February Ice Cave Wedding followed by Northern Lights!

February is prime ice cave exploring season!  Frankly, it is super exciting too, because we never know what ice cave will be viable and accessible until days before.  Mainly because the glacier area changes so much day to day with the winter extreme weather conditions.  Colorado residents, Jill and Kenny came to us seeking a private ice cave wedding and northern lights.  Private ice cave no problem!  But they got lucky with the lights for their Iceland elopement nighttime shots!

From Colorado Mountains to Icelandic!

One of my personal favorite volunteer organizations in the world is Habitat for Humanity.  Just so happens that while on a local area project in Texas, Kenny and Jill meet in circa 2012!  He was on the building side of the project and she was on the development side.  Daily interactions built a friendship that developed into an adventurous relationship!

As time went on, they connected further over many shared loves.  To illustrate, things like travel, mountains, and both having children from previous marriages.  Additionally, even more rugged adventures too such as jeeping, skiing, fishing, and hiking in nature!  Fair to say these two do everything together and LOVE it!  After meeting and dating for a while they decided to make the move from Texas to Colorado as their next adventure together.

Knowing they didn’t want to get married in Colorado, Jill began searching for locations to get married under the Northern Lights.  For example, they went from eloping in Alaska, to Lapland to Iceland.  Actually, Iceland had been on both of their bucket lists since 2012.  Plus, they had done the traditional stuff the first time around so they wanted to do something different together just for themselves.

Jill and Kenny knew from the start of their relationship they would get married, it was more about when and where.  The where came when they found our Iceland Wedding Planner site and our experience driven style of adventure weddings.  Follow us today as we share their ice cave wedding adventure in Iceland!

February Elopement in Iceland

Eloping in February in Iceland can be hit or miss with having snow or sun.  No matter the weather though, Jill and Kenny were ready and oh-so excited for their ice cave wedding adventure to begin!  Sunrise on that fabulous February 27th morning was at 8:43am and sunset at 6:38pm, so 10+ hours of adventure was on the schedule!  Our professional Iceland wedding team arrived around 5:30am which was hair, makeup, and adventurous elopement photographer!

Picking your Iceland wedding dress is a super fun part of planning your adventure.  For instance, Jill and Kenny decided on formal attire at the glacier and then switching to Icelandic sweaters for a more casual vibe after their ice cave wedding.  Adventurous Elopement Planning Tip: Make your elopement your own by wearing what makes you feel the most comfortable!  With “go bags” in hand, these two soon-to-be newlyweds loaded into the luxury super jeep to embark on their elopement adventure!

Ice Cave Wedding Ceremony

Crafting an ice cave wedding ceremony in Iceland comes with some specific challenges.  The bottom line, the more adventurous you are the better!  As sometimes, the hike to the ice cave could be across the glacier requiring more heavy duty crampons and gear, etc.  Kenny and Jill’s February ice cave wedding though came at only a 15 minute walk across sand dunes.  These two were the first couple to marry inside of this specific ice cave that February 27th morning.

Ensuring you have an experienced Iceland wedding photographer is important too.  One that is skilled with off camera lighting so you can actually depict the details of the cave.  If you’ve hired our team, no worries on this topic as our team is as you’ll witness below!  Pastor Egill, performed an inspiring ice cave wedding ceremony.  Essentially connecting the couple with the Icelandic nature and the unique wonder they were standing inside.

Iceland Ice Cave Elopement Photos

Exploration ensued after the ice cave wedding ceremony completed.  Kenny being a bit of a shutterbug himself was having a field day reveling in the awesomeness of the cave!  Our Iceland elopement photographer did too crafting some amazing portraits.

Mýrdalsjökull Glacier Adventure

13 glaciers dot the Icelandic landscape.  Mýrdalsjökull happens to be the 4th largest and is often referred to as Iceland’s black glacier.  As a result of being surrounded by many black deserts.  Another fun fact about this glacier is that there are two volcanoes housed underneath.  Sub glacial volcanoes Eyjafjallajökull and Katla.  You’ll recall the first one shut down most of mainland Europe for 2 weeks in April 2010.  Second though, Katla has not erupted since 1918 and she’s way over due!  Exciting news too… our Iceland Wedding Planner team has exclusive access to a private side of this area!!

Being intrigued by glaciers, it was important to Jill and Kenny to have time to explore outside of the ice cave wedding area too.  With the sun shinning and our Iceland elopement photographer ready to fly the drone, it was total BLISS!  Likewise the texture and tones of this area even in February will blow your mind!  Very few places in the world offer such dynamic backdrops of black volcanic sand, green mountains, and glacier ice.

Black Desert Exploration during Iceland Elopement

Keeping their Iceland wedding attire on for a tiny bit longer, Kenny and Jill witnessed the force that Katla Volcano once had.  During one of the many eruptions, the glacier flood that comes with it brought down interesting rock formations.  They now remain planted on a black sand desert.  Certainly it was a unique experience to explore after their ice cave wedding ceremony!

Iceland Luxury Wedding Picnic

Finally it was lunch time and time for an outfit change and an Iceland luxury picnic!  A private property cave was ideal for this endeavor.  But I will say it felt colder inside of the cave then out!  That is until everyone had delicious traditional hot dogs in hand 😉

Southern Iceland Secret Waterfall Adventure

Running around in Icelandic sweaters the second half of the day was the perfect combination for Jill and Kenny.  Plus they looked freaking ADORABLE adventuring around a secret waterfall after their ice cave elopement and luxury lunch!

Hike to an Iceland Private Property Waterfall

Hiking on your Iceland elopement adventure is not a must from our perspective.  If you’re a couple who enjoys it though it could be and we are happy to oblige!  After all, it can really amp up the adventure wedding experience too!  The next Iceland wedding location on their adventurous elopement itinerary was another private property waterfall that shouldn’t exist.

For real, every time we arrive and enjoy it’s beauty I still do not understand how something crazy like this exists!  A black sand beach lava rock waterfall is a place I would for sure want to explore during my adventurous elopement in Iceland though and so did Jill and Kenny!  The area is abundant with beauty and offers lots of trekking opportunities all around.  Which is the perfect amount for those who want to plan a hiking elopement!

Iceland Elopement Reception

I know we say this all of the time but one more can’t hurt!  Even though you have decided to elope in Iceland, it does not mean you can’t have gorgeous wedding details to delight in!  Luxury elopements are a fast growing thing, and we are the originals in crafting them here in Iceland.  We customize to each couple if wanting to take home decor goodies or we offer a stellar Iceland wedding rentals section of our website too!

Since the formal adventure portion of their day was complete, it was time for part 2!  This brought them back to Icelandair Vik where they had time to refresh and rest before having a romantic dinner together.  Super fun to swoon over a perfectly styled table just for you two, am I right?!

Northern Lights Wedding Photos

The natural phenomena of the Aurora Borealis (aka Northern Lights) typically happen between October-March.  And you always keep your fingers crossed for sun emitting those rays and a clear weather and sky night!  Furthermore, a little luck helps too and Jill and Kenny had it that night as we hunted for a good show!  Feeling inspired after seeing this ice cave wedding experience in Iceland?  Contact us for more information on planning your own unique Iceland luxury elopement!

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