Intimate Adventure Wedding in Iceland

“Carefully laid plans aren’t always best. Sometimes Plan B is the real dream come true.”

-S.J.D Peterson

Iceland Wedding Photos-46

Plan B’s have more often than not been my favorite routes for a wedding day in Iceland! Because weather often wins in Iceland and you nimbly (and humbly) adjust yourself to a “plan b” or at times, even “plan c.” This is the reality of choosing a tiny island in the North Atlantic to get married. Although Iceland is chock-full of appealing natural wonders, those beautiful yet dramatic places were created by the unruly weather, so let’s be grateful for it! It’s like the first step to Iceland wedding planning… accepting whatever the weather will do. If you’re a die-hard adventurer this shouldn’t be a problem for you. Do you remember how some of our previous clients have owned their rainy Iceland wedding days like rock-stars? Take notes.

No matter the time of year here in Iceland, you will find the weather challenging you. This year, we had one of the mildest winters on record that barely closed the Southern mountain pass roads. But this past spring and summer, there was at least 5-8 times I know of where the mountain pass between Reykjavik / Selfoss and then again between Dyrholaey / Vik had been closed for extreme wind and sand storms.

One of my all-time favorite couples from Canada, Michelle and Brent experienced Iceland’s unruly weather wrath first hand, but they dominated it like seasoned champs! Here’s the Story: Days before their lovely June wedding day, our Iceland Wedding Planner and super jeep team carefully analyzed the weather and all plan b routes (Tip: Please do not look at, rather look at as that is the more realistic weather forecast you can look to here in Iceland). There was a huge sand / wind storm that was not going to subside in Southern Iceland and with it was bringing 30-40 km/s (aka 60-90 mph) gale force winds, no joke from Seljalandsfoss to Hofn. Okay, so I like wind for Iceland wedding photos. But when you add sand in there sandblasting your the paint of off of your truck, onto your face, and into your eyeballs… That’s another thing and it becomes an awfully uncomfortable situation.

The Big Problem: Our host hotel in Hella Iceland. Our Iceland wedding locations were planned to be all east of Vik. Which means the mountain pass between would be (or may) close either before we could pass or would not allow us to go back west. Meaning, if we are able to cross, then the weather gets worse and they close it we would not be able to get back to the hotel (and the Iceland Road Authority does not care if we need to get back there at the end of the day, they need to close it to keep people safe). Sand and wind storms are not stellar to hang out in for a 12+ hour adventure wedding, so we presented some stellar “plan b” options to Michelle and Brent and they trusted us to execute the new flawless plan for their Iceland wedding day.

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But before I go further with sharing, allow me to center us back to the beautiful subjects of this post: Michelle + Brent

Michelle: When she smiles, she lights up a room. When she adventures, she goes all in.

Brent: He pushes his limits and works hard but plays harder.

Together: They inspire each other and travel the world collecting experiences, not things.

I met them just one 1 week after Brent proposed in Austria to begin Iceland wedding planning with them. Ohhh and he didn’t just “propose” in Austria folks… He set the bar pretty high for anyone looking to propose, EVER. Even though he’s not a fan of heights, he surprised Michelle by proposing on the “Stairway to Nothingness” on the famed Dachstein Glacier! So it felt right to them to conquer yet another glacier together, but this time in Iceland for their wedding day! So come along with me today as we share with you their intimate adventure wedding in Iceland!

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Iceland Wedding Photos-2

Iceland Wedding Dress-4

Having hiking boots under your Iceland wedding dress is key for an adventure style wedding day to keep you primed for awesomeness!

Adventure Wedding Shoes Boots-5

Our clients always get treated like VIP’s! Breakfast in bed or in your room on your Iceland wedding day? #yesplease!

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Michelle made this Iceland wedding bouquet that was half made of real flowers and silk. What a fun keepsake to take home!

Iceland Wedding Bouquet-8

Iceland Wedding Photos-3

Our adventure wedding day officially began when we loaded into the super jeep to start 10+ hours of awesomeness!

