Dramatic Elopement Adventure: Kate + Austin

Many would describe Icelandic landscapes as dramatic.  Maybe because they change often, feature wise.  Or likely because the ever-changing weather conditions make it so.  Either way, if you’re looking to be in awe of your wedding photos, then planning a dramatic elopement in Iceland is a perfect decision!  Therefore, come along with us today as we share with you Kate and Austin’s adventure…

Kate & Austin

New York natives Austin and Kate meet during a rugby tournament in their college years.  The pair had an instant friend connection which bloomed to more.  Maybe it was their shared love for cross fit, hiking, dogs, traveling or camping.  Further, they make an effort to inspire and support each other through their shared goals.  And a part of that involves continuously embarking on new experiences together.  Likely one of the many reasons they were drawn to the adventure that comes with Iceland’s unique landscapes to celebrate their dramatic elopement!

Wedding at Fosshotel Vatnajökull

The dramatic elopement began very early on August 31st 2022.  In fact, the weather in Iceland delivered her best overcast windy skies to set the snuggly mood.  Kate and Austin had a quiet morning getting ready together in their lovely room inside Fosshotel Vatnajökull.  Meanwhile as 8am drew near, it was time to grab go bags and load into the super jeep for the day!

August Wedding Ceremony in Iceland

Next, can we talk about how AMAZING Kate’s succulent wedding bouquet and Austin’s boutonniere is for a sec?!  For real, what bride gets the opportunity to carry air plants?  A lucky one!  And a sweet shoutout to our team member Tinna for making that magical thing!

Furthermore, the clouds seemed to get lower the closer they hiked to their private property waterfall valley.  Truly a very dramatic elopement ceremony was on the way!

Our favorite Pastor, Haraldur kept it casual by wearing an traditional Icelandic sweater.  But his eloquent words paid homage to their love of travel and each other.  Additionally, Austin and Kate exchanged rings and started their newlywed status with a sweet kiss!

Dramatic Elopement Adventure

One of the countless reasons why the Kate and Austin came to our Iceland Wedding Planner team was to ensure… They would spend the day making new memories together rather than just playing dress up.  No matter the weather, the two wanted time to be in the moment and explore and landscapes hand in hand.  Therefore, following their dramatic elopement, they hiked around in front of the waterfall and then to the top!

Exploring a Foggy Canyon

After a longer hike than the first, it was time to adventure to a foggy canyon area which was perfectly captured via drone by our Iceland elopement photographer.  For example, the mist, fog and raging river crossings really added to the dramatic elopement photos!

Private Lunch at an Offbeat Glacier Lagoon!

Could anything be more Icelandic than having a traditional hot dog BBQ during your dramatic elopement adventure?  Well, maybe add some champagne and pouring rain to the mix!  Regardless of how the conditions changed, the newlyweds only snuggled tighter and forever etched the challenging moments into their, “holy shit we did that!” bank.  plus, there is a lot to be said about how much having a hot lunch can do for you on a challenging weather day!

Driftwood Black Sand Beach

Volcanic beaches is a must see feature when traveling to Iceland.  So if you do not encounter one on your Iceland dramatic elopement then you must do so on your self-drive honeymoon.  However, if you’ve hired our Iceland Wedding Planner team, it’s likely you’ll have an incredible selection to consider!  To illustrate, Kate and Austin spent time running around a driftwood black sand beach.  Firstly, the ride in the super jeep to get there is nuts!  Second, they ventured to a old oceanside dock, a lighthouse peninsula, and saw the magnitude of driftwood that washes up from other countries!

Highland Golden Valley

Wrapping up their 10 hour dramatic elopement adventure is an iconic highland area that is nicknamed the Golden Valley.  First, when you travel through this area you plunge through deep switchback valleys.  Second, the textures and tones of this place is truly mind blowing!  For example, in some areas it looks like it smashed up colorful clay pots and others lush tropical greens.  As the newlyweds explored the valley mother nature reminded us she is in charge!

Regardless of the rain coming in again Kate and Austin had the BEST DAY EVER!  If you’re enamored with the style of this adventure elopement in Iceland, feel free to contact us for more information on beginning that journey!!

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