Katla Ice Cave Wedding: Sally + Nikita

Immediately when you think about the tiny Southern town of Vik Iceland, what comes to mind?  Likely the insanely powerful active volcano Katla!  Well near to this subglacial volcano is the outlet named, Katlajökull (aka Katla Glacier for us English speaking folks).  However it is not an area that is easy accessible for all.  To illustrate, the tracks leading up to the area are privately owned and can be pretty dangerous to drive depending on the time of year, vehicle type, and experience with the area.  But for those of us who have access, it’s a dreamy area to have a Katla ice cave wedding!

August Elopement in Iceland

The morning of August 23rd 2022 began with copious amounts of sunshine.  Sally and Nikita, got ready together in their 180 degree view in Vík í Mýrdal.  Our hair stylist and Iceland elopement photographer got to work crafting!

Firstly, Sally’s adventure wedding dress, details, flowers, etc were all properly documented.  Second, Nikita’s groom details were captured.  Third, once Sally finished with our makeup artist, she slid on her dress and headed outside for a staged first look!  Fourth, after sharing the intimate moment it was time to grab “go bags” and load into the super jeep to get their Katla ice cave wedding started!

Katla Ice Cave Wedding Ceremony

Next, the ride up to Katla ice cave area was a thrilling experience filled with highland mountain views.  Nikita and Sally came to our team looking for a very specific adventure day when they contacted our Iceland Wedding Planner team.  To illustrate, they were seeking a crystal blue ice cave to be married in.  Which is a tall and almost impossible request to fulfill outside of formal ice cave wedding season.

But zero stress, because our team works in solutions!  And the nicest, easily accessed, and safest cave for them to do on that day was the touristy Katla cave.  However, starting well before the tours to this area begin gave them their own space and privacy within.  Therefore, it was time for them to strap on crampons, hike to the glacier, and into the ice cave!  Once they were there, a ceremony location was chosen and the picturesque Katla ice cave wedding ceremony began!

Icy Explorations

Since the August Katla ice cave was massive, the pair were able to explore all sections of it following their ceremony.  To say they were in awe over the texture and tones, would be an understatement!  Further, how stunning are these Katla ice cave wedding photos?!

Awe-inspiring Disappearing Landscapes

Glaciers are often referred to as ever-changing and disappearing landscapes.  Why?  Because they ebb and flow with the weather in Iceland.

After leaving the site of their Katla ice cave wedding ceremony location, the newlyweds ventured around the other landscape features in the area.  For example, the black sand desert, vivid mountains, and countless rock formations.  Truly an unforgettable experience!

Into the Wild

A really important part of an experience driven wedding adventure is that you explore untamed, wild places.  Iceland wedding locations that make you feel fully connected to each other and the landscapes.  So after leaving the Katla ice cave wedding area, Nikita and Sally ventured into the wild of the Icelandic highlands!  And oh la la were they vivid!!

First Dance in Front of a Famous Mountain

Additionally, one of the other requests Sally and Nikita had in regards to their Katla ice cave wedding schedule, was to not have any waterfalls.  As they were enamored with the highland landscapes that were more glaciers, volcanos, vivid and desolate looking ones.  They also were big fans of Caleb and Michaela’s elopement expedition, rain and all!  We all kept our fingers crossed for overcast or rainy skies but instead we played in the sunshine.

As if their Katla ice cave wedding wasn’t epic enough… Meanwhile for their next exploration spot, the newlyweds visited an iconic highland mountain named Mælifell.  And fun fact, the mountain is a dormant Stratovolcano.  So embarking on a first dance in front of such a historical yet beautiful spot was ideal to Sally and Nikita!

Celebrating with Icelandic Moonshine!

Keeping with the highland mountain theme after their Katla ice cave wedding ceremony, they travelled deeper into the highlands and found in our opinion one of the most vivid spots possible.  The valley has interesting shapes, extremely vivid colors, and black sands that draw you in to explore more.  In celebration of their adventure, the two toasted with Icelandic Moonshine named, Landi too!

Feeling on Cloud Nine

Since the adventure thus far had taken them from having a Katla ice cave wedding ceremony, to crazy highland scapes, it was only natural to have a cliff top experience next.  After all, cliffs in Iceland often give you a cloud nine or on top of the world vibes!  Especially when you explore a mountain where you overlook a town, basalt features, and have a chance of witnessing the adorable puffins nesting!  Nikita and Sally thoroughly enjoyed their time on top of Reynisfjall Mountain.

Playful Beachside Moments

Rounding out the adventure portion of their Katla ice cave wedding adventure, is a visit to a must have black sand beach called Dyrholaey.  For example, it was there they walked hand in hand in this private place, along the ocean and black sands marveling over the magnitude of mother natures handiwork.  The sea arch and rock formations peaking out of the ocean offer such an incredible and historical perspective on how landscapes are made.  In fact, we are not sure what angle we love more, from the ground or the drone?!  You decide…

Bride, Groom, Styled for Two!

Arriving back to the hotel, the newlyweds took a bit of time to rest and refresh.  Then they came down to the restaurant to enjoy a sweetly styled table for two.  For instance, the table was decorated with organic vibes which encompassed flowers, wood, and moss.  Further, then other romantic vibes were brought in which included handles, a globe to celebrate their love of travel and adventure and topped off with a traditional Icelandic wedding cake!  But wait, that’s not how their Katla ice cave wedding adventure ends… Keep scrolling!

Valley’s and Sunset Peaks

Since it was August, we often have the best luck for the possibility of sunset wedding photos so they had to take advantage of that!  Heading back out to the edge of the Icelandic highlands our Iceland wedding photographer found a wonderful spot to catch the last moments of the colorful light.  Sally and Nikita explored and embraced all while savoring the last moments of their unbelievable Katla ice cave wedding adventure.

Maybe you’ve found yourself inspired and curious about planning something similar to celebrate your love… Lastly, feel free to contact us to get more information on what it takes to make something this magical happen!

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