Colorful Elopement: Kaitlyn + Derrick

No matter the time of year, choosing to have a colorful elopement is always a fun empowering idea!  Why? Because it likely will reflect your personalities.  Also will make you pop among the gorgeous landscapes!  Kaitlyn and Derrick wanted to hold a non-traditional elopement with boho vibes from start to finish.  Join us today to experience their incredible adventure…

Colorful Elopement Ceremony

The morning of September 23rd 2022 began with endless with sunshine.  When Kaitlyn and Derrick met our Iceland Wedding Planner team, they were so excited to embark on the colorful elopement adventure!  Further, being a non-traditional couple their wedding attire reflected their personal style.  Also made them pop among the landscapes!

After a short hike to their private property waterfall our favorite Pastor led a beautiful ceremony.  First, it includes connecting them to the moment, the landscape, sounds, etc.  Second, the pair exchanged hand vows and rings.  Third, they kicked off the next chapter of their adventures together with a kiss!


Adventuring Together

Following their crazy colorful elopement ceremony, Kaitlyn and Derrick take time to discover.  Likely, their first time venturing around a private canyon waterfall.  Therefore it’s important to enjoy it!  And our Iceland elopement photographer capture the moments from the ground and the drone!

Hiking & Eloping in September in Iceland

Planning a fall colorful elopement in September means the weather in Iceland can be 50/50 on if it will be dry.  But who cares when you’re adventuring together in such a vivid country!   After all, who doesn’t want to venture to places that belong in books but experience it in real life?!  Transitioning your day to a hiking elopement does just that sometimes!

Next, on the newlyweds agenda was a longer hike to a magnificent basalt waterfall.  Furthermore, this area is rich of blue berries and there may or may not have been some stops along the way to indulge!  Likewise, there isn’t one bad angle

Waterfalls Galore

Chasing waterfalls in Iceland is a thing.  Meanwhile, for a couple who gets married at a waterfall, why would they want to experience more?  Because not one waterfall in Iceland looks the same!  For example, the next waterfall the newlyweds found their way to was wonderfully wide and oh-so powerful!  What a place to continue this crazy colorful elopement!

Historical Basalt

Rounding out their partial day colorful elopement adventure was a famous yet offbeat place named, Dverghamrar.  Likely, you’ll notice the magic of this Iceland wedding location because of picturesque waterfall in the distance, textures of the rocks, and the history!  Kaitlyn and Derrick thorough enjoyed discovering the area.

Has this fall Iceland elopement left you curious to maybe plan your own?  Please contact us to get all the details on our exciting Iceland Wedding Planner planning process!

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