience?  If so, we would love to hear from you!  Feel free to contact us for more information on getting that journey started!

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