Icelandic Floating Pools: Vök Baths

After hiking your heart out throughout East Iceland… Likely your muscles may be aching!  Therefore, make sure you find time to relax too!  So what could that mean?  You book a time to enjoy the gorgeous Vök Baths to rest your weary legs and muscles.  Fun Fact, they are currently Iceland’s only “floating pools.”  What a freaking dreamy place to relax before or after your adventure wedding or on your Iceland honeymoon!

History of Vök Baths

Just 10 minutes northwest of the East Iceland town of Egilsstaðir, you’ll find Icelandic floating pools!  Although this relaxing attraction opened during the summer of 2019, the vision for Vök Baths began well before construction did…  In fact, the owners worked alongside of Basalt Architects to bring their floating pool within Lake Urriðavatn dream to life!

To illustrate, the inspiration for the design comes from how different shapes water takes on as it freezes.  Specifically when a lake has geothermal hot spots within.  Originally locals thought the areas of the lake that didn’t freeze each winter (regardless of the temperature) was a monster breaking through.  However, over time and after further research, the geothermal activity within the lake was discovered.

Currently, Vök Baths is the first and only geothermal, eco-friendly pools that float within the beautiful Lake Urriðavatn!  Certainly a picturesque experience awaits you at Vök Baths!

Vök Baths Information:

  • Website:
  • Address: Lake Urriðavatn, Route 925 Hróarstunguvegur, 701 Egilsstaðir (500 meters off Rt #1)
  • Google Map: Driving Directions
  • GPS Coordinates: GPS: 65.3038589; -14.449273
  • Opening Hours (as of when this post was written): Mon-Thurs 5pm-10pm / Fri-Sun 12pm-10pm
  • Admission: Adult- 5,500 ISK per / Student or Senior- 3,200 ISK per / Children (6-16 yrs) – 1,900 ISK per
  • Book Tickets in advance.

Floating Pools in Iceland

There is something really exciting about experiencing something you never have before.  After all, how many floating pools with 360 views have you had the opportunity to relax in?  Imagine being the first in your family and friends group to visit!  Instagram heaven!

However, upon our visit to the Vök Baths, we were surprised that the pool themselves felt stationary.  Maybe we thought that we would additionally feel weightless movement or swinging, I don’t know.  But the infinity pool edges plus the view made us forget quickly.  Either way, sipping a glass of bubbles and soaking our muscles here after hiking to Stórurð was EPIC!

Amenities at Vök Baths

The jaw dropping experience begins with walking through the eco-friendly building design alongside Lake Urriðavatn. You change, shower, and head out to the geothermal bath play ground!  Choosing what pool you want to relax in is your biggest decision then.  Firstly, there are 2 floating pools that vary slightly in temperature.  Secondly, there is a cold water pool and the ocean ready for you if you wish to work on circulation.  Thirdly, there is the spacious main pool that includes the swim-up bar!  Other fabulous amenities at Vök Baths follow:

  • 2 Geothermal Floating Pools
  • 2 On-Shore Hot Pools
  • Swim-up Bar (serving tea, beer, wine, and champagne)
  • Cold Pool
  • Ocean Swimming / Diving
  • Outdoor Pool Bar
  • Cold Tunnel with Mist Shower
  • Steam Bath
  • Changing Room (with private showers and lockers)
  • Ability to Rent: Swimsuits and Towels
  • Tea Bar
  • Vök Bistro
  • Small Gift Shop

Exploring Vök Baths during your Iceland Honeymoon

Sharing romantic experiences during your honeymoon in Iceland is important.  So as you embark on your journey around Iceland, maybe even checking out our 55 offbeat things to do post you’ll want to make sure you have a time slot at Vök Baths!  Iceland Honeymoon Tip: Consider choosing a time outside of the typical tourist hours if you wish for less people around you.

Iceland Wedding After Party Location

How freaking fun would it be if you had an East Iceland wedding and rented out Vök Baths exclusively?!  Hello wedding of the DECADE!  As a matter of fact, it is possible too at the right price!!  Maybe you fall so in love with this gorgeous unique place that you want to get married here or elope!  Feel free to contact us to begin your Iceland destination wedding journey!

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