Styled Elopement Reception Table

When you elope, you might think you cannot have a reception.  But you’re wrong!  In fact, we encourage you to spoil yourselves…  Why?  Because having an elopement reception table is a way to continue the celebration!  So come long with us today as we share inspiration on what that could look like for you two!

Adding Luxury to Your Adventure Elopement

When you add a few luxury items to your elopement it can really elevate your adventure.  Maybe even make it even more off the charts memorable!  After all, who doesn’t want to sit at a perfectly styled romantic table at the end of the night to eat a delicious dinner?!  Even if the elopement reception table is simple or elaborate it will make you feel like you’re VIP’s and allow you to connect even deeper.

Styled Elopement Reception Table Types

Firstly, you need to decide if having an elopement reception table is important to you or not.  Second, will you style it yourself by bringing your own items or will you hire someone to do for you?  Third, if hiring someone will they surprise you or will you ask them to create a specific theme?  Fourth, let’s say you’re having an adventurous elopement in Iceland, what types of table décor would make you feel special…

Adventure Theme

Likely, you have come to Iceland because you seek adventure.  Therefore, why not have a table which celebrates that fact?  An adventure theme elopement reception table could mean there are elements of travel included into the tablescape.  To illustrate, things like a globe, mountains, adventurous signs, compass, maps, highlighting an activity, nature undertones, etc.

Romantic Wedding Table

If you love to be surrounded by dreamy or cozy things then a romantic elopement reception table would suit you best.  For example, being set in front of a fireplace, having rose petals, reds, pinks, and candles can really set the mood.  Furthermore, maybe even some pearls, furs, or inspirational signs could help transition the ambiance.

Travel Vibes

Next, an important part of couples who gravitate to visiting Iceland is traveling.  In fact. we often hear that couples choose Iceland because it’s been on their bucket list.  Or maybe because one has been and is dying to show the other the magic of the landscape.  Regardless, if you decide to have an elopement reception table then a travel theme would leave you inspired.  So what could that look like?  For instance, accents that have maps, planes, tags, suitcases, passport stamps, compass, etc.

Bringing the Outdoors in

Bringing nature indoors to accent your styled elopement reception table is a brilliant idea.  Additionally, it can allow you to connect with the landscape and each other on a deeper level.  To illustrate, imagine having moss, driftwood, rocks, greenery, succulents, or even flowers in front of you as you dine!  Adding in some candlelight alongside can make it oh-so dreamy too!


After you choose a unique elopement location, you may want to add in some traditional elements to embrace the local culture.  For instance, if eloping in Iceland, having some of the following items could be on the agenda:

Simple Yet Sweet

And if you are wanting to stay more simple, a few ways to achieve an elegant look could be using the following items on your styled elopement reception table:

  • White table cloth
  • Table runner
  • Charger plates
  • Reusing your bouquet
  • Cloth napkins
  • Napkin ring
  • Sweet signs
  • Art piece
  • Candles
  • Artificial greenery
  • Candles

Cost of an Elopement Dinner Table

Likewise, you’re probably curious to know how much you need to budget in order to have a styled elopement reception table?  Well, unfortunately, that answer can vary.  For instance, if you bring your own décor and you setup or pay the restaurant  to do so, it could be $25-250 USD.

Whereas, if you want a more elaborate option it would range between $250 – 2,000 USD+.  Also keep in mind that only a few Iceland wedding hotels offer private rooms or semi-private spaces if you desire that.  Otherwise you can anticipate the décor being on a table within the main restaurants areas.

Lastly, hopefully today you’re leaving educated and inspired!  We dare you to indulge and end your fabulous elopement in a really memorable way… And if you’re so inclined to begin planning your very own adventure elopement in Iceland, we would love to hear from you!  Feel free to contact us to get that exciting conversation started!

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