Magical Rainy Iceland Wedding Day Adventure: Sarah + Matt

This rainy Iceland wedding day is too pretty for words!  Truly folks, look no further if you have ever dreamed of having a unique atmospheric wedding adventure, as Sarah and Matt set the bar pretty darn high!  Some may be fearful of rain or any sort of bad weather on their destination wedding day.  But from the first moment that our Iceland Wedding Planner team met Sarah and Matt (aka JB) we knew they were hardy enough to embark on an adventurous wedding day in Iceland.

In fact, one of the best lines of the day was that the groom said, bad weather would just make for an even better story at the end of the day.  You know, like you get that “I survived my wedding day” type of accomplished feeling 😉  Maybe I should start handing out tee-shirts?! LOL

Hailing from Oklahoma, Guam, and Texas their 20+ Iceland wedding guests were super excited to see Sarah and JB get married after 8 amazing years together!  So come along with us today as we share with you their crazy awesome rainy Iceland wedding day adventure!  Also check out Offbeat Bride for more from their wedding day!

Getting Ready for their Iceland Wedding Day:

Sarah and JB’s awesome rainy Iceland wedding day began at the lovely Northern Lights Inn.  It is a sweet hotel tucked in among moss covered lava.  The area feels alive as it is near one of Iceland’s geothermal plants which is kinda fun seeing steam billowing from the earth, as it adds to the vibe.

Sarah and her girls got ready in their room together that brisk May morning.  It was fun for our Iceland wedding photographer to see them laugh and primp together.  Most of their friendships go back many years from childhood to med school.  We loved that Sarah celebrated her PHD and recent doctor-hood by having her Iceland wedding dress from her personalized “Dr” hanger!  Oh la la and her Iceland wedding shoes were stylish and smart.  She had a fab pair of UGG boots for the adventure portion of the day and than awesome pair of heels for the Iceland wedding reception.

Oh man and we gotta talk about the dapper navy blue suit that JB had!  He had a super cool pair of brown shoes to compliment his look too.  Their Iceland wedding rings were from the famed Tiffany & Co., so who could go wrong there either!  Such fun details they both had!  Since Sarah got ready with her girls and JB got ready with his 2 children, it was important to both of them that they do a “first look” before beginning they jumped in the super jeeps to embark on their adventure wedding!

The Iceland Adventure Wedding Begins:

The super jeeps arrived around 8:30am and all of the guests loaded and were thrilled to begin the wedding adventure!  They had no idea where they were going which added to the anticipation of it all.  The ride to Sarah and JB’s Iceland wedding ceremony location was in the rain but added a sense of exciting mystery!

Rainy Iceland Wedding Day Ceremony at a Lake:

Our Iceland Wedding Planner team was granted permission to hold the private Iceland wedding ceremony at this beautiful lakeside location.  Our 2 super jeeps plus porta potty jeep got the guests down to the lake so they only walked a tiny bit to where we had set up the chairs for the Iceland wedding ceremony.  It was pouring down with rain and windy so we sheltered the guests against a rocky cove and toweled off the chairs as the guests took their seats.

Our favorite Pastor Egill, crafted a personal ceremony for the two connecting them not only to each other but to the dynamic Icelandic landscape.  It was so pretty!  Sarah and JB’s bridal party were touch cookies too!  They were soaked but still enjoying their best friends get married in Iceland!  The ceremony ended with a passionate kiss and memorable group photo.

Rainy Yet So Romantic Iceland Wedding Photos:

The Icelandic weather can be brutal no matter the time of year, so more often than not, we keep a little warm up in our Iceland wedding planning “go bag” of Brennivin.  Sometimes you need a little shot of liquid courage to get the muscles heated and energy flowing to run around for Iceland wedding photos!  #truestory  There’s no shame in that!  Soaked to the bone, these two explored the beach together and savored their warm up cuddles in between.

Adventurous Wedding in Iceland Cliff Exploration:

One of our favorite things about planning adventure weddings is the fact you always have to have a plan a, b, and c.  Sarah and JB’s rainy Iceland wedding day is a prime example of needing it.  The next location for exploration during their adventure wedding day were a set of unique sea cliffs, but unfortunately, the fog and low cloud cover was insane, making the visibility of that location non-existent.  Our plan b was way better… It was an area our team had only scouted before so Sarah and JB were the first to explore it on their adventure wedding day!  Most times the plan b ends up being way cooler and dramatic than plan a.  Our Iceland wedding photo team made the clouds and fog work in their favor there instead!

Private Black Sand Beach Adventure Wedding Photos:

Lunch during an Iceland adventure wedding day can take shape of many different things.  We are firm believers in providing your guests with a hot meal as it can instantly change the vibe / mood of your guests during a rainy Iceland wedding day.  Having a traditional hot dog bbq is ideal (don’t worry my North American friends, they are not dirty American pig part hot dogs, they are 100% delicious lamb meat).  Our Iceland wedding planner super jeep team grilled up some delicious hot dogs for their group on a private black sand beach!  Sarah and JB’s guests ate first as they privatly explored and had a few Iceland wedding photos taken.

Private Geothermal Adventure Wedding Location in Iceland:

You cannot have an adventurous wedding in Iceland without visiting some element of “fire and ice” it’s just not complete without incorporating it!  Sarah and JB fell in love with one of our private geothermal areas our Iceland Wedding Planner team has access to.  This was likely the heaviest rain they encountered all day but they freaking bounced through it like seasoned badasses and made it look oh-so romantic!  Fun Fact: There had been so much rain that day that our geothermal area had sprouted a new waterfall (usually it’s just a faint trickle)!  Love rainy Iceland wedding days!

Iceland Waterfall Wedding Photography:

After having already explored 4 amazing Iceland wedding locations, Sarah and JB’s guests were excited to see the last stop of the day… An intimate waterfall!  Once they spent time exploring, the group was invited back to the super jeeps for a warm up of hot coffee and Prince Polo candy bars (totally an Icelandic thing) to help then grab another second wind!  Things like that go a really long way for your guests and they appreciate it so much!  Sarah and JB adventured through the rain for the last bit of their Iceland wedding photos at this fantastic waterfall and grabbed a little warm up themselves before jumping back in the super jeep!

Iceland Wedding Reception:

The guests arrived back to the Northern Lights Inn and were able to have time to rest and refresh.  At 7:30pm they were invited down to a private space in Max’s Restaurant where an elegant Iceland wedding reception awaited them.  Sarah and JB had a strong color theme of ivory and navy continue to follow through the reception decor.  Guests were treated to a delicious 4 course meal which even included a traditional Iceland wedding cake called a Kransakaka!  Guests relived their epic rainy Iceland wedding day adventures by talking about their favorite locations.  A perfect end to a very adventurous rainy wedding day!

Did you love Sarah and JB’s rainy Iceland wedding day adventure?  If so, contact our team HERE for more information on crafting your own adventure wedding in Iceland!

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