Magical March Ice Cave Wedding: Manuel + Matías

There is an undeniable sense of magic that leads our experience driven wedding adventures.  Maybe it’s the sense of wonder you feel as you journey to and from our private property locations.  Or the fact you are seeing a part of Iceland very few have.  Who knows, maybe it’s the hidden people (elves) enchanting our adventure, I don’t know but it’s real!  Meanwhile, planning a March ice cave wedding that is snowy and full of hiking, discovering, and excitement somehow amps up the experience!

Love at First Smile

Around Christmas of 2017, the universe aligns and brings Matías and Manuel to their first date!  Both gents boast that it was love at first sight even before they sat down to have lunch!  Throughout their first date, they were excited by the common interests they shared, careers, being foodies, hiking, and a serious passion for travel.  Fast forward to a few years later, they built a life and a home together that even had room for their 2 kitties!

From hiking all over Uruguay, Chile, Argentina, and countless other locations throughout the US, it’s clear to see these two thrive on adventure.  To illustrate, they are the couple who will wake up at 3am to witness the stars and Milky Way over Yosemite National Park!  Furthermore, these two also radiate so much positive energy their smiles and laughs are contagious!!  Not to mention they fact they are FREAKING ADORABLE together too!  Therefore, when we Skyped with them, there was no doubt they would be PERFECT for our adventure wedding experiences!

Proposal in Santiago leads to Iceland Adventure Wedding

One day, just outside the city limits of Santiago, Chile Manuel had planned a very special surprise picnic for Matías.  A delicious picnic turned into a very thoughtful proposal!  Days later, Matías turned a paper proposal into a romantic memory and POOF!  Suddenly, they were both wearing engagement rings as a symbol of their love and commitment to each other!!

Wanting to avoid anything traditional, these two were drawn to having a destination wedding.  However, when they found our Iceland Wedding Planner site they realized incorporating adventure into the day was 100% them!  Because they were seeking something more to reflect their relationship.  Further, in finding our team, they were ecstatic over our private property locations and the 5 senses experience of the entire day!

During our thorough interview process with our couples, one of the countless questions we ask, is about what characteristics or words best describe the vision of their adventure wedding… Manuel and Matías used words such as the following: Intimate, Authentic, Inspiring, Elegant, Magical, Positive Energy, Cheerful, Funny, and Impacted by Nature!  Additionally, other important aspects of their March ice cave wedding in Iceland would include having an Asatru ceremony, Northern Lights hunting, variety of landscapes, champagne, and being married inside of an ice cave was a must!

Covid-19 and Planning an Iceland Wedding

Originally Manuel and Matías had around 10 guests joining them for their March ice cave wedding adventure.  Unfortunately, the weeks leading up to their magical day was when Covid-19 began it’s reign around the world.  Leading up to the day their family and friends had difficult decisions to make from traveling from South America to Europe.

In short, these two made it into Iceland, alone days before the EU Travel Ban came into effect.  But the important thing is that they were together and were soooo ready to get married to each other!  So let’s get on with their experience driven elopement adventure…

2 Grooms Means Double the Dapper Details!

Oh la la our Iceland wedding photographer was in total BLISS when she arrived to the hotel, the morning of March 20th!  So many incredible meaningful details to photograph.  Likewise their tuxes, furs, boots, vow books, coats, etc were all such dapper groom details for their March ice cave wedding!  The morning went quick and our exclusive super jeep team was outside waiting to begin the epic day before 8am.  With their “go bags” in tow and last minute touch ups of bowties they jumped in the truck ready to go!

Amazing Asatru Wedding Ceremony

Hiking during their March ice cave wedding was something they both looked forward to doing.  These two enjoyed the hike to their private ice cave.  Once inside, they held one of the most inspiring Asatru ceremonies we have ever witnessed.  For example, the old Icelandic rhymes that were recited could have been first spoken at the same time this section of glacier was first being formed (circa 800 years ago).

Fun Fact: You can see part of them in our Insta-Stories under the “Elopements ’20” folder.

Ice Cave Champagne Toast

Personal elements donned Matías and Manuel’s champagne toast table.  From a special piece of artwork to Viking horns it was lovely!  To toast with, Moët & Chandon Champagne, fruit and Icelandic chocolates also adorned the table.

March Ice Cave Wedding Exploration

Ensuring their is ample time to explore each place during their March ice cave wedding adventure is an important objective for our team!  Being able to experience a place with your five senses really intensifies the moment and makes it unforgettable.  Plus who doesn’t want one of those five senses to remind you at another time and place of your incredible adventurous elopement?!  Conditions quickly changed at the glacier, so our fabulous grooms had to take a snowmobile out adding to the adventure level!

Luxury Elopement Picnic at a Private Waterfall

Imagine rolling up to a private waterfall and there is a beautifully styled table waiting for you!  And a hot lunch on tap too!!  Following their March ice cave wedding ceremony, they were surprised with this sweet picnic to share.

Snowy Mountain Magic

Their suits and boots looked soooo freaking AMAZING in front of the snowy mountain backdrop!  Every second we spent with these two lovers you could just feel how much they ADORE each other and how much fun and happiness they bring each other!

Iceland Winter Elopement Beach Discovery!

Really wanting a custom wedding schedule that focused on a variety of landscape textures, these two really wanted to make sure a private black sand beach was on the agenda.  Ask and you shall receive!

Journey to an Intimate River Canyon

Splashing around in a river inside of a narrow canyon was a location that surprised them both I think!  It felt intimate and special as they explored together.  Totally feeling like the place only existed for them for that moment in time.  The snow even romantically started falling too!!  Dreamy experience to have after their March ice cave wedding!

Cozy Elopement Reception Table for Two!

Nothing is more cozy after a rainy or snowy March ice cave wedding adventure than a perfectly styled table for two and a hot delicious dinner!  For instance, their menu consisted of these incredible items:

  1. Cured Lamb / Smoked Char Mousse
  2. Fillet of Arctic Char / Lamb with Grilled Vegetables
  3. Chocolate Soufflé / Skyr Panna Cotta

But don’t go anywhere yet… These two still have an evening filled with Northern Lights hunting turned nighttime shoot inside of a different ice cave!

Nighttime Iceland Ice Cave Elopement Photos

Going from a romantic dinner to being high on the excitement of potentially witnessing the Northern Lights is a real possibility when you plan a March ice cave wedding in Iceland.  Unfortunately, it was crazy weather conditions this specific night with these handsome gents.  So! We decided to take our nighttime elopement photo session up to the glacier.

Ending the March ice cave wedding inside of ANOTHER ice cave was INSANE!  Fully equipped with helmets and crampons these two hiked up and waited for our team to light the cave and place the special effects.  Magic ensued as you’ll see from these unique nighttime March ice cave wedding photos!!

Iceland Wedding Cake Picnic Inside an Ice Cave!

Wait!  But that’s not all that happened this night…  Wanting to end their March ice cave wedding adventure in an EPIC way these two newlyweds had a romantic firelit picnic!  They had champagne and traditional Iceland wedding cake to delight in!!

Lastly, are you leaving utterly inspired by Matías and Manuel’s magical March ice cave wedding?  Empowered to plan something with similar elements?  Feel free to contact us for more information on getting that adventure started!

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