Cliff Elopement Photos: Thiare + Fabián

Standing on the edge of a cliff in Iceland is one of those moments in life you’ll never forget.  Especially if the one you love and adore is by your side.  The sounds, magnitude, the power, and thrill will leave you in awe.  Therefore when engaged couples find their way to Iceland  We are not surprised at the desire for cliff elopement photos!  Follow us today as we share Thiare and Fabián’s outing…

Thiare + Fabián

Hailing from Santiago, Chile Thiare and Fabián contacted our Iceland Wedding Planner team curious to have a pre-wedding session.  Which in some cultures means engagement photos and in others pre-wedding photos.  If the latter, more often than not, couples get dressed up in wedding attire.

Why?  Maybe because their actions are symbolic or they are choosing to make it legal at a later date and different location.  To illustrate, in these almost newlyweds case, they were holding a civil wedding ceremony in Iceland in another area of Iceland.  But days before, they thoroughly enjoyed cliff elopement photos!

Cliff Elopement Photos

There are so many compelling landscapes throughout Iceland.  Seriously, mother nature does not make it easy on you to choose!  Luckily, in booking their cliff elopement photos with us, Fabián and Thiare were able to see photos and videos of the locations.  For example, it creates a very “feel like you’re there” kinda vibe.  But they felt most captivated and drawn to the Reynisdrangar basalt sea stacks.  However, upon arriving, the weather in Iceland brought fog, low clouds, and rain which really added to the coziness of the moment.

Eloping in South Iceland

After you choose to elope in Iceland, you will need to further narrow down to the region.  But which offers the most amount of landscape variety closer together?  That way you’re able to see and do more in one day.  Well, that would hands down be South Iceland!  Next, after the pair saw all angles of Reynisdrangar they continued to hike long the coastline.  For instance, on the far right side there is another fabulous spot for cliff elopement photos.  Additionally, the view from this side is of Dyrhólaey sea arch.

Iceland Waterfall Exploration in August

Following their cliff elopement photos, the soon to be newlyweds adventured to a waterfall.  Meanwhile, since it was August the green colors here were insanely beautiful!  Plus seeing sheep grazing nearby and having to cross a river by your own two feet is super fun too!

Vik Canyon Hike

Not wanting to end their day just yet, Thiare and Fabián had one more Iceland wedding location left!  Next, their cliff elopement photos led them to a Vik canyon hike.  Here they trekked back into a narrow canyon which offered unforgettable views of the town and iconic landscapes.

Lastly, are you ready to plan your own clifftop wedding photos in South Iceland?  Be inclined to contact us for more information!  After all, our Iceland Wedding Planner team would be happy to help aid you in that journey!!

DIY Iceland Wedding

Some couples like the idea of planning their own Iceland wedding or elopement.  Therefore, we encourage you to checkout our DIY Iceland Marriage License Guide for further help!

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