Fiercely Romantic Iceland Elopement: Laura + Mathias

Romance in Iceland is never-ending!  Every single twist the road takes brings excitement.  With each change of scenery a new appreciation for mother nature begins.  And every natural wonder you marvel over, you’ll enjoy exploring together hand in hand!  Likely the exact reason so many couples look to planning an unforgettable romantic Iceland elopement!

Zion National Park Engagement

Laura and Mathias are a Danish and Australian/American couple who love traveling, hiking and experiencing nature.  In fact, their meeting story is one of our favorites… For example, they are both archeologists and they were on a mission on the tiny island of Bornholm.  It was there that their eyes locked, casual talking picnics during lunchtime, and after hours movie watching blossomed into so much more.  Next, their passion for worldwide adventures, being outside, cooking, history, and their pups sealed the deal.

Fast forward several years later in January 2019, they were doing a tour of US National Parks.  Experiencing places like Joshua Tree, the Grand Canyon and Zion National Park.  While they were hiking to Great White Throne, Mathias asked Laura to marry him by whispering in her ear!  She said yes and they began planning a large traditional forest wedding in Sweden.

However, throughout the last year, couples around the world had their original plans foiled by the pandemic.  Mathias and Laura were one the many this happened to.  But this event happening, brought them back to their roots… The simplicity of the two of them running around in nature always felt best for them.  So planning on a badass hiking elopement brought them to our Iceland Wedding Planner team!  Bring on their romantic Iceland elopement adventure!

Icelandic Cottage Stay

Although, we provide accommodation suggestions for our couples to stay, we never pressure.  Therefore, when Laura and Mathias said they had found their own Airbnb Cottage for their romantic Iceland elopement we were excited to see it.  Meanwhile, their August 5th 2020 adventure wedding began around 7:30am with an intimate first look before jumping into the super jeep!

Lush Waterfall Wedding Ceremony

Furthermore, these two felt that the perfect way to celebrate their love, was to plan a romantic Iceland elopement ceremony in a beautiful setting off the beaten track.  Also, it was important to have varied type of landscapes for a “best of Iceland” feel alongside of feeling awe inspired.  To illustrate, they wanted to feel part of nature.  The kind of feeling where you feel small but apart of something so much bigger.

Overall, our Iceland Wedding Planner team always wants to make sure our couples also have enough time to feel, enjoy the day, not be rushed and are able to savor every single second!  Hence, these two beginning the day by hiking to a private canyon where there was a stunning lush waterfall.  It was there that they professed their unconditional love to each other with the sweetest wedding ceremony!  Plus, these two were the FIRST to ever marry here, how special!

Eloping in August in Iceland

August is Iceland’s greenest month, hands down!  For instance, it is the time of year where the landscapes look their most vivid and I’d dare to say the most lush.  Our romantic Iceland elopement photographer loved venturing around this private property waterfall with Laura and Mathias!  Seriously, such a fun spot for a romantic Iceland elopement!!

Roaming to a Private Canyon

Being able to wander hand in hand during your romantic Iceland elopement is important!  Specifically, taking time to breathe, be curious, explore, and discover somewhere new together.  Next on their adventure wedding itinerary, was heading to a stunning private canyon that one of our favorite farmers own.  Fair to say these two LOVED it!  Likely could have spent all day there too!

Iceland’s Version of Narnia

Countless areas around Iceland feel enchanted or alive.  To illustrate, some locals would say those areas are inhabited by elves or the famed “hidden people.”  More often then not, our team likes to refer to them as “Narnia” areas.  You know, the kind of place that feels or looks like it should be a storybook or fantasy not real life.  Laura and Mathias next location exploration during their romantic Iceland elopement was a sweet little green canyon which had a cave and a trickle waterfall within!

Luxury Elopement Cave Lunch

Regardless if you are eloping or not, you can still have luxury elements to treat yourself with!  To illustrate, Laura and Mathias had lamb ribs for their first formal date together so it was important to them to make that happen during their romantic Iceland elopement.  We were more than happy to craft a little luxury picnic for them to delight in!  What a perfect experience for their first lunch as husband and wife!!

Unicorn Mountain

Have you ever stumbled upon a mountain that reminds you of an animal?  Here in Iceland, we often have these types of crazy shaped mountains.  For example, a personal favorite is in a highland area that is called Unicorn Mountain but actually looks like a rhino!  Further, the newlyweds had a good laugh over this and will for sure always remember experiencing this spot!

Vivid Canyon Elopement Exploration

Thousands of canyons, can be found throughout Southern Iceland.  However, the most vivid are found within the highlands.  Happy to share that these two were the first to explore this location with us and it was FREAKING EPIC!  The drone shots our Iceland elopement photographer took really put this place in perspective.

Wild Icelandic Highland Waterfall

Oh la la Laura and Mathias’ 7th location experience during their romantic Iceland elopement was traveling even deeper into the highlands.  In fact, they needed to cross one of the more challenging rivers on the way too.  For instance, the river was running so deep that a Land Rover that was on 38” tires and had a snorkel had sunk itself in the river hours before and had to be pulled out.  In heading into the Icelandic highlands, it’s really important you have a competent driver alongside of you to avoid mistakes like that.  But these two had a freaking blast crossing and thoroughly enjoyed the waterfall exploration that followed!

Canyoneering Elopement

Did you know canyoning or canyoneering in Iceland is a thing?  And sometimes, when we get the right couples, we suggest additional spots if we run ahead in our schedule for some reason.  Therefore, this was our lucky day and Laura and Mathias were more than willing to be our guinea pigs! #worthit!

River Waterfall Discovery

Waterfalls in Iceland come in all shapes, sizes, and types.  For instance, a river waterfall is totally different because of the strength and power that feeds it.  Not only the sight of it is powerful but the sounds are insane!  Pretty sure these two were surprised at how massive the river waterfall was!

Romantic Iceland Elopement

Sometimes our adventure elopement couples do not want to have getting ready photos or dinner / evening photos.  Of course we always respect their choices.  Which was exactly the case during Mathias and Laura’s romantic Iceland elopement journey.  It felt best for them to have a quite morning getting ready followed by a night cooking privately together.

Leaving inspired today?  Maybe craving to plan your own unique adventure wedding in Iceland?  Please contact us to get more information on that possibility!

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