Hveravellir Highland Hot Spring

There is an oasis in the middle in the Icelandic highlands.  Hveravellir highland hot spring & mountain hut is a welcoming place for travelers who come by on foot, horseback or driving.  In fact, it is a multi purpose location that certainly transforms it into a must see destination.  Especially if you will be doing a 4×4 self drive journey through Iceland!  So come along with us today as we share all of the details…

Icelandic Highland Springs

One of the countless draws to Iceland could be the 100’s of unique pools and hot springs.  All of which come with their own interesting dynamics, history, and unforgettable views.  Some are gotten to easily by an economy car.  Whereas others are best to be accessed by 4×4 or super jeep.  To illustrate, a few of our favorites are called out below…

What is Hveravellir?

Within the Icelandic Highlands, you’ll find this offbeat historical gem.  Hveravellir is first and foremost a nature preserve.  However, there is a plethora of hiking, a mountain hut, café, active geothermal area, and a sparkling hot spring pool to enjoy year round.

How to Get to Hveravellir Highland Hot Spring

If you are heading in and around the western side of the Icelandic Highlands, you’ll be in reach of this dynamic place.  Furthermore, Hveravellir highