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December is not normally a month we plan or photograph weddings or elopements in Iceland.  Most years, you’ll find us at the bottom of the world in Patagonia during that time of year.  Why?  Because December is a pretty darn dark month both in amount of daylight (like 3-4 hours at best) and in our opinion, truly the gloomiest weather of the entire year.  But we like a challenges!  So when Asad and Josephine reached out to our team about being on board with whatever the weather and daylight brings, we took them on as adventurous elopement clients.  Especially when the words, wanting to plan a trekking elopement are uttered!

Josephine + Asad:

Who knew a first date of pie hopping around Chicago, Illinois would lead to a lifetime love story?  Couldn’t have dreamt that meeting story up on my own!  After pre-screening each other on a fabulous online meeting website, Asad and and Josephine met at a local dessert shop for pie.  Conversation was easily flowing, they continued to the next place for another pie.  All of the sudden it was 4 hours later and then had literally dessert toured around downtown Chicago!

From that point on they realized the connection was REAL.  Like really real.  Common interests like world travel, foodie experiences, archery, reading, and love for Chicago quickly solidified their need for a relationship.  Seriously, we haven’t met another couple who embraces the super small things either… Things like let’s read a book together and then go around downtown discussing it.  I think we all need a personal lesson in simplistic dating too, as that sounds like total BLISS!  As their relationship flourished they moved in together, grew their littler family with a gorgeous cat named Leo and began planning for their next addition, a pup!

Countless travels across Europe (from Iceland to the Westminster Dog Show) to Japan and as far south as Bermuda really strengthened their love for adventure and more importantly, each other!  Reaching a certain point in your life and age, it’s natural to move faster than you would have in your younger years.  So forgoing a formal engagement, they decided to spend their energy planning an epic trekking elopement in Iceland instead!

December Elopement in Vik Iceland

Primarily based in Vik, our Iceland Wedding Planner and super jeep team calls this small village home more often than not.  And Icelandair Vik is for sure our and our adventurous wedding couples home away from home!  Vik is also a fantastic area in Iceland to base yourself if you’re looking for things to do after your Iceland wedding day!  Soon to be newlyweds, December elopement in Iceland began around 7:30am after they indulged in breakfast.  The Iceland elopement photographer began the morning as well with taking Josephine’s gorgeous wedding dress on an adventure!

Our team adored their  wedding details as they were thoughtful and personal.  Despite the fact, they got ready in the same room together, once Josephine slipped into her dress, it was time to begin the adventure with a “first look!”  Moreover, we loved the fact they they each had their own “go bags” ready to go filled with anything they might need throughout their trekking elopement!  The super jeep team arrived and everyone loaded into the super jeep when it was still dark outside.  Intentionally of course though, because during winter, we need to use every inch of daylight!

Emotional Iceland Wedding Ceremony:

Daylight began breaking as we drove closer to our private Iceland wedding ceremony location.  Although we had hoped for a sunrise glowing ceremony, the sun stayed away as it often does in December.  No one was around for miles and the wind, rain, and the river were the only sounds as the two of them took in the landscape.  A trekking elopement typically entails a hike of any length.  Ideally Asad and Josephine wanted to keep the hikes under 20 minutes one way so they could utilize the daylight hours.

These two were the definition of simpatico.  Easily you could witness it throughout their trekking elopement ceremony.  For instance, even before our exclusive Pastor, invited them to kiss as newlyweds, they kept stealing kisses throughout.  Furthermore, they also kept the admiring glances going no matter how heavy the rain got!  Saying personal vows to each other kept the happy emotions running at all all time high too!  …and they even kissed each other so hard at the end of the ceremony that Josephine was swept off of her feet! 😉

Elopement in December Iceland Wedding Photos

This private waterfall that Asad and Josephine were married at was super special.  Water flows from a spring inside of a glacier and two rivers merge together to create a magical private space.  I mean who doesn’t want to have a private waterfall for their Iceland elopement package?!  Said no one EVER!  Tons of options for December Iceland elopement photos too as you’ll find below!

Trekking Elopement to a Secret Canyon Waterfall

Nothing quite as invigorating as having your trekking elopement lead you to exploring a secret canyon waterfall!  Having that “you just discovered it feeling” on your Iceland wedding adventure is addicting.  This is the exact feeling our Iceland Wedding Planner team strives for.  Believe me, you’ll never chase waterfalls the same way again!

Intimate Cave Waterfall Hike during Iceland Elopement

Second to waterfalls, caves are our next favorite type of Iceland wedding location to adventure to.  Keeping with the theme of embarking on a trekking elopement in Iceland, Asad and Josephine were stoked for the next location!  For sure they would get that token “I earned this” feeling at the end of spot!  Woot, and this place did not disappoint!  River crossings, wide canyon, caves, glacier views, canyon cave waterfall, ugh so many amazing landscape features!

Mountain and River Iceland Wedding Location

By using up every inch of daylight, we begin and end the day in darkness on the main road once we exit the highlands.  In addition to that though, out Iceland elopement photographers, always keep the door open for random stops though in case of a beautifully lit mountain for adventurous wedding photos!  A lovely way to end their trekking elopement hand in hand discovering a new mountain together!

Reindeer Themed Iceland Wedding Reception:

Upon returning to the hotel, Josephine and Asad had time to rest and refresh.  All while out Iceland Wedding Planner team crafted an luxury elopement styled table for two.  What a memorable way to end their trekking elopement, eh?  To illustrate, the theme for the table was reindeer.  Reindeer are only found in East Iceland, but we brought them to Vik in a very luxurious way!

Dinner time came quick after their break.  Meeting at The Berg, they were in awe of their perfectly styled table for two!  Quietly and together they enjoyed a delicious meal together and ended their night with snuggles and a traditional Iceland wedding cake!

Has Asad and Josephine’s adventure wedding left you inspired?  Maybe so much that you’d like to plan your own Iceland trekking elopement?  Feel free to contact us for more information!

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