Sincere September Elopement: Giovanna + Bruno

Engineering a September elopement in Iceland means you will likely still have dynamic coloring in your landscapes.  And who doesn’t want vivid greens, black, blues, etc!?!  Also, there is a chance you could experience the elusive Aurora Borealis!  Therefore, get inspired and join us today as we share Giovanna and Bruno’s half day wedding adventure…

Half Day September Elopement: Giovanna + Bruno

Embarking on a full day adventure wedding isn’t for everyone.  For example, it is important to know how long of a day would be most enjoyable for you both.   Also to know where your limits are with hike times and how much you like to discover in one day.  After all, everyone travels and recovers from time zone changes differently too.  Therefore, there is a lot to take into consideration.

Bruno and Giovanna hail from Sardinia, Italy.  And have crafted an incredible life together!  Meanwhile, while on a two day adventure in Verona together, Bruno popped the question while at Casa di Giulietta.  Swooning over the romance Giovanna said yes and made Bruno the happiest man in the world!  Therefore, let’s bring on their 12th of September elopement…

Glacier Wedding Ceremony in Iceland

Next, they contacted our Iceland Wedding Planner, team hoping for an adventurous half day September elopement.  A day that started later, would feel relaxed, have them getting married at a glacier, and included celebrating with champagne!

First, the day began with our super jeep team picking up Giovanna and Bruno in the tiny Southern town of Vik!  In fact, did you also know this wonderful place is where Ann and Davíð are building their #VikDreamHouse?!  Second, with “go bags” in hand, the adventure begins with an enthusiastic ride up to Mýrdalsjökull, Iceland’s fourth largest.

Third, after arriving to the glacier, Giovanna grabbed her fabulous wedding bouquet and picked a spot in front of the glacier for the ceremony.  Fourth, the pair held a very personal September elopement ceremony which included vows, exchanging rings, and a kiss!

Adventures with Champagne

Following, they popped Lanson champagne and took time to be in the moment celebrating their newlywedded bliss.  For instance, views somehow become even more epic when you can savor it with a glass of bubbles in hand.  Furthermore, they also discovered the dynamic area as their Iceland elopement photographer forever documented their precious moments of exploration!

Cold Mountain Top Snuggles

From the glacier the couple ventured now to the cliffs high above Vik.  To illustrate, it was here they encountered epic views but some crazy cold winds.  But no stress because that just meant they needed to snuggle harder!

The weather in Iceland during the month of September can vary and many times change quickly.  For example, overcast skies were abundant on this mountain top.

Furthermore, it was impossible to not revel in the undeniable beauty.  Because really, how many chances do you have during your September elopement to be present in this kind of glorious moment with each other?!  Talk about a five senses experience!

South Iceland Private Waterfall Elopement Photos

Blue filled the skies and the sun even appeared while experiencing the next stop on the September elopement agenda.  Giovanna and Bruno were flabbergasted at how special this private property waterfall felt!  Such a beautiful moment and place to share while eloping in Iceland.  For example, no tourists, no ropes, signs, or man made features!  A place like this really values nature and how lucky we are to venture to!!

Evening Hours on Vik Beach

After experiencing a glacier, 180 degree view mountain top, private property waterfall, it was time for a black sand beach!  After all, how fun is it to have a September elopement journey that leaves you with a “best of Iceland” vibe?!  Vikfjara has a view of the iconic view of Reynisdrangar.  Feeling inspired and ready to plan your own half or full day Iceland elopement adventure?  Please contact us to get more information on making that thought a reality!

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