East Iceland Hiking Elopement: Billy + Lauren

If we could hit the rewind button again and again on an Iceland elopement last year, it would be Lauren and Billy’s East Iceland hiking elopement!  These two literally came us to us saying, pitch us Iceland wedding locations you have wanted to photograph but haven’t.  Or ones you have only explored but haven’t had a couple choose or go there yet.  Music to our ears, for real!  As a result they got one of our favorite Iceland wedding itineraries, EVER!

Meet Billy and Lauren:

These two!  I heart them!  Seriously, when we Skyped my cheeks hurt from smiling and laughing so much with them for over 2 hours!  Not to mention that I first busted up laughing immediately when I read their initial inquiry when they responded to the line about “number of guests” being “just the two of us, (must wiggle hips whilst singing it).”  Yup, I would have even if you hadn’t written it!  As a couple they are super playful and extremely energetic.  Pretty sure if they lived closer we’d all be forever friends!

Okay okay so now where do I freaking begin on their story… How about 4 years ago when they met in a serendipitous moment at a mutual friends Halloween party!  As fate would have it, they powered through 2 years of long distance dating and prevailed.  They connect on all sorts of levels which deepens their bond.  For instance, she plays a ukulele and he plays the guitar.  Renovating their new house keeps them busy along with embarking on weekly and monthly travel adventures around the United Kingdom and beyond.  Thriving on hiking, offbeat places, hunting waterfalls, and relaxing in nature is what floats their boat!

Planning an Iceland Elopement:

Our team knows what an honor it is to craft adventurous elopement schedules that you will never forget and we appreciate that trust!  When Lauren and Billy reached out to us to custom create an Iceland elopement package for them, it was over a year away from their October 2018 wedding date.  Having been to Iceland previously on a trip together, they had it in their minds of wearing big boots, having their breath taken away by wind, rain, and the stunning scenery!

Furthermore, they felt running away together to promise their selves to each other was so much more important than a big pompous ordeal back home in the UK.  Plus since they both craved an adventurous, intimate atmosphere full of giggles and pink cheeks!  They were game for hikes under 30 minutes rain, shine, crazy winds or hail!  Bring it on, as it would only make their East Iceland hiking elopement even more memorable!

October Elopement in Iceland

Lauren and Billy began their October 17th 2018 East Iceland hiking elopement before sunrise with getting ready together.  Oh so romantic!  The Iceland wedding host hotel was Fosshotel Vatnajokull and these two lovers chose to stay in one of the roomy deluxe rooms.  Our hair stylist and Iceland elopement photographer were hard at work before the sun rose.  Lauren’s Iceland wedding dress was lovely along with Billy’s awesome blue suit and groom details!

After some final touches, both putting on Happy Socks, they grabbed their Iceland elopement “go bags” and loaded into the super jeep!  But that said, the weather that day called for being what Icelanders like to call “gluggaveður ” which literally translates to “window-weather.”  Basically that it’s beautiful to look outside from your window, but crazy cold and maybe even extremely windy, lol!  Lauren and Billy were ready for it though and thrilled to begin their adventurous elopement!

Remote Glacier Lagoon Wedding Ceremony

Did you know there are countless glacier lagoons all over Iceland?  There isn’t just the two famous ones believe it or not!  In fact, East Iceland is full of them!  For instance, our Iceland Wedding Planner team can happily introduce you to so many more remote glacier lagoons that will leave you in awe and come with privacy!

Similarly, Billy and Lauren loved the idea of being married in front of floating icebergs, but wanted a level of intimacy only our team could provide.  So at sunrise that brisk October morning, Lauren and Billy professed their never ending love to each other from their hearts and vow books!  Our favorite Pastor also performed a beautiful Iceland legal wedding ceremony in the process too 😉  Needless to say their East Iceland hiking elopement ceremony was one to envy!

Iceland Elopement Photography

Wedding photos in Iceland are a must do, when you embark on such an incredible adventure day!  What our Iceland elopement photographer crafts that day, is one of the only souvenirs you will have of your wedding day (outside of your memories!) so choose your team wisely!  Our team comes prepared to photograph in any and all weather conditions see more information on our latest Iceland Wedding Planner commercial and in our FAQ section.

Immediately after the ceremony, Billy and Lauren are ready to explore this magical glacier lagoon together!  They bounced around laughing and playing with each other as our Iceland elopement photographers both ground shot and flew the drone (with in advance permission / permit).  The images were stunning and exactly what the bride and groom hoped for!  Seriously, they look like landscape art I’d want to even hang on my walls with them in it exploring during their East Iceland hiking elopement!

East Iceland Hiking Elopement

Having a hiking elopement is such a fulfilling badass way to get married!  Who doesn’t want a euphoria paired with accomplished feeling at the end of their adventurous elopement?!  As we previously mentioned these two were in for a 30 minute hike or less.  This meant we could take them to a private waterfall we had only scouted and they would be the first photographed!  Frankly, the place blows my mind, that simple.  On that same note, it was so fun to see these two immerse themselves in it by helping each other cross rivers and really breath in the moment!

Intimate Waterfall Wedding Adventure

Hunting waterfalls throughout Iceland, was one of Billy and Lauren’s favorite things to do during their first trip here.  So it was only fitting that we chase some during their East Iceland hiking elopement!  Therefore, the next private waterfall they found their way to offered 2 within one plus an epic shaped mountain views from either one!

After the exploration of the first waterfall and mountains, it was time for lunch and they tried Icelandic hot dogs for the first time, hot off the grill!  Then after everyone stuffed their faces and had plenty of deliciousness they adventured to the second waterfall nearby.  It was smaller and super intimate!

Iceland Elopement Luxury Picnic at a Private Waterfall:

Next on the adventurous elopement itinerary, was one last private waterfall that scaled as high as the mountain itself!  What a sight to experience and always remember!  These two gladly adventured all around hand in hand exploring and savoring every inch of the Iceland elopement location!  Setting them up to have incredible hiking elopement photographs!

Plus when you elope in Iceland, you may still want a bit of VIP status to come with the day, which is exactly why we plan luxury elopements that pair with our hiking weddings too!  Billy and Lauren wanted an extra special moment to relax and enjoy a bottle of champagne.  The base of the waterfall was the perfect scene for an Iceland luxury picnic!

Mountain Elopement Photos

As we headed into the last part of our adventure wedding day, we were literally chasing the light!  That’s the thing about mid to late October fall weddings in Iceland… light drops so freaking quick!  But it was so much FUN because it felt like we were all on a mission together!  Added to the story and the East Iceland hiking elopement adventure for sure!  Along the way, they saw the elusive East Iceland reindeer, chased beautifully lit mountains, witnessed sunset on a glacier, and were frozen by the wind at the last location!  Hashtag #worthit!

Nighttime Wedding Photos in Iceland 

Vesturhorn Mountain in East Iceland is also often referred to as the Mirror Mountain.  The driving time from Fosshotel Vatnajokull to Vesterhorn and the Viking Village is less than 30 minutes.   Following Billy and Lauren’s hiking elopement was complete we all agreed a perfect ending would be nighttime wedding photos!  The mountain shapes under the stars were stunning and it was such a lovely mid October night!  The Northern Lights didn’t come out but we were happy to capture the awesomeness below!

Furthermore, did you love everything about Lauren and Billy’s East Iceland hiking elopement?  Lastly, if you’d love to plan an adventurous elopement similar to theirs, feel free to contact us for more information!

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