Short Sweet April Elopement in Iceland

There are 195 countries and thousands of islands in the world.  So we are always pretty honored when couples choose to get married on our tiny little volcanic island in the North Atlantic!  Maybe it’s the variety of landscapes, birdlife, northern lights or the never ending opportunity for adventures that draw them here, who knows!  Meanwhile, no matter the season, Iceland offers up an abundance of wedding locations!  But today, we are all about sharing a short sweet April elopement…

April Elopement in Iceland

April is a tricky little month for weather in Iceland.  To illustrate, early in the month it seems we always end up with a random blizzard or two still in the South.  Although it can be hit or miss with snow and rain, planning an April elopement in Iceland can be oh-so lovely!  In fact, Audrey and Andy are UK Nationals living in North Iceland, adored the idea of having a short sweet wedding adventure with us!  Therefore, without further ado…

Historical Waterfall Wedding Ceremony

Getting married at a historical place in Iceland is super memorable.  Why?  Because it feels like you are part of history!  This specific area oozes Icelandic history… For example, geothermal heat is found throughout this entire valley.  Next, the waterfall was a source of energy to power the wool shop that sat above it from 1902-1914.

This type of history intrigued Audrey and Andy and they wanted it to be a part of their April elopement!  Wanting to stay with the theme of short and sweet, they hired the District Commissioner for South Iceland to perform their legal ceremony.  For instance, the ceremony was five minutes of less!  Following their ceremony, they delighted in a few photos and our Iceland elopement photographer was able to fly the drone for some unique angles too!!

Wool Shop Ruins Exploration

Throughout the numerous decades, the wool shop that was run by the waterfall has fallen apart.  However, it’s riverside position creates a crazy cool backdrop for April elopement photos!  Fair to say these two newlyweds enjoyed exploring together!!

Cave High Tea During Iceland Elopement

Being from the UK, it was important to Andy and Audrey to have high tea in celebration of their April elopement adventure.  But it started to rain quite a bit so our Iceland Wedding Planner team suggested they enjoy it at a nearby natural cave.  History runs deep alongside of this cave too being made of basalt!

Andy, Audrey, and two of their closest friends delighted in a fabulous cheese and fruit tray, bubbles, tea, and cakes!  Perfect end to their short and sweet elopement in Iceland. Although it’s not often our team does short adventure weddings elopements like this, we will consider for the right couple.  So if you’re leaving inspired to possibly plan something similar of your own… Feel free to contact us for more information!

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