Fairytale Waterfall Elopement: Paula + JD

Wild and unspoiled nature awaits you if you decide to get married in Iceland.  Ridiculously gorgeous places that will make you feel alive and thrive.  From waterfalls of all sizes, never ending canyons, to glaciers there is not a lack of beauty to explore.  Even the pristine black volcanic beaches will transport you to another planet!  Therefore, it’s a pretty exciting choice to plan a waterfall elopement.  Especially one that is set deep into the highlands too.  Come along as we relive Paula J.D.’s incredible experience!

Eloping in June in Iceland

Summer weather in Iceland can be all kinds.  Specifically when winter stays around longer than it should have.  To illustrate, we have even had hail at the glacier in July!  Furthermore, this 15th of June begins rainy and quite foggy and a few hours after the 3am sunrise.  Our team hair stylist, makeup artist, and Iceland waterfall elopement photographer were all hard at work.  Meanwhile, Paula and J.D. share a relaxed morning basking in the early morning views from their deluxe room.  After, it was time for them to grab “go bags,” umbrellas, and load into the super jeep to bgeing their waterfall elopement!

Rainy Waterfall Wedding Ceremony

Likely, if you’re an avid reader of our blog, you know our wedding adventures happen rain or shine.  After all where there is a will there is a way!  And a way there was… Our Iceland Wedding Planner team had previously scouted the area a few days before.  Therefore, we knew there were multiple ice sheets blocking the way to their waterfall elopement ceremony location due to such a heavy winter.  Always working in solutions, our team came well equipped with high boots, waders, etc to get everyone safely across the rugged terrain.  Next, the pair held a sweet nature based ceremony where they embraced the weather, exchanged personal vows, rings, and sealed it with an enthusiastic kiss!

Cheers to Adventuring Together!

Although the waterfall elopement ceremony was rainy, as soon as they champagne was popped the rain stopped and skies began to clear!  Fair to say the newlyweds savored every minute as they explored around the waterfall.

Waterfall Made of Lava Rock

When lava cools it creates new landscapes.  Additionally, when water then pushes out and flows through BOOM we have a new waterfall!  That’s the freaking really amazing thing about Icelandic highland scenery is that it is ever changing.  For instance, rivers change paths, dry up, and become varying levels of full depending on weather or releases from inside the earth.  Therefore, next on the newlyweds waterfall elopement schedule was discovering this lava rock waterfall!

Crossing Rivers Together

Couples that cross rivers together stay together, right?!  Absolutely in our adventure wedding world they do!  After all, sharing an experience like hiking through rivers together will be forever etched in your mind.  Likely the kind of moment you look back on and be amazed that you did that together during your waterfall elopement!

BBQ Lunch & Trickle Snowy Waterfalls

When there has been a lot of recent rain, many highland areas come more alive.  Water flows and makes trickle waterfalls more.  Furthermore, to our surprise as well there was a lot more snow hiding around there too!  Which made their Iceland waterfall elopement photos even more dreamy somehow!  Next, believe it or not after all that hiking and cuddling these two were hungry!  So it was time for a traditional BBQ!  Yum yum!!

Mountains and Glacier Vibes

A visit to the Icelandic highlands would not be complete without seeing one of our 13 glaciers!  Well maybe also checking out all the crazy shaped mountains while you’re at it too!!  Which is exactly what Paula and J.D. enjoyed doing!  After all this place is so vivid, so how could you not after your waterfall elopement adventure?!

Highland Cascades

If you know anything about planning a waterfall wedding, you know they come in all shapes, sizes, and areas of Iceland.  Likewise, we fondly refer this lovely place as our highland cascade waterfall…

Experiencing Deserts, Rock Formations and a Natural Cave

Choosing an Iceland wedding location is no easy feat as the options are endless.  However, when you seek something unique with ZERO tourists it’s more of a challenge.  But this is why couples come to our team as we specialize in private property locations.  After all, do you want random people crashing and photographing your ceremony?  Heck no!

Furthermore, Hjörleifshöfði and specifically Gígjagjá Cave is on private land.  The landowner requires in advance permission and a rental fee for weddings, events, and professional photography.  There is a lot of history here and Paula and J.D. were intrigued to explore the area following their waterfall elopement.  Plus, how fun is it to run around hand in hand with the one you love on a black desert?!

Sunny Private Property Black Sand Beach in Iceland

Imagine yourselves cruising down a black sand beach in a super jeep… Then you round the corner and are greeted with a phenomenal view of the Dyrhólaey sea arch!  Wow, that’s a moment in time you’ll never forget!!  What a beautiful end to their experience driven waterfall elopement day!  …or is it the end?!  Scroll down for more of their story!

Reindeer Themed Styled Table for Two!

Even though you’re eloping, you can still have luxury details!  #allthethings!  To illustrate, Paula and J.D. loved the idea of having a reindeer yet romantic tablescape for their dinner for two at the end of the day.  Also, our Iceland Wedding Planner team mixed in natural elements and a kransakaka to complete the look!  Curious or ready to plan your own fairytale waterfall elopement during summertime?  Feel free to contact us to get that fab conversations started!

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