Winter Wonderland Wedding Adventure

Many couples wish to be married the midst of a winter wonderland.  They love the idea of being completely surrounded by pure white snow!  After all, there is something super romantic about experiencing snow for the first time and being the first to hike through it.  A fabulous couple from North Carolina, Ashley and PW were seeking a winter wonderland wedding adventure in Iceland and that’s just what they got this past February!

Ashley and PW:

Meeting by way of common interests is one of my favorite ways couples meet.  For example, Ashley and PW met for the first time in a runners group.  Exercise being important to them both is a commonality but, they had also shown up to meet new people.  Following that afternoons run, they found out they coincidentally worked in the same hospital!

Turns out they were both also at a similar point in their lives and relationships, being very ready to find the right one this time around.  Personally, we know exactly what that means (sometimes the SECOND time is the charm!).  Together PW and Ashley love foodie experiences, adventure travel, and their adopted pup Cipo.

A Natural Proposal

Planning a private proposal at home can be more meaningful than an elaborate proposal, especially if you are not a couple who adore the limelight.  Shortly after returning back from a trip to NYC, they were having a weekly date night.  Ashley had just finished working a 13 hour shift and was starving!  But PW, had mustered up the courage to make that moment the PROPOSAL moment.  Asking Ashley to share in a lifetime of new adventures there on their porch that night was absolutely PERFECT for them both!  By proposing in a very natural way that included their favorite place in the house, even made it more special.

From their first trip to Mont Blanc to countless others to Alaska, Patagonia, Eastern Europe, and even to Morocco, it’s fair to say these two thrive on adventure.  Ashley had actually been to Iceland previously, but was dying for PW to experience its endless beauty too.  So it was an easy decision once they were engaged to choose Iceland to elope.  February was actually the best time in their schedules to travel and they embraced the idea of having a winter wonderland wedding!

I mean who doesn’t want to snuggle to keep warm or have whimsical snow globe type snow for their ceremony?!  Contacting our Iceland Wedding Planner team was the first step to making their dreamy winter wonderland wedding a reality!  February in Iceland can be a challenging time to get married in Iceland because of winter storms, road closures, and lack of daylight.  But the way PW and Ashley looked at, was that it would just make their adventurous elopement in Iceland even more unforgettable!

Hotel Grimsborgir

It’s no secret that Hotel Grimsborgir is one of our favorite Iceland wedding hotels.  They are easily the closest thing to a true “5 star hotel” in all of Iceland (by American standards).  Because they offer luxury accommodation, superior customer service, spa amenities, room service, and are among gorgeous mountains for scenery!  Looking to spoil themselves a bit, these two stayed several nights for their winter wonderland wedding in Iceland.

Our Iceland wedding hair and makeup team arrived alongside of the photographer way before the sun rose that February 13th.  In looking at the weather forecast on Belgingur the night before, our team had already prepared PW and Ashley for a probable need for “plan b” Iceland wedding locations.

Why?  There was a storm in the central highlands that would be swirling between the glaciers and mountains.  Sometimes if we go to plan, it could mean it takes all day to get to one location.  Likewise, you have traveled to Iceland to experience the epic scenery and it would be a shame if you only discovered 1 out of 4.  With big smiles and “go bags” in hand, Ashley and PW jumped into the super jeep to embark on their winter wonderland wedding adventure!

Winter Wonderland Wedding Ceremony

As we approached the Iceland wedding ceremony location, it became clearer that the visibility was going to be a challenge.  Additionally, the more north into the highlands we went, the storm grew worse.  Mother Nature was switching between heavy fog, light snow to white out blizzard conditions we made the call to “plan b” the ceremony location.

Mainly so that they could be married in Iceland in front of something amazing versus a white background.  The “plan b” winter wonderland wedding location, was still a stunning central highland waterfall they were astonished by though.  As we mentioned in last week’s blog post, storms can challenge an adventurous Iceland elopement.  Similarly “plan b’s” more often than not turn out to be more exciting.

The soon to be newlyweds, left the super jeep to hike to their ceremony location.  Ashley and PW were literally all smiles as they watched the snow globe like snow fall and coat their clothing.  They held a very intimate Iceland elopement ceremony amidst the falling snow.  Saying their own personal vows made it even more extraordinary!

Snowy Elopement at a Waterfall

Succeeding the winter wonderland wedding ceremony, the newlyweds took the opportunity to really explore the waterfall together!  Pretty sure they also just marveled in the fact they just got married in Iceland too!!  What a way to kick off their new status as husband and wife, right?

These two were amped up the adventure by turning their discovery into epic hiking elopement photos!  Needless to say they were NOT disappointment when they witnessed the size of the icicles!  Special Note:  Our safety team paved a safe way for them to get to/from.  Also know the area they are standing at they are further from the cliff than it appears and they were NEVER in danger or unsafe in any way.

Cliff-side Iceland Wedding Photos

Weather conditions seemed to sit within the highland route we had planned on continuing with no sign of moving on.  For that reason, we had another heart to heart with Ashley and PW giving them options to consider.  If we continued with the original plan, we would spend the rest of the daylight hours likely getting to/from.

Opting to see and do more, we made our way out of the central highlands to a cliff side waterfall valley.  Sunshine and blue skies greeted us on that February 13th winter wonderland wedding day.  It was glorious, truly!  Imagine after exploring a crazy beautiful waterfall you hike back to the super jeep and a traditional hot dog bbq is waiting for you?  #yesplease

Exploring Mountains and Waterfalls

Something really magical happens when you combine a beautifully lit mountain, fresh snow, a rocky canyon and powerful waterfall.  Truly creating the perfect backdrop for Iceland wedding photos!  Can’t you see yourself running around exploring this incredibly landscape during your winter wonderland wedding in Iceland?

Iceland Iceberg Beach

You might be surprised to know that many times when it is cold enough (well below freezing) for several days in a row, lakes and ocean inlets begin to freeze.  As they unthaw and the waves move, icebergs or “cubes” are formed.  Somehow chunks of ice really add to the essence of Iceland winter wonderland wedding!

Styled Reception for Iceland Luxury Elopement

PW and Ashley literally and figuratively had a winter wonderland wedding in Iceland.  Thinking about what could possibly top such an adventurous elopement day is tough.  That is until our team crafts a elegantly styled table for two in front of a cozy warm fireplace!  Serious BLISS!  Are you totally in LOVE with Ashley and PW’s elopement in Iceland?  If you would like more information on crafting your very own unique experience, feel free to contact us for more information!

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