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Once you’re in the thick of planning your wedding in Iceland all sorts of details come up that you either decline or opt in for.  And whether or not you would like Iceland wedding hair & makeup services is often on that list.  Meanwhile, it can for some, be a bit intimidating hiring someone in a foreign country you have never met or visited.  Also, finding the right styles that will look captivating on you could also create some stress.  Therefore, allow us to share with you some tips, inspiration, and where to start!

To Have or Not Have?

Likely, your first thought may be, do I really need Iceland wedding hair & makeup?  Firstly, from a photography perspective, it can be a wonderful way to enhance your already fabulous look.  Secondly, one less thing to worry about on your day is nice!  To illustrate, a professional hair stylist and makeup artist in Iceland have their methods down so you can count on the time it will take them.  Therefore your schedule as you’re getting ready will stay on time.

Third, if you’re budget focused, you may want to take a few lessons online or in person with your favorite before you travel.  That way, you can have your style down pat in advance.  Fourth, if you’re naturally skilled or a professional yourself in either hair or makeup, you may want to opt out.  In fact, there should never ever be pressure to add.  After all it is a bonus item.

Wedding and Elopement Styles that Last:

When you embark on your Iceland wedding or hiking elopement you may be put through the ringer when it comes to challenging conditions.  In fact, that is just a reality you need to come to terms with.  And be okay with your Iceland wedding attire getting a bit dirty or wet.  To illustrate, you may endure any, a mix or all of the following types of raw weather in Iceland:

  • Wind (Light to Gale Force)
  • Fog
  • Light Rain to Heavy Rain
  • Snow (Light to Extreme)
  • Freezing Rain / Sleet
  • Blizzard-like Conditions
  • Slushy (Falling through Snow into Water)
  • Bugs (often in spring / summer when no wind)
  • Swamp-like Conditions
  • Glacier Quick Sand
  • Sand Storms
  • Flooding
  • Icy Conditions

No joke, these conditions are all a possibility if having a wedding outside in Iceland!  Therefore, you will want to select hair and makeup styles that will be long lasting regardless of what weather Mother Nature may grace you with.  Furthermore, if you’re a total badass couple who thrive on adventure, you may want to elevate your experience with an activity such as the following:

So choosing the right Iceland wedding hair & makeup styles for the adventure, weather, and entire day can be important for you to continue to feel and look your best!  But it also depends on the type of Iceland wedding photographer you are hiring.  Why?  Because some focus on closeups whereas others like our Iceland Wedding Planner teams style is small people, big landscape.

Iceland Wedding Hair & Makeup Styles

Next, as we shared above, there are a lot of aspects to consider when you think about your Iceland wedding hair & makeup styles.  For example, will you be having an inside or outside ceremony?  If indoors, how long do you have to walk to the church, natural cave, barn, etc?  And if outside, what is the weather likely going to be doing at that time?  However, remember it is Iceland so unpredictability of the weather is always happening.  Further, it is best to plan for the worst and hope for the best!

Ready for Anything Wedding Hairstyle

Many carefree couples will choose an Iceland wedding hairstyle that is all back.  For instance, buns are a fabulous go to if it will be windy or any kind of precipitation happening.  Our Iceland Wedding Planner team always has bobby pins and extra ties in tow to help aide in an retouching if required too so you can stay stress free!

Curls in the Wind

Sometimes folks are not comfortable with having their hair all up or back.  As a matter of fact, I’ll honest and say, I’m one of those!  For instance, you may want to opt in for the half up and half down route.  Then you can have the best of both worlds being that the bulk of your hair can stay out of your face but also back a bit so we can see your fabulous features!

But if you intend on having your hair all down and curly, please keep in mind that your curls will always get looser throughout the day.  Maybe even disappear if it rains heavy, gale force winds, or snowy conditions.  Therefore, it is important to understand and manage your expectations.

Because no matter the products or Iceland wedding hair & makeup stylists used this will likely happen.  You can thank the Icelandic weather for that!

Something In-between Iceland Elopement Hair Ideas

Looking for an Iceland wedding hair & makeup style that is a bit different or in-between the above?  Well then you should consider the ponytail or a braid in all forms.  Maybe even consider having a greenery crown!  Dare you to be different!!

