Waterfall Micro Wedding in Iceland: Alice + Robin

Having a micro wedding can be the perfect solution for couples who wish to only celebrate with their immediate family.  Likely because your extended family and friends list is too large or you don’t know where or how to “draw the line.”  Whatever the reason, know you are not alone and that is the beauty of planning a destination wedding in Iceland… Because there are no rules for adventure weddings!

Meet: Alice + Robin

Happily we introduce you to Alice and Robin from the United Kingdom!  These two were actually married in December of 2018.  Somehow we missed featuring them on our Iceland Wedding Planner blog!  After all, better late than never, right?!  So without further ado…

From matching to chatting for 1.5 months, they finally meet in Leeds, England for coffee.  History was made in those 8.5 hours together!  Fast forward to a few years later and they are in the woods walking their pup… Alice spots a fallen tree and notices a Kinder Egg near it.  Since those eggs have been a a fun part of their relationship it piqued her curiosity.  Turns out there was a ring inside and Robin asked her to marry him!

December Micro Wedding in Iceland

Knowing from the very beginning of their relationship they wanted to elope, they were happy to expand to a micro wedding to include their parents.  Alice had previously been to Iceland two times earlier and Robin relived her adventures anxious to embark on an adventure together.  Further, once they found our Iceland wedding planning website, they were hooked on having an offbeat adventure!

December in Iceland is hands down our darkest month.  For example, sunrise the morning of Robin and Alice’s micro wedding was around 11:30am and sunset was 3:30pm.  Clearly, it is very important to us to use every single second of daylight and even the blue dawn and dusk light too!  Four hours goes really fast!!  Our Iceland elopement photographer and hairstylist arrived around 6:30am.

Shortly before leaving the hotel, Alice and Robin shared a quite “first look” and even exchanged “day of gifts” too.  So fun!  Then no later than 9am our super jeep team arrived… Therefore, the couple, their guests loaded in with huge smiles excited for the adventure to began!

Gjáin Waterfall Wedding Ceremony

If you seek offbeat locations in Iceland, look no further than finding your way to Gjáin.  The valley is magical and feels like you have found your very own bit of quite paradise.  Although this valley has become quite popular over the last several years since this couple was married in 2018, there is still space to hike, explore, and be in the moment.  But, please be aware in advance permission is required and the area now has ropes, barriers, and signs protecting the flora.

However, before there were barriers and ropes, Alice and Robin held an intimate micro wedding ceremony at Gjáin Waterfall.  Further, in honor of Alice’s mother who passed away there was an empty chair next to her Scottish father.  And while the couple recited their personal vows Alice’s bouquet was kept.  It was a really special way to feel like her mum was part of their big moment in spirit.  Another beautiful moment within the micro wedding was having a letter unity ceremony.

Discovering Gjáin

Following the micro wedding ceremony, these two enjoyed some romantic moments alone exploring Gjáin.  In fact, had more daylight hours been available they would have spent hours here hiking to discover the many waterfalls, caves, and rock formations!

Háifoss and Granni Waterfall Wedding Photos

Iceland’s longest river named Þjórsá fuels the next location Alice and Robin visited in 2018 after their micro wedding ceremony.  To illustrate, Háifoss and Granni Waterfalls are near to Hekla Volcano and tower around 400 feet high.  The group thorough enjoyed the views and vibe of the offbeat Iceland waterfall!

Nighttime Waterfall Wedding Exploration

When it’s overcast during December in Iceland, the daylight drops significantly and quickly nearing the end of the day.  For instance, on our way to the last Iceland wedding location, it was dark.  However, our Iceland wedding photographers know how it is and are prepared to craft magic no matter the conditions.  And oh la la magic was created in this unforgettable Iceland wedding photos!

Earthy Wedding Reception at Hotel Grimsborgir

Once the group returned to Hotel Grimsborgir, they shared a champagne toast!  A few hours later they gathered for a private room wedding reception.  Where the décor held a very earthy volcanic vibe and simple elegance.  Lastly, the evening ended with the Icelandic kransakaka tradition and endless smiles!

Curious and / or inspired after reliving Alice and Robin’s micro wedding adventure?  Even though 2018 was the last time we went to Gjáin and Háifoss and we no longer offer them in our adventure wedding location portfolio… We would love to craft custom options for you at our private property locations!  Please contact us for more information on getting that fabulous journey started!

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