June Waterfall Wedding Adventure: Alanah + Dexter

Planning a summer waterfall wedding is such a whimsical experience to have in Iceland.  There is a level of excitement and anticipation that goes along with having guests join you too.  After all you may know where you’re going and what the waterfall looks like but they don’t.  Therefore, when you arrive everyone will immediately be in awe!  In fact, this is exactly the premise of Alanah and Dexter’s  June waterfall wedding adventure.  So come along with us and see it unfold…

Alanah & Dexter

Hailing from the U.K., these high school sweethearts spent their relationship years growing up together.  Supporting each other through University and developing out their career paths.  From traveling through Europe, playing board games, exploring foodie spots, and enjoying the small things they found lifetime love in each other.  Fast forward to years later and a day after Dexter bought the ring… It had snowed overnight and he asked Alanah to go on a walk to look at the ducks.  When she looked back to him he was on one knee asking for a lifetime of adventuring together!

She said yes and planning of a June waterfall wedding in Iceland began!  Well, not quite…  In early 2019, these two reached out to us hoping to plan a Spring 2020 wedding adventure.  However, we all know how that year faired.  After multiple changes and reschedules, these two and all they love were here in Iceland ready to make it official!!

Getting Ready & First Look

Having been to Iceland together before in 2017, they knew many places are flooded with tourists and they wanted privacy during their adventure.  Likely one of the many reasons they chose our Iceland Wedding Planner team to execute and document their June waterfall wedding!  Next, the morning of June 25th 2022, begins full of endless sunshine at Hotel Stracta.  Further, Alanah and Dexter chose to get ready separately and stage a formal first look between each other.  Then they grabbed “go bags” and loaded into the super jeeps for the day ready to embark.

Seated Wedding Ceremony in Iceland

Often when couples choose to have guests join them for their Iceland wedding, it’s important to have everyone be comfortable.  Therefore having luxuries like a seated ceremony, speaker, microphone (so guests can hear the ceremony), and a champagne toast is unforgettable from all sides.  Next, once guests made the trek down to the June waterfall wedding location, they were seated and the intimate ceremony begins.  Immediately following their ceremony, a fabulous champagne toast followed!

June Waterfall Wedding Discovery

Wow-wee this June waterfall wedding location AMAZING!  One of our favorites and these two were the FIRST to hold a seated ceremony here!  And following they had the chance to explore alongside of their guests and a few minutes by themselves too.  Stunning for our Iceland wedding photographer to capture on the the ground and from the drone as you’ll see below!

Highland Cave Lunch Experience

Treating your guests to a picnic or luxury lunch experience during a full day June waterfall wedding is important!  To illustrate, these newlyweds opted in for a traditional Icelandic highland lunch of barbequing hot dogs.  But before that experience begins, Dexter and Alanah explored the natural cave and rock formations nearby.

Canyon Hike

As the June waterfall wedding adventure continued, the group explored more dynamic landscapes.  For instance, next on the itinerary was a hike to a cliff-top canyon.  Furthermore, the group could not believe how gorgeous this place is!  From the colors to the shapes and even how the weather in Iceland made it even more interesting.

Black Desert & Green Mountain Lookout

Traveling deeper into the Icelandic Highlands, this groups excitement only grew!  After all who doesn’t love exploring during summer in Iceland especially after a beautiful June waterfall wedding?!  Next on the agenda was discovering a fabulous lookout point which had elements of black sand, green mountains, and still snow capped ones too!  Truly picturesque scenery!!

Hotel Stracta Wedding Reception

After an extraordinary 10 hour day of adventuring together, the group returns to Hotel Stracta.  There, they had some time to rest and refresh before being invited to a private Iceland wedding reception.  Additionally, when the couple arrived their guests greeted them with a petal toss entrance.  How fun, right?!  After dinner the group danced their hearts out and tried some Icelandic wedding cake (kransakaka) under the midnight sun!  Are you totally inspired by Alanah and Dexter’s June waterfall wedding?  Please contact us for more information on our team could customize a unique journey for you!


© 2022, Photos by Miss Ann (DBA Iceland Wedding Planner / Your Adventure Wedding), All Rights Reserved.

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