September Adventure Wedding: Esther + Dmitry

When the season change between August to September there is excitement in the air.  Maybe it’s the anticipation on when the leaves will fall or when the first snowflake will come to the highlands.  Either way it is kinda magical and slightly addicting!  Professional dancing pair, Esther and Dmitry decided that a September adventure wedding is the ideal time to celebrate their commitment to each other.  Come along to watch their unforgettable day unfold…

September 16th 2022 Begins

The September adventure wedding morning starts in Hella at Hotel Stracta.  Esther and Dmitry get ready separately with their group of guests.  Additionally our local wedding photographer forever documents all of the bridal details like the custom Iceland wedding dress and groom details.  Then shortly before the group grabs their “go bags” to load into the super jeep for the day… The soon to be newlyweds meet for a quick first look!  Next, each person was gifted a beautiful wool blanket before they jumped into the super jeeps!

Wedding Inside a Cave

Esther and Dmitry intended on having more guests join them originally.  However, half of their group were unable to make the September adventure wedding trip.  Therefore it was important to the couple to choose an Iceland wedding location, which had cell phone service in order to live stream the ceremony.

The natural cave at Hjörleifshöfði named, Gígjagjá was perfectly suited for them.  To illustrate, from the ambiance of the cave, lanterns, the firepit, to the heartfelt ceremony everything was just perfect!  Further, the pair exchanged personal vows, rings, kissed, and then a few more surprises begin as you’ll witness below!

Song Serenade, First Dance, & Champagne Picnic!

Immediately following their September adventure wedding ceremony, Esther serenaded Dmitry with a song.  Next, since they are both professional dancers by trade in their careers they astonished their guests with a beautiful first dance!  Also, this moment served as the send off for the live stream folks too.

But that’s not all either…  After, everyone was invited to grab a glass of bubbles to toast the newlyweds outside of the cave.  Thereafter, the group delighted in traditional Icelandic snacks and visited.  Before leaving the Iceland natural cave, the couple enjoyed a few quite moments alone with our Iceland wedding photographer before rejoining their guests.

September Adventure Wedding to a Glacier

A visit to the glacier was next on the September adventure wedding agenda.  First, the drive from the cave to the glacier is exciting because of views and river crossings.  Second, upon arrival the group geared up with crampons and helmets.  Third, Esther, Dmitry, and our local photographer raced ahead to have some more dance photo opportunities before making their way to the ice cave.  Forth, they hiked inside to an ice cave where they marveled over the textures, tones, and the fact it was their first time!  Fifth, they may or may not have done some pretty sexy dance moves in there too…

Windy Mountain Tops

Being on top of a mountain enjoying the coastline views is pretty empowering.  But maybe a little scary when the wind is whirling!  When the group arrive to the cliff top they spent some time exploring and hiking around.  And the newlyweds snuggled for a few September adventure wedding photos.

Stunning Sea Arch Beach Discovery

Meanwhile, the last stop on the September adventure wedding schedule was a very famous beach.  For example, it is called Dyrhólaey.  But it is more iconic looking from the private property side our team has access too!  See for yourself below.

Viking Long House Dinner

Lastly, when the group arrive back to Hotel Stracta, they take a break from the bustle to rest and refresh.  After the group gets taken to a Viking long house, Ingólfsskáli Viking Restaurant for dinner.  Once 2 courses of dinner were served, it was time to celebrate with traditional Icelandic wedding cake (kransakaka) to conclude the evening!  Has Esther and Dmitry’s September adventure wedding gotten you excited to plan something similar for yourself?  If so, please contact our team!

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