October Highland Elopement: Sophy + Vinnie

Fall is our favorite time of year.  You might wonder why it’s not Summer?  Well, from a photographic perspective, it’s a wild time weather wise.  But also a time when you never know what you’ll encounter when you head into the Icelandic highlands.  Could be rain, could be hail, sunshine and vivid greens, or snow!  That part is exciting because the landscapes change so much and become so freaking MAGICAL!  Therefore, join us today as we share with you Sophy and Vinnie’s October highland elopement expedition!

October 12th 2022 Begins

Vinnie and Sophy originally came to our Your Adventure Wedding brand hoping to plan an adventure elopement in New Zealand.  Unfortunately, our team was already fully booked for events outside of our home base of Iceland as we only take a specific number each year.  However, in letting this adventurous duo know they also had Iceland on their bucket list!  So it was easy for them to pivot!

Sophy and Vinnie thrive on experiences and privacy.  Further, when they thought about planning their October highland elopement, they didn’t want a day where they were just playing dress up.  Rather, they wanted to journey to unique places and be in the moment.  To illustrate, marvel over the creation and history of an ice cave, fill their water bottles up in the waterfall, touch, feel, immerse, and even taste a traditional Icelandic BBQ, etc!

October 12th 2022 began quietly.  The soon to be newlyweds got ready together at Hotel Vik.  Our Iceland Wedding Planner hair, makeup, elopement photographer, and video team got to work before sunrise.  How fabulous is Sophy’s wedding dress and flowers?!  High five to Sophy for her fab choice and our stylist Tinna!  Next, just before they loaded into the super jeep for the day, they grabbed their “go bags” and they began their journey…

Iceland Ice Cave Wedding Ceremony

Heading into the wild of Iceland as sunrise approached is an eerie but exciting feeling!  Perfect vibe for their October highland elopement, truly!  Bundled up for the hike to the Katla Ice Cave area Sophy and Vinnie were ready for their first private experience.  For example, they chose to hold an Ásatrú wedding ceremony with an Icelandic Goði.  This is the type of ceremony where you are connected to Norse mythology, write oaths to each other, hold an oath ring, and drink from a Viking horn.

Following their private ice cave elopement ceremony, the two adventured together through every inch and all sides of the cave.  Being able to experience such a place can really be awe-inspiring and once in lifetime for many.  After all, the area changes daily.  For instance, the spot they held their ceremony 8 months ago has since melted and collapsed.  That fun fact kinda makes the area even more special, right?!

Snowy Highland Waterfall Lunch

Next, the journey continues deeper into the Icelandic highlands…  Sophy and Vinnie marveled over the scenes they witnessed from the super jeep.  Additionally, it was super exciting to see the fall colors and snow capped mountains enter as a stunning backdrop!  Upon arriving to the first waterfall they would explore, it was time for lunch!  To illustrate, the newlyweds chose to add on a traditional Icelandic hot dog BBQ for their lunch experience.  Delicious and Fun!  And how dreamy is it that it started snowing too during their October highland elopement?!

Colorful Canyon

One landscape feature that often ties the highlands together is volcanic sand.  First, it’s likely it has been brought to the location by a previous eruption.  Second, it is found throughout the glacier areas, waterfalls, even adds to the vividness of canyons and rivers too!  Meanwhile, the next Iceland wedding location Sophy and Vinnie experienced, is a canyon area which was mixed with black sand, moss, and ground coverings which featured fall colors.  Needless to say, VIVID for a October highland elopement!

October Highland Elopement Adventure

Discovery continues further and deeper into the highlands crossing rivers in the super jeep and by foot.  Furthermore, the freshly snow perfectly outlined the next waterfall.  But the sun shined to keep our newlyweds warm for their October highland elopement photos!

Drone Iceland Elopement Photos

Our Iceland Wedding Planner and Photographer is always super grateful for opportunities to fly the drone!  Why?  Because some places are only picture perfect via the drone and this fab location is a testament to that…

Coastline Sea Arch Beach

Vinnie and Sophy love to hike to new places together.  …and the morning hike wasn’t enough!  So hiking out to the coast and to a black sand beach was ideal!  Meanwhile, this was the PERFECT opportunity for Sophy to bust out her Bridal Buddy so she could enjoy the hike hands free!  Additionally, who could pass up experiencing this AMAZING place?!

Sweet Dinner for Two

After an incredible October highland elopement adventure, the newlyweds had a bit of time to rest and fresh.  Then they headed down to The Berg for a special dinner.  For instance, they even gave the Icelandic kransakaka tradition a go!  But wait… the day didn’t end yet, keep scrolling!

Ground Fireworks in a Cave!

Rounding out their thrilling October highland elopement adventure was a visit to a natural cave.  Although the original intention was to hopefully experience the Aurora Borealis, our Iceland Wedding Planner team always has a plan “b” in mind.  Hello ground sparklers and flares!  A monumental way to end their unforgettable day, truly!  Also, we include their Iceland wedding video by the talented Beit Productions!  Don’t you dare miss it!!

Lastly, if you’re feeling inspired and confident that something like this adventure would be super fun for you and your partner…  Please start your journey by filling out our contact page!  We would love to share with you more information and look forward to hearing from you!


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