Iceland Summer Wedding: Amanda + Nick

Summer in Iceland came late this year.  So the majority of the highland roads were still snow covered in June which led to late openings into July.  But that led to some colorful and adventurous wedding photos as our Iceland summer wedding couples explored!  Come along with us today as we share Amanda and Nick’s experience driven wedding…

Amanda + Nick

We spend many hours working each day.  So it’s no surprise that you’re more likely to find a love interest there or while working, right?  In fact, it holds true for Ann & Davíð and most certainly for Amanda and Nick as well!!  Therefore, let’s watch their love story unfold…

Firstly, in Circa 2018 they were both working within a New Jersey school district on very different career paths.  But after a brief tour of the campus they formally met at the organizations “welcome back” party and their relationship immediately kicked off from there!  Secondly, overtime they built their relationship on their shared love of traveling, seeking out meaningful experiences, adventuring together, being together basically 24/7 as they worked from home.  Plus they love cooking, hosting friends, new food experiences, taking long walks, and taking care of their playful cat Max!  Third, they moved in together at the start of the pandemic and Nick even found time to ask for her parents blessing before he planned the proposal!

The Proposal:

Next, in February 2021 while Amanda was out, Nick covered their apartments 20′ windows with hundreds of photos of their adventures together.  Then he led her on a little trip down memory lane with pop up cards that lastly led her into their living room where he was on one knee with the photos behind!  What an incredible surprise!!  Amanda said yes and thus begins the planning of their Iceland summer wedding adventure!

Furthermore, when wedding planning began for them they checked out local venues but nothing felt like “them.”  However, when they found that having an adventure wedding in Iceland was a thing, they were hooked!  Seriously, it was the first time they were both finally excited about planning a wedding!  They desired an private yet action-packed day with a colorful variety of landscape features.  Our Iceland Wedding Planner team crafted some incredible options for them as you’ll see their wedding day play out below!

July 5th 2022

Overall it felt like summer came late (some may even tease and say never came) this year to Iceland.  The temperatures were often cold and the weather was rainy from June to July in the South and into the highlands.  Amanda and Nick began the morning of July 5th separately.  That way, they could have a first look right before they jumped into the super jeeps to embark on their Iceland summer wedding adventure.  Furthermore, they even treated their guests to pantone welcome bags filled with goodies they may need during!  How thoughtful, right?!

Iceland Summer Wedding Ceremony

After a beautiful drive up into the Central Highlands of Iceland the group arrived to the Iceland Summer wedding waterfall ceremony location.  The chairs were decorated with pantone ribbons matching the brides bouquet too, how fab is that?!  They held an intimate ceremony where they were connected to nature, God, and each other by exchanging vows and rings.

Waterfall Exploration

Likely if you get married at a waterfall in Iceland you want the chance to explore it, right?!  Firstly, take time to hear it.  Secondly, experience the waterfall from all angles you can so you can see it in all of its glory.  Thirdly, make sure your Iceland wedding photographer captures you exploring!  Further, it’s a bonus if they fly drone to show the waterfall from a unique perspective too.  Happy to report, our local photographers do!

Highland Happiness

Likewise, geology and landscape lovers will surely find happiness when discovering the Highlands of Iceland.  Furthermore, this was the exactly the case for Amanda, Nick, and their guests during their Iceland summer wedding adventure.  For example, the next location on their itinerary was a waterfall local fishermen often flock to.  Everyone hiked along the edge, battled the flies, drank champagne, and indulged in a BBQ of Icelandic hot dogs.

Carved Canyon Discovery

One of the many things that is so intriguing about canyons in Iceland is how they are created!  To illustrate, glacier activity, weather, tectonic movements, and the ebb and flow of rivers carve out these historical areas over time.  Meanwhile, Amanda and Nick snuck away from their guests to hike further into the canyon together.  Which was a wonderful addition to their Iceland summer wedding schedule!

Ocean Views & Golden Cliffs

When you plan an Iceland summer wedding, you may want to experience a “best of” type of day.  For instance, where you experience different type of landscape features all during your adventure wedding day.  After all, why not treat yourselves and guests to an action packed day?  And even though the drive from being up in the highlands to the ocean can be long, it’s so worth it to enjoy these golden cliffs!

Disappearance of a Cliffside Waterfall

Believe it or not, volcanic activity changes landscapes.  To illustrate, earthquake swarms, eruptions, to lava flow it all matters.  Further, the past 2 years we have had volcanic eruptions in Iceland in the Reykjanes Peninsula and it has changed the area significantly.  Also in this area, many rivers have run dry due to the volcanic unrest.  And interestingly enough one of our favorite cliffside waterfalls was affected.  But the disappearance of it made for a sweet story to share with this Iceland summer wedding group and also a uniquely textured photo opportunity!

Rainy Geothermal Mountains

Rounding out their Iceland summer wedding adventure, Amanda and Nick took their guests next to visit a private property geothermal area.  This area was so different than the others they explored today it was really cool to watch everyone marvel over it!

Pantone Wedding Reception Theme in South Iceland

After arriving back to the hotel, the group had a bit of time of rest and refresh.  Around 7:30pm they were invited into a private room where they were greeted with an elegant yet colorful pantone color palette!  The group dined on delicious local food and even tried a traditional Iceland wedding cake called a kransakaka (ring cake)!

Has Amanda and Nick’s beautiful Iceland Summer wedding adventure left you inspired and curious about planning something uniquely yours?  If so, feel free to contact us to get more details!

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