Luxury Adventures in Iceland You Can’t Miss!

You only live once.  Therefore, you should indulge by spoiling yourself even if it’s just a little bit!  Although the meaning of luxury can mean a lot of different things to different people.  In our world of embarking on luxury adventures in Iceland, it means choosing to do an experience that is not always available.  Maybe because of time of year, a high price point, knowledge, or an exclusivity factor (selecting the right local company to get you there safely).  Regardless of any obstacles, our Iceland Wedding Planner team would love to share with you the best luxury adventures Iceland has to offer!

 See the Luxurious Side of Traveling in Iceland

Luxury adventures Iceland can offer you are countless!  In fact, what luxurious idea sounds more amazing to you…

A styled picnic on a black sand beach?

Checking into an inspiring hotel room suite or unique type accommodation?

Spa treatments?

Visiting hot spring with vintage champagne?

Glamping experience in the Icelandic wild?

Pushing your limits with a private helicopter ice climbing adventure?

Chartering a sailboat to explore the coastline?

Having a private chef craft a traditional meal in your luxury house you’re renting?

How to Plan a Luxury Trip to Iceland

Planning a trip to Iceland is such an exciting time for you!  The magical scenery offers countless options just begging you to explore.  And embarking on the most unforgettable itinerary around the island can be one of the best times in your life!  Why?  Because you’ll journey to so many different types of tones, textures, and variety of landscapes!

Likely you’ve researched this tiny island int he North Atlantic before planning your trip.  Meanwhile, you’ve likewise also realized Iceland is one of the most expensive countries in the world to visit.  But that doesn’t mean every thing you encounter here will ooze luxury.  When you are seeking out a specific luxury experience Iceland has to offer, where do you turn?  After all, many company’s claim to offer luxury experiences in Iceland but they don’t uphold a North American standard.

How do you plan a luxury trip to Iceland then?  Firstly, the best airlines offering first class seating to Iceland are as follows: Icelandair, Delta, and British Airways.  Secondly, ensuring you book out your luxury accommodation 3+ months before is important.  Thirdly, if your are seeking all luxury adventures Iceland has to offer in regards to experiences you will want to book those at least 3+ months before as well.  Ideally if you are picky you make your Iceland travel decisions 6-18 months before depending on the length of your stay.

How to Get Around Iceland

Chasing the luxury adventures Iceland has to offer typically means you are not opting in for public transportation routes.  Rather you’d like to self drive your own vehicle or have a personal driver to take you around.  To illustrate, our favorite rental car companies are Hertz and ISAK.  As a matter fact, both offer our Iceland elopement and wedding clients discounts!  Further, the latter offers a more rugged Land Rover experience.  Which will allow you to get off the beaten path into the Icelandic “F-Roads” for a less touristy journey.

Luxurious and Unique Places to Stay Around Iceland

If you are a luxury traveler you probably spend a lot of time Googling 5 star hotels in Iceland or unique accommodation options.  Well over a decade ago, I did too!  Spoiler Alert: There was NOTHING!  There were handful of hotels trying to cling to 3-4 star but they fell crazy short to North American standards.

Although Iceland is not beaming with countless 5 star experience hotels, there are many 3-4 star hotels that have rooms, suites, or villas that absolutely fall in line with those expectations.  Some of our favorite luxurious and unique places to stay around Iceland follow below.  NOTE: We do not stand behind all of these for Iceland wedding host hotels.

Top 10 Iceland Luxury Hotels:

  1. The Retreat Hotel at the Blue Lagoon
  2. Hotel Grimsborgir
  3. Black Pearl Apartments
  4. Sigló Hótel
  5. Hotel Stracta
  6. Fosshotel Glacier Lagoon
  7. Ion Adventure Hotel
  8. Hotel Kria
  9. Húsafell
  10. Glymur Villa’s

Unique Accommodation in Iceland:

  • Bringing a group to Iceland?  Our favorite luxury house in Iceland to stay at is Úlfljótsskáli Lodge.  The house can happily fit a group 10-18 people and helicopters can easily land onsite too!
  • Looking for unique romantic accommodation?  Hands down make sure you checkout Panorama Glass Lodges.
  • Nordic Honeymoon House in Hafnarskogur.
  • Want to head North for an Iceland luxury group experience?  The folks at Deplar Farm cannot wait to serve you!
  • Farmhouse Lodge offers glamping tents!

The Top Luxury Experiences in Iceland

Our team strongly believes in booking directly with small companies versus booking through big box “tour operators.”  For instance, all of the link outs we provide above and below are directly to folks to avoid middle men taking commissions.  Support locals and small company’s in Iceland!  Here are our top 10 luxury experiences in Iceland…

  1. Iceland Luxury Picnics offers an incredible selection of all types of picnics.  They even offer a service where you just get GPS cords of the location and you drive, hike, and enjoy!
  2. Private Cooking Lessons for 2 or with your group at Salt Eldhus.
  3. Katlatrack offers year round ice cave experiences in Vik.  Note- They are our exclusive super jeep team so booking weddings, elopements or couples photo shoot adventures is NOT possible.
  4. In Room Massage at Hotel Grimsborgir.
  5.  Ingolfsskali Viking Restaurant (for a foodie experience plus axe throwing!)
  6. Private Tours for extreme sports (Arctic surfing, SUP, and kayaking)
  7. Reykjavik Spa treatments.
  8. Luxury Restaurants in Reykjavik.
  9. Mink Viking Portrait Studio
  10. Private Hiking Expeditions with our favorite guide at Vik Expeditions!

Contrarily, if you’re not into luxury travel in Iceland, check out our previous post on 55 offbeat things to do!

High End Off-the-Beaten-Path Adventures

Maybe you’re a couple or family who crave the opportunity for more intense adventures and have the budget to go with it?  Waiting for you are many luxury adventures Iceland has ready for you such as the following:

  • Vik Expeditions is a company based in Southern Iceland that reaches far beyond basic “tours.”  Each tour is private and custom.  Some ideas could be ice climbing or glacier walking in Vik, cross country skiing, hiking, winter camping, and photography expeditions in the highlands of Iceland.


  • Sailing Charters- The family run company North Sailing offers a once in a lifetime chance at seeing Iceland in a completely different way!


  • Private Helicopter Experiences (Think: Heli-skiing, Heli-hiking, Heli-fishing or even Heli-Happy Hour!) with our friends at Nordurflug.



  • Imagine pairing a helicopter landing (or ride via super jeep) and a crazy amazing mountain top luxury picnic… Did someone say EPIC?!


  • Booking a private adventurous couples session with our Iceland Wedding Planner team!  Let’s celebrate your relationship!  The best type of souvenir to walk away with…  Contact us for more details!

Experience all the Luxurious Adventures Iceland has to offer

No matter if you seek private expeditions, spa treatments, or a luxury house with an incredible views Iceland has it all!  Additionally, smaller company’s are usually happy to go the extra mile and create an even more custom experience so don’t be shy.  Lastly, if you have found yourself excited to turn your luxury adventures Iceland has ready into an elopement or wedding experience, we would love to hear from you!  Feel free to contact us to get that conversation started!

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