Iceland Super Jeep Wedding

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Plan B Glacier Wedding Location in Iceland

As I previously mentioned, our original plan for their wedding day in Iceland was foiled by the crazy storms. But luckily we have 13 stunning glaciers to explore and we know offbeat locations like the back of our hands so we can always plan b and c on the fly. But seriously, look at that sand in the image below whirling!

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Iceland Wedding Photos-11

Iceland Wedding Photos-13

The best Iceland weddings, begin with a group hike! Am I right fellow adventurers?!

Iceland Hiking Wedding

…and well who doesn’t want to cross a river on their adventure wedding day?!

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This glacial area has been receding rapidly since it was formed… The cave is quickly turning into a glorious “ice wall” but it still has dynamic beauty!

Iceland Wedding Locations

Iceland Adventure Wedding

Michelle and Brent stood hand in hand in front of the dramatic ice, mountains, canyon walls, and raging river promising each other a lifetime of adventures together! Swoon!

Iceland Wedding Ceremony Locations

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Iceland Wedding Photos-20

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Iceland Wedding Flowers

…I think the bride, groom, guests, and I would all agree that although it was “plan b” it proved to be THE BEST laid plan for them in the end!

Iceland Wedding Photos-Your Adventure Wedding

Iceland Wedding Photos-30

Iceland Wedding Photos-31


Iceland Elopement Photos-Your Adventure Wedding

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Adventure Wedding in Iceland


Super Jeep Wedding in Iceland

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Hiking to a Private Wedding Waterfall

Sometimes when you give us free reign on location picking, we introduce you to a hidden gem we have been dying to create Iceland wedding photography at!

Iceland Wedding Photos-40

Iceland Wedding Photos-44

Iceland Waterfall Wedding Photos-43

Iceland Wedding Photos-41

Iceland Wedding Photos-46

Iceland Wedding Photos-45

Iceland Wedding Photos-42

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Iceland Elopement PhotographyIceland Wedding Photos-76

Iceland Secret Waterfall Elopement

Champagne in a Cave

A pit stop of traditional Icelandic hot dogs with a side of champagne is the BEST during an adventure wedding day in Iceland! …and in a secret cave no less! Hell yes!

Iceland Wedding Photos-51

Iceland Wedding BBQ

Iceland Hot Dog BBQ Iceland Wedding

Iceland Champagne Toast Wedding

Iceland Cave Wedding Photos-54

Iceland Cave Elopement

Shipwreck Black Beach

Oh la la and when one black sand beach is too windy and rainy, we find another that is just as amazing to adventure to on your wedding day in Iceland!

Iceland Wedding Photos-63

Iceland Wedding Photos-57

Iceland Wedding Photos-61

Iceland Wedding Photos-60

Iceland Wedding Location

Iceland Wedding Photos-64

Iceland Wedding Photos

Did you know we have access to a PRIVATE geothermal area for Iceland wedding photos? It’s legit and oh-so beautiful!

Iceland Wedding Photos-73

Iceland Wedding Photos-67

Iceland Wedding Photos-68

Iceland Wedding Photos-71

Iceland Wedding Private Geothermal Area-Your Adventure Wedding

Iceland Wedding Photos-72

Iceland Wedding Photos-69

Iceland Wedding Photos-65

Iceland Wedding Photos-66

Iceland Wedding Photos-75

Ending the Day with Cake!

The day would not be complete with out a delicious course menu from a local restaurant with an Iceland wedding cake for dessert!

Iceland Wedding Cake

To Michelle + Brent:

Thank you for choosing our team to plan and photograph such an EPIC day in your lives… And for trusting us on changing the days plan to explore new secret locations during your adventure wedding day! I know I don’t have to tell you… But! Keep adventuring together, traveling, and loving each other as hard as you can! Do so to stay forever newlyweds and inspire the rest of us out there! Dare you to come back to Iceland and have an anniversary adventure with us! ?

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