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After you get engaged and maybe even before, one of the first decisions that are on the table for discussion is likely the type of wedding day you want to have.  Which usually falls into 2 categories… traditional or non-traditional.  And even when you choose the non-traditional route there are still other divisions like regular destination wedding versus an adventure style wedding day.  This weeks couple were drawn to having an action packed Iceland wedding experience with their 40+ guests this past October!

Meet: Allison and Dennis

Over 2.5 years ago, Allison and Dennis were on a work trip in New Zealand and they met there, while working on the same project (thanks Chrysler!)!  So many freaking commonalities between these two, it’s uncanny!  For example, they both built a stellar life in Michigan, are super successful engineers in the same field and rock mountain biking trails!  Individually, Allison enjoys running half marathons and grew up figure skating.  Dennis fills his time with basketball, hockey and golf as well as hunting, camping… pretty much anything outdoors!

Plus they also adore auto racing as a couple.  For real… They even started a ChumpCar team they do with co-workers.  Furthermore, the outdoors also bonds them together because they like to fish and canoeing together!  Traveling through countless states and countries around the world has been where they have learned the most about each other and themselves.  They are an action packed experience focused couple, so collecting moments and not things is a fundamental characteristic of their relationship.

Proposing in the Mohonk Mountains:

Dennis knew when he met Allison she was the woman he wanted to spend the rest of his forever with. Knowing that, he needed the perfect location to ask her the most important question, “Will you marry me!?”  Dennis’ mothers family is originally from up state New York.  And specifically his grandfather spent most of his childhood in high falls around a Mohonk mountain house.  Their family had taken many trips there over the years so it was a special place.  Also fun fact, this is also where his grandfather purposed to his grandmother.

On a gorgeous fall day they set out on our mountain hike.  It was a stunningly beautiful crisp autumn day and they were in their mecca being in the woods hiking.  After they hiked up the mountain most the morning, and Dennis becoming more and more anxious to ask the question. They finally came to the location where his grandparents got engaged.  With a little distraction, he pulled the ring out of his backpack and got down on one knee to ask the woman he cherishes to marry him!  Swoon!!  And high five Dennis!!

So Why Iceland?

One of countless questions our Iceland Wedding Planner team asks during our initial 120 minute Skype call is what drew the couple to Iceland.  Because…WHY NOT?!  Having been on Allison and Dennis’ bucket lists as a place to visit ASAP.  So it seemed like a perfect excuse to make the trip happen.

Allison then started clicking through some of the love stories throughout our blog and immediately said, “THAT’S WHAT I WANT” and set out to show Dennis why they “absolutely haaaaaaad to do this.”  Luckily, she showed him our in-depth website, photos, countless love stories (dating back to 2012), the preliminary budget worksheet and she didn’t actually have to do any ‘convincing.’   Because the first words out of his mouth were, “Oh yeah…run it!”  And so the action packed Iceland wedding experience planning began with our team!

Action Packed Iceland Wedding Experience

Non-traditional couples like Allison and Dennis find more value in crafting an action packed Iceland wedding experience versus an typical traditional wedding back in Michigan, USA.  I mean if you’re going to spend $50k+ on a wedding day, don’t you want to share it with your favorite people and enjoy the day in real-time, not having to worry about stupid shit like what color chair covers what will be on the buffet for your 100+ guests you barely know?!

Rather, an adventure style wedding always leaves people with a feeling of like “I can’t believe we did that!” type of story or “It felt like we all just discovered the place together!” or “That was an incredible unforgettable EXPERIENCE! And we need the photos to prove it!”  During an action packed Iceland wedding experience with our team, your guests have their own mini adventure within your big adventure, so you never ever feel like you have to play “host.”  Leaving the hosting to our planning and super jeep team and just be in the moment!

50 minutes East of Vik, you’ll find one of my favorite hotels in Southern Iceland.  Formally known as Icelandair Klaustur (when this October 6th 2018 wedding happened), it has since broken away from the big box chain to become Hotel Klaustur.  The Iceland wedding day began shortly after 5am with our A-Team of vendors arriving and rocking out styling Allison and photographing!  We loved Dennis’ groom details and oh la la Allison’s Iceland wedding dress is still my personal fave to this day!

Before loading into the super jeeps for the day, Allison and Dennis shared a sweet little first look!  While they were doing that, our Iceland wedding super jeep team loaded their 40+ guests with their “go bags” in tow.  Allison and Dennis joined and the action packed Iceland wedding experience began!

