Rainy Elopement Adventure: Brooke + Christopher

Skipping a formal “engagement” allows the two of you to head right into the good stuff like an adventurous elopement in a country that intrigues you!  This weeks amazing couple, Brooke and Chris did just that.  As they began planning for European vacation, they realized that might also be the perfect opportunity to romantically elope in Iceland!  Literally only having one full day in Iceland, which just so happened to be 5-6-2018 (amazing ring to it, eh?) they contacted us banking on having a once in a lifetime experience!  So come along with us today as they show you truly how to to rock out and embrace a rainy elopement adventure in Iceland!

From Meeting Online to Eloping in Iceland:

The energy Brooke and Christopher exuded on their Skype call with us was endless!  I’m pretty sure our cheeks hurt from smiling and laughing with them!  They were both on 2 different dating sites just waiting for the universe to align in timing.  Funny little story… The first site Christopher spotted Brooke was Match.com and she actually ignored him!  …then SHE found him on another site called Meet Mindful which is a more wholesome dating app.  Days later they found themselves on the most incredible 15 hour first date!  You know the kind of date that just keeps going because of an undeniable connection?!

Fast forward 9 months later and they move in together, adopt a fur child named Tucker, and find an hour and half together every morning to have a coffee date together.  Christopher and Brooke like to be active by walking and hiking with their pup, getting outside in nature, and exploring the endless city life Chicago has to offer (hello Broadway!).  Travel is another love they share.  They have embarked on the perfect mix of planes, trains, and automobiles (did someone say car karaoke?!) by road tripping and adventuring to new city foodie spots and hiking spots together.

One of the coolest things about these two when they went through our thorough interview process was when we asked them the question about how they handle extreme weather.  They didn’t even hesitate in explaining that as long as they were together the weather didn’t matter and in fact the weather would just add to the already unforgettable story!  Brooke having been to Iceland before, she already knew what hiking in sleet / hail was like here.

May Elopement in Iceland:

Getting married in May in Iceland (see one of our previous posts on best time to marry in Iceland) can vary what the weather could be like.  These two hands down have been one of our easiest going couples.  Firm believers in being able to just roll with the punches, not a whole lot bothers them.  So when extreme bits of weather came in during their rainy elopement adventure, they didn’t even care because they were exploring endlessly together!

Alright so without further delay, let’s see how extreme, yet EPIC their rainy elopement adventure was in Iceland!  Bring on the upside down waterfalls and extremely windy yet dreamy rain drops!!

Hotel Grimsborgir Elopement:

When planning an adventurous elopement in Iceland, our team always customize schedules based on the couples adventure level and interests.  In Brooke and Christopher’s case our Iceland Wedding Planner team also needed to take into consideration their wedding day in Iceland was literally the only full day they had.  They left very early the next morning for their European honeymoon.

Staying at Hotel Grimsborgir offered them the perfect mix of spoiling themselves in luxury and a centrally located spot to all of the locations they loved.  From the vow writing, getting ready details, and loading into the super jeep our Iceland wedding photography team didn’t miss a shot!

Iceland Wedding Ceremony Location: Lakeside

Upon arriving to the fresh water lake, Brooke and Christopher marveled over each other and the epicness of their Iceland wedding location.  They had crafted a very personal wedding ceremony our favorite Pastor performed.  As they began reading their vows, sleet and snow fell from the sky.  One of our favorite images from the day was taken in this moment.  It was like they almost expected it and with that said, they LOVED it!  Although, when it got to an extreme “can’t feel your face” amount, they retreated to a nearby cave, just large enough for the two of them!

Professional Iceland Wedding Photos:

The weather kept changing from calm to extreme.  Pretty sure they felt all 4 seasons during their rainy elopement adventure in Iceland and enjoyed every second of it!

Rainy Elopement Adventure on a Black Beach

There are far more black sand beaches than golden in Iceland.  They become super dramatic locations during a rainy elopement adventure too!  A black sand beach also makes a fantastic location for an adventure wedding picnic of traditional Icelandic hot dogs chased by a glass of Moet bubbles or a Iceland luxury picnic!

Adventurous Elopement at Golden Sea Cliffs:

Extreme wind found it’s way into Christopher and Brooke’s rainy adventure elopement in Iceland.  These two lovers still didn’t seem to care, they were just that enamored with each other and the stunning landscape.  Within 15 minutes the skies went from blue to stormy

May Icelandic Highland Wedding:

There are certain sections of the Icelandic highlands that are amazing during May… So when we have a client who want to escape a rainy elopement adventure and head into the snow we know the perfect spot!  Christopher and Brooke got to hike to a very special spot with the most amazing view during their adventure wedding in Iceland.  The textures and tones just about blew everyone’s minds away too!  That green of the moss mixed with the white snow and earthy tones of the geothermal area were incredible!  Perfect for Iceland elopement photos!!

Adventurous Waterfall Elopement:

Since the waterfall on their adventurous elopement agenda ran up instead of down, we decided on exploring another waterfall which was a bit smaller but still intimate and amazing!

Intimate Reception for Two in Iceland:

Luxury is an important aspect to our adventurous elopements in Iceland.  As we have said before, just because you are eloping does not mean you cannot have amazing details during the day and specifically for your reception for two!  After a bit of time to rest, refresh, change out of their wet clothes Brooke and Chris headed to their private reception for two styled in an elegant LOVE theme and endless mountain views.

Are you left inspired by Christopher and Brookes Rainy Elopement Adventure?  If so, feel free to contact our Iceland Wedding Planner team for more information on crafting your own unforgettable experience!

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