Foggy Iceland Wedding: Melissa + Tom

Oh la la talk about a day to remember!  Melissa and Tom embarked on one of the foggiest and wettest adventure weddings we have ever had.  Seriously we tease and say it’s a “everything I own is wet” kind of day.  These two and their guests were chilled to the bone but were fueled by adrenaline and beautiful landscapes.  Therefore come along with us as you watch their foggy Iceland wedding…

Melissa + Tom

Shall we rewind back to New Years Day 2014?  That is when Tom and Melissa met and an instant connection was made.  Fast forward to 7 years later, countless trips together, 2 Great Pyrenees, and making a home together…. Then in November of 2020, Melissa and Tom get engaged.  And they were thankful for finding our Iceland Wedding Planner website as they were seeking something totally different than the norm.

Plus, Iceland was their first long trip together during their dating escapades.  So in signing up for another adventure they knew it was likely that they would end up with a foggy Iceland wedding and they embraced it!  But this time they were going to bring 30 guests in tow to experience the magic!

August 29th 2022

Tom and Melissa’s August 29th 2022 wedding adventure started with our hair, makeup and Iceland wedding photographer documenting all of the amazing details.  For real, can we talk about how lovely Melissa’s two wedding dresses are?  And how handsome Tom’s groom details are, complete with a velvet tux?!

Then shortly before the super jeeps arrived, the almost newlyweds exchanged a sweet first look.  Next, the couple and their 30+ guests grabbed their “go bags” and loaded into the super jeep for the foggy Iceland wedding adventure!

Foggy Iceland Wedding Ceremony

Firstly, it’s not secret that the weather in Iceland is often at the helm.  But our Iceland Wedding Planner couples thrive on this shit!  Therefore, Tom and Melissa didn’t even bat an eyelash when the rain didn’t stop when it came time to their ceremony.  And our team didn’t either!  Secondly, our favorite Pastor rocked out a super personal and memorable ceremony.

Thirdly, Melissa and Tom professed their lifetime promises to each other and exchanged wedding rings.  Fourth, they sealed the damn thing with a kiss!  Additionally, following the foggy Iceland wedding ceremony, the couple took time to discover the highland waterfall together hand in hand with our Iceland wedding photographer in tow.

Lunch & Bubbles

When you plan an adventure wedding with guests, one of the many decisions you need to make is what you will provide your guests for lunch!  There are a plethora of options but these newlyweds opted in for a hot lunch experience being an Icelandic hot dog BBQ.  Also add in some exploration of mountains, rivers, bubbles for a toast and delicious fruit for dessert and you have a P-A-R-T-Y!

Discovering an Isolated Waterfall

Following lunch, the rain showed no signs of stopping so all of the guests decided to “bail out.”  And you know what?  That’s okay!  Sometimes the weather is too much for folks so we design a point where folks can return to the hotel to rest.  After all, although we expect our couples to be hardcore, we do not expect all of their guests to be.

Meanwhile, as Melissa and Tom went further into the highlands, they ventured to a waterfall seen by very few.  In fact, it can be very tricky to get there depending on river levels and time of year.  But all that is part of the fun!  However, it is absolutely worth the journey to get there!!

Rainy Canyon

Many shades of green and black flood the Icelandic highlands.  Honestly, we would dare to say they are the theme colors.  The iconic palate make you feel like you’re a part of history.  Especially at the end of August heading into September as that is often the time when the highlands transition into the pending winter season.  For example, if you’re an avid follow of our Iceland Wedding Planner blog, you might recall the daring elopement of Coral & Scott who were married in early September.  But this foggy Iceland wedding adventure took everything up a notch!

Mysterious Lava Fields

Did you know there are places in Iceland that become even more magical when it rains?  To illustrate, when you are in the highlands near lava fields foggy Iceland wedding photos become even more picturesque!

Katla Glacier & Ice Cave

What could top Melissa and Tom’s foggy Iceland wedding ceremony and exploration of canyons, waterfalls, cliffs, and lava fields?  Well, I think the only rival could be the glacier.  Katla glacier for that matter too!  After a change into hiking attire, many of their guests rejoined on the journey.  After all, who doesn’t want the opportunity to experience a glacier and an ice cave at the same time?!  So once micro spikes were on the group hiked to an ice cave.  Note: Although this was a touristy location, our Iceland Wedding Planner team was able to privatize the location for their time frame.  And wow wow wow!  Look at that pristine blue ice!!

Group Wedding Dinner at Hotel Vik

Lastly, our newlyweds and their fantastic group made it back to the hotel around 6pm after 10 hours of adventuring together.  Meanwhile, they took about an hour and half to refresh and were welcomed in The Berg for dinner.  A delicious three course meal plus a traditional Icelandic wedding cake was served to round out the day!  In conclusion, if you have found Melissa and Tom’s foggy Iceland wedding inspiring, feel free to contact us!

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