Vivid Wedding Experience: Janessa + Jacob

When you think about something being described as vivid, what comes to your mind first?  Maybe a location that is colorful or rich in texture and tones.  Or others may think about an experience being strikingly unforgettable.  Either way, those that are looking to have a vivid wedding should for sure consider Iceland!  Join us today as we share with you Jacob and Janessa’s adventure wedding…

Iceland Wedding on September 5th 2022

The tiny town of Hella was the base for Janessa and Jacob’s vivid wedding adventure.  Further, the morning of September 5th 2022 began in a suite at Hotel Stracta.  Sunshine was endless and this time of year is a 50 / 50 chance.  Although the couple decided to get ready separately, our Iceland wedding photographer captured all of their details.

Firstly, how fabulous is Janessa for being non-traditional and donning a black wedding dress?!  Second, how freaking wonderful were Jacob’s groom details and handsome blue suit?!  And shortly before the group loaded into super jeeps for the day, the soon to be newlyweds took a few minutes to have an intimate first look!

Ceremony at a Private Waterfall in Iceland

After all of the guests loaded into the super jeeps the group began the vivid wedding experience with an exciting drive!  Surrounded by mountains, trees, and glacier views in the distance the drive adds to the anticipation.  To illustrate, Janessa and Jacob’s guests had no idea where they were headed.  Therefore, when they arrived to their private waterfall ceremony location the group were speechless!

Next, Jacob walked his mum down the aisle and Janessa’s father walked her down the aisle.  Further, since they had been legally married prior to coming to Iceland their good friend performed the ceremony.  Following the vivid wedding ceremony, the group posed for a group photo and then the couple took time to explore around the private property waterfall with their local Iceland wedding photographer.

Gorgeous Gorge

Nearby to this fabulous private waterfall is an exclusive and lush canyon.  In fact, it is the kind of place that you could venture through for hours!

Rugged Landscapes with River Crossings

One of the countless reasons why our team requires super jeeps as transportation is due rugged terrain and the need to do unbridged river crossings.  Sometimes the terrain is glacier fed and comes with a side of quick sand.  Therefore it is really important that our driver-guides are experienced enough to know how to cross.

But no stress!  Our jeep team gets it done right and in a super fun way so bring on the next vivid wedding location… And that awe-inspiring spot is a natural cave, with glacier view and rock formations.  Not sure which we enjoy more, the ground shot images or the drone ones!?!

Inspiring Riverside Lunch

Lunchtime drew near as the vivid wedding group headed deeper into the Icelandic highlands.  A really wonderful way to have lunch in Iceland is to have a traditional hot dog BBQ in the highlands.  Maybe this riverside spot is ideal too!  For example, you get a full sensory journey while there.  Janessa and Jacob truly treated their guests for an unforgettable lunch experience!

Icelandic Highlands Journey

If you visit Iceland during summertime or early fall like these two did, you’ll still have the crazy greens in the highlands happening.  Also, you might get lucky like these two did and get a blazing sunshine day!  Regardless, it is likely you’ll quickly become addicted to this stunning place!  Pretty sure that is what everyone thought on this vivid wedding journey!!

Discovering a Glacier River Canyon

Adding to their vivid wedding experience, Janessa and Jacob took their guests to a enchanted place.  For instance, a rapid powerful glacier river runs between the canyon walls and crazy beautiful colors run through the length of the walls.  Meanwhile, every guest said it was worth the hike and we would whole heartedly agree!  What a memorable place to adventure together on adventure wedding day!

Vivid Wedding Experience

The landscapes found in the Icelandic highlands really set the scene for a vivid wedding experience!  To illustrate, the last location the group discovered together was one for the books!  Firstly, the drive is freaking NUTS!  Like so good you want to stop the super jeep every 2 minutes to take photos.

Second, when you step out of the jeep you’re greeted with a 360 degree view.  Third, the primary spot within offers up a dramatic color contrast.  For instance from black sands to crazy shaped green mountains and endless blue skies really impact you.

Meanwhile, this was also the striking location Jacob and Janessa chose to have their champagne toast and treats!  Additionally, the group delighted in Pommery champagne, kleinas dipped in chocolate, love balls, artisan chocolates, cinnamon rolls, macaroons, and lots of fruit!  So so so GOOD!  A perfect way to spoil yourselves and guests!

Elegant Hotel Stracta Wedding Reception

After the adventure portion of the experience driven wedding was finished the group had a chance to refresh before dinner.  Next, they gathered upstairs in a private reception room at Hotel Stracta.  For example, the space was transformed into an elegant dinner for 15 people.  Complete with a separate cake table too!  Hello lovely little kransakaka!

Further, the theme of the night seemed to follow a delicate yet wooden luxury vibe.  Our florist / stylist kept strong elements of nature following through by having driftwood as the main focus.  Then the mood of the room instantly changes when you realize the elegance the glass bubbles bring.  Additionally the fresh flowers which included succulents add a unique twist that pulls everything through!

To say Jacob and Janessa’s guests were impressed would be a understatement!  Are you loving all of the inspiration that has flooded your screen today?  Maybe even so much that your curiosity is piqued so much you’d like to plan a vivid wedding adventure of your very own?  Please contact us to more information your way!

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