Mesmerizing Iceland Waterfall Elopement: Ellen + Marc

Eloping on this tiny rock in the middle of North Atlantic is a thrilling decision you will not regret.  After all, your choices for landscapes are endless and who doesn’t want that?!  No matter if you choose a waterfall, beach, canyon or glacier that place will become sacred to you.  Maybe it will even become a place you will want to visit yearly or again for your five, ten, or twenty year anniversary.  Regardless, today we share with you Ellen & Marc’s Iceland Waterfall Elopement which will surely inspire you!

Vik Elopement in August

From the moment of their first encounter at the Waterloo Bridge in 2013 to a romantic dinner inside the OXO Tower overlooking the Thames River, Marc and Ellen two knew right away they were a perfect fit!  Next, we fast forward to 6 or so years to Croatia… To illustrate, it was there that Marc decided to propose to Ellen at the picturesque Krka Waterfalls.  Ellen of course said yes and planning for their Iceland waterfall elopement quickly began!

The pair, could not think of a better or more sacred place than Iceland to declare their lifetime commitment to each other.  Therefore, traveling from Germany to Iceland was set for August 2022.  The morning of August 21st began full of sun and warm temperatures.  Maybe even best summer weather in Iceland possible!  Additionally, Ellen had a custom Iceland wedding dress made for the special occasion and Marc had lovely groom details.  And before they headed out for their waterfall wedding ceremony, they held a sweet first look!

Iceland Waterfall Elopement Ceremony

Eloping at a waterfall in Iceland in August is a meaningful experience.  Especially when the sunshine, privacy, and love are abound!  First, upon arrival to their private property waterfall, Marc and Ellen jaws dropped!  Second, they held a cherished exclusive yet earthy ceremony.

Third, they exchanged personal vows and locally made wedding rings.  Fourth, after they sealed their life long commitments to each other with a kiss they celebrated!  For instance, they popped a bottle of 2006 Dom Pérignon and savored every single sip after their Iceland waterfall elopement ceremony concluded!

Explore More

As curious humans, we have the urge to adventure together and always explore more.  And that is exactly what these newlyweds did all around the waterfall and river.  In fact, after drinking their first glass of champagne they filled their glasses up with spring water from the waterfall they were just married in front of!

Nature Junkies Thrive

When Ellen and Marc, reached out to our Iceland Wedding Planner team they described themselves as “nature junkies.”  A couple who feel the best when they not only connect with each other but do so in nature.  Being able to explore natural places allows these two to thrive!  Therefore, having lunch inside a natural cave just made sense!  Following their Iceland waterfall elopement, they delighted in trying traditional hot dogs with all the toppings and paired it with more champagne!

180 – Degree Glacier Views

Visiting Iceland for the unparalleled views is a no brainer.  And most folks want to witness views of at least 1 of our 13 glaciers before they leave.  Meanwhile, following their Iceland waterfall elopement and traditional BBQ, the two marveled over the view of Mýrdalsjökull.  How super sweet and playful are they?!

Basalt Beach for First Dance!

Volcanic rocks in all forms are impressive.  However, stepping on to a black sand beach and witnessing an ancient sea arch in it’s natural habitat is inspiring.  Then you have two newlyweds having their first dance on it too and you have something really unforgettable.  As if their Iceland waterfall elopement ceremony wasn’t enough, they one up’d it with a oceanside first dance!  …oh and a shots of Landi (Icelandic Moonshine) may or may not have happened!

Mountain Top Cuddles & Puffin Watching

Continuing on with their Iceland waterfall elopement experience, it is time not for another waterfall, but to a cliff full of nesting puffins!  To illustrate, the coastline cliffs near to Vik are not only picturesque for wedding photos, but also for bird watching!  Ellen and Marc, loved this part of the day because they were able to breath, watch and be fully in the moment as they tried catching a glimpse of puffins flying to and from their nests!  Likely, this was one of their favorite Iceland elopement locations!

Wild Yet Natural Tablescape

When you elope in Iceland, even though no guests join you… You can still indulge in having a styled table for two!  For example, it can easily add another layer of romance to the day!  For instance, Marc and Ellen really wanted to bring the outside in.  Therefore a sweetheart table was designed which pulled together elements of wood, rocks, moss, and driftwood.  A very “stay wild” theme flowed through.

Also the newlyweds took a few minutes to try their hands at the old Icelandic wedding cake tradition… Looks like they had so much fun!!  But that’s not all, keep scrolling to see how they ended their Iceland waterfall elopement adventure!

Bubbles in a Wood Burning Hot Tub for the Win!

One of the most important things to Ellen and Marc when they first came to our team was to end their night in a hot tub toasting their newlywedded bliss!  However, there is only one hotel in Vik that offers a hot tub and they were not available for their date.  Therefore, since our team works in solutions, we offered up a few options!  In conclusion, the winning option was heading up to Ann & Davíð “Forever Newlywed Cabin.”

Upon arrival Marc and Ellen were greeted with bubbles, chocolate, a wood burning fireplace, and a wood burning hot tub!  They changed into their swimsuits and jumped in to enjoy the last minutes of dusk and the view of the glacier!  Such an epic way to end their Iceland waterfall elopement, right?

Lastly, if you want to hear all about what Ellen & Marc thought of their adventure with us, check out their Google Review!  Curious to see what it takes to plan your own rare adventure elopement or wedding in Iceland?  Please contact us to get more information!

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