Iceland Wedding Makeup Ideas

Makeup for your wedding day in Iceland should elevate your already marvelous look.  Also, should have staying power through any gnarly weather conditions.  Although, if you’re kissing a lot, eyes water or nose runs continuously throughout the day, then you may need to touch up regardless of what type of makeup is used.  Tip: Bring your favorite lipstick, gloss, or Chapstick along to keep your lips from drying out.

Luckily our Iceland Wedding Planner team always has a MAC Cosmetics touchup kit in our “go bag!”  But now, you may be curious to know what types of Iceland wedding makeup are available?  Here are a few to get you started…

Enhanced Au-Naturel

When you dialogue or meet your Iceland wedding hair & makeup artists, you will want to share inspiration photos to get your ideas across.  Also, many of our clients instead of sharing actual photos use a word or two to describe what they are after… To illustrate, often used is are some of the following: Bridal Soft, Enhanced Natural, or Elegant.  Examples for a better visual follow below…

Natural with Poppy Eyes

Next, the other majority choose natural but with popping eyes.  Maybe that means winged eyeliner, individual eyelashes, or eye shadow that commands attention!  If you’re not use to having much eye makeup on, it may take a little bit of getting use to but don’t stress!  Our Iceland makeup artist does this professionally and in fact, they have been with our Iceland Wedding Planner team for almost a decade!  Is natural with poppy eyes your Iceland wedding hair & makeup style?!

Dramatic Iceland Wedding Makeup

If looking like a movie star on the red carpet is more your cup of tea, then say so to your Iceland wedding makeup artist!  But if you run oily having blotting sheets or a transparent matte powder to take the shine away.  Oh la la, does all of this have you thinking about your own Iceland wedding hair & makeup style?!  We hope so!

The Cost 

It’s no secret that Iceland is one of the most expensive countries in the world.  After all we’re a tiny island in the North Atlantic!  And if you’re not getting married in the city limits of Reykjavik and going to your Iceland wedding hair & makeup artists you should expect to pay a premium.  To illustrate, depending on where in Iceland you will be based in the countryside, the time of year, date, and style you wish for you should expect to be charged the following (as of today’s Iceland Wedding Planner blog publishing date):

Iceland Wedding Hair Stylist = $500 – $950 USD

Iceland Elopement Makeup Artist = $500 – 950 USD

NOTE: Depending on the person, they may require a hotel stay additionally or the cost is included.

Finding Stylists & Artists in Iceland

The good news is, if you’re working with a local Iceland wedding planner you’ll have faith that your Iceland wedding hair & makeup artists will show up on time and stick to the schedule.  However, if you’re planning your Iceland wedding or elopement on your own you may have no idea where to start!  Well we love helping people so here are a few tips to get you started:

  1. Google, Google, Google!  Find websites, Instagram’s, portfolio examples, etc.  And make sure you ask questions of how their products and techniques will hold up to the crazy Icelandic weather and your wedding style.
  2. Ask your hotelier or Airbnb host if they have any trusted contacts.
  3. Scour the internet for previous blog posts to see if any contact info is shared.
  4. Checkout modeling or film websites to see if anyone is advertising.
  5. Local information boards could also be a help to you.
  6. If all else fails, ask your Iceland wedding photographer!  If the person is local to the area, they likely have folks they work with.

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Doing Your Own Hair & Makeup

Lastly, if you decide to forgo professional services for your Iceland wedding hair & makeup, here are some additional tips to consider if you venture to do your own:

  1. Have your local hairstylist teach you an easy to do style that you can conquer by yourself.
  2. Invest in products!  To illustrate, shampoo / conditioner that supports strong curls, a professional hairdryer / straightening iron, and hairspray that is strong (but not crispy or gluey).
  3. Bring bobby pins or extra items to help keep the style in place.
  4. Setting spray!  Our faves: Urban Decay All Nighter or MAC Fix + Stay Over Setting Spray.
  5. Keep in mind a “plan b” style to do if needed (hello weather change!). Our go to favorite is a side ponytail or braid.

In conclusion, we hope that today you feel more confident in considering your Iceland wedding hair & makeup styles!  If you are venturing down the path of planning an Iceland wedding or elopement, we would love to hear from you.  Feel free to reach out to us for more information on how our team can lead you in that exciting journey!

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