Private Waterfall Wedding Ceremony in Iceland:

Not far from Hotel Klaustur is a private property waterfall (in advance permission required for any sort of ceremony / event) that is a short 5-10 minute hike.  It’s one of our favorites and was Allison and Dennis’ too!!  Our teams exclusive Pastor, Egill joined us for that lovely October morning to perform their ceremony.  Super memorable for all involved and a perfect way to begin their action packed Iceland wedding experience with their guests!

Iceland Waterfall Wedding Photos

After the Iceland waterfall wedding ceremony, Allison and Dennis spent some time exploring the area with their guests.  Then our photographers crafted some amazing Iceland drone wedding photos along with also ground shooting.  Dreamy results don’t you think?  Ugh, and can we talk about Allison’s bouquet?!  It’s one of my personal all time favorites!  Wish I could have those gorgeous colors on my table every day of week in my office!

Star Wars Mountain Wedding Photos

Have you seen the Star Wars movie Rogue One?  If so, you might recognize this interestingly shaped mountains… The first 10-15 minutes of the movie are filmed on a private property location in Southern Iceland.  How unique for you to have your adventurous Iceland wedding photos in front of the Star Wars mountain if you and your soon-to-be are fans of the series?!

Glacier Exploring during Iceland Wedding Adventure

Exploring a private side of a glacier during your Iceland wedding day is hands down an unforgettable experience!  The ride to the area is freaking awesome too.  Imagine rolling through a desolate black sand desert alongside of interestingly shaped mountains, hearing a folklore story of how the area got its name, crossing a river, and finally laying your eyes on a black glacier.  The excitement is almost more than you and your guests can handle!

Truly the essence of an action packed Iceland wedding experience!

Allison, Dennis, and their 40+ guests hiked to a private ice canyon area together.  They explored and were in total awe of the colors and textures of the black glacier.  It was surreal seeing the black, white, and blue ice elements.  After a short hike back, the group delighted in a traditional hot dog bbq together.  Which really goes a long way when it’s raining and cold!  For instance, there is something really amazing about a hot meal to give you a second wind!

Iceland Lighthouse Wedding Photos

Adding a bit of a history to the action packed Iceland wedding experience was a visit to a lighthouse that dates back earlier than the 1900’s.  There was something really striking about the black sand next to the vibrant orange color and Allison and Dennis exploring it for their lighthouse wedding photos in Iceland!

Rainy Iceland Wedding Photos

The skies let loose and the group just said it added to the experience!  Right on guys, it totally does!!  I mean who doesn’t want to have a champagne toast in a narrow canyon while it’s down pouring?  No matter the weather, we’re all together for Allison and Dennis’ action packed Iceland wedding experience!

Lava Rock Black Beach Waterfall on Private Property

No matter how many times I have visited this location it still makes zero sense when I say it out loud… A Lava Rock Black Beach Waterfall sounds like a location that shouldn’t exist.  Or if it does, it belongs in some fairy tale, not real life.  But it DOES exist and we’re proud to say this private property waterfall is in our exclusive portfolio!  This was a fave for Dennis and Allison to explore during their action packed Iceland wedding experience with their guests!

Plan “B” during an Iceland Wedding Adventure

Full disclosure, one of our trucks got stuck going to the last location (first time EVER in almost 10 years of us doing this).  So stuck that the other 3 trucks combined couldn’t winch us out.  Our team kept the stuck jeep hydrated by dishing out shots of Icelandic Brennivin, (aka Black Death)!

They were stuck and trying to get out for a good 20-30 minutes before our Iceland Wedding Planner team called it.  There was hope in every pull!  “Plan b” emerged and our team decided to put the 5 passengers in the stuck jeep into the other 3 jeeps.  The Iceland wedding photographer even gave the guests her extra knee high muck boots!  That way, they could make the trek to the other trucks easier.

One hell of a experience that the group totally LOVED!  Most of the group are into cars and trucks so they reveled on the opportunity to lend a hand to our super jeep team.  I’d say it even enhanced the days adventure and for sure the level of memorability!

Iceland Wedding Reception at Hotel Klaustur

Arriving back to Hotel Klaustur after 6:30pm, the group had 1.5 hours to rest and refresh before they joined together as a group again for a delicious dinner and Iceland wedding reception!  A simple yet elegant theme of a basalt rock table runner and tea lights decorated the tables along with an American style wedding cake.  The group enjoyed 3 courses, cocktails and conversation together for the rest of the evening reliving their action packed Iceland wedding experience!

Love this Adventure Wedding?

Are you left totally inspired after seeing Allison and Dennis’ action packed Iceland wedding experience?  If so, feel free to contact us.  Our Iceland Wedding Planner team would love the opportunity to get to know you!  And custom craft your very own adventurous Iceland wedding day to private locations via super jeep!

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