10 Iceland Nighttime Wedding Photo Locations

If you’re visiting Iceland during the months we have nighttime then take advantage of it… Head out after sunset and enjoy the magic of the night!  Whether it is chasing Northern Lights, astrophotography, or seeing locations from a different light.  Especially if you’re getting married, grab your photographer and go back out to end your night with Iceland nighttime wedding photos!

End Your Iceland Wedding Night with a Bang!

What could be more epic than finishing your elopement or adventure wedding with EPIC Iceland nighttime wedding photos?!  After all, very few people in the world can say they have such keepsakes.  And I know it’s going to be tough to find the motivation to put your wedding attire back on especially if it’s cold, wet, and dirty.  But I promise you it is always 100% worth it!  So suck it up for the greater good of reminiscing over that moment 25 years from now.

Iceland Nighttime Wedding Photos

When you book a full day adventure wedding or elopement with our Iceland Wedding Planner team full day photography is included.  To illustrate, if our couples are game we always try to go back out for sunset, dusk Iceland nighttime wedding photos, or Northern Lights chasing!

10 Nighttime Photo Locations Ideas

Okay so now you’re hooked on the idea… What are location options for Iceland nighttime wedding photos?  Well we are thrilled you asked!  In fact, here are 10 location ideas to get you thinking.  Maybe even share these ideas with your Iceland wedding photographer (if you’re not hiring our Iceland Wedding Planner team) too!

#1: Natural Cave

There are a plethora of natural caves scattered around throughout Iceland.  So why not use them to stage some stellar nighttime wedding photo op?!  To illustrate, how freaking dreamy are these images!

#2: Glacier Lagoon

During the day, the famed glacier lagoon is stunning.  However, in the night you have the place to yourselves and maybe some big bergs to light up for magical Iceland nighttime wedding photos!

#3: Northern Lights

Everyone’s favorite nighttime activity during fall and winter makes an ideal photo op!  Therefore, bring on the Northern Lights!

#4: Basalt Stacks

After the sun goes down the tourists vanish.  Leaving hot spots empty.  Likely the only time we will find our way to Reynisfjara!

#5: Waterfall Nighttime Photos

Believe it or not, waterfalls can become more beautiful at night.  For instance, add in a bit of light on the waterfall and backlight the couple and voila instant keepsake!

#6: Outside of your Hotel

When our team chooses partner hotels to work with to host our fabulous groups, we typically take into consideration what Iceland nighttime wedding photo locations are nearby.  Sometimes we need to be creative or add something fun like a marquee sign but it works!  So have a look around your hotel to have cute nighttime photos taken too.

#7: In Front of Rock Formations

Countless rock formations can be found that look both interesting and are easily to light.  For example, this giant rock sits on a black sand desert.  Firstly, we lit it up with some crazy powerful lights and then waited for Northern Lights to appear.

#8: Volcano Nighttime Wedding Photos

Alright well, I hate to burst your bubble… But as of when this Iceland Wedding Planner blog post was written, there are no active volcanoes in Iceland erupting.  However, how insane is the image below from a previous eruption we had in May of 2021?!  There’s always hope so keep those fingers and toes crossed!

#9: Astrophotography with Iconic Mountains

If all else fails and you don’t have Northern Lights or fireworks.  Then have your Iceland elopement photographer try out some astrophotography with you with a beautiful mountain as the backdrop!

#10: Inside of an Ice Cave!

One of the most epic locations we have ever done Iceland nighttime wedding photos in would be an ice cave.  Rewind back to when Manuel and Matias held their March 2020 for all the details!

Iceland Night Photography Tips

Need some photography tips for creating Iceland nighttime wedding photos?  Here are a few to get you started:

  1. Make sure you have a tripod and use it!
  2. Set your camera to manual mode (aperture set to widest possible, a slower shutter, and adjust ISO to get the look you want).
  3. Extra lights to illuminate your backdrop (like 2,000-10,000 lm).
  4. Backlight can be helpful if no Northern Lights.  Especially fun if raining and you have an umbrella.
  5. Light painting with a headlamp can be your BBF.
  6. Fireworks or sparklers can be a super fun element to work with.  But know fireworks are only legal in Iceland to buy and use between Christmas and NYE (and January 6th).  Otherwise a permit is required.

Ready to plan an elopement which ends with unforgettable nighttime photos?  Feel free to contact us to get the dialogue started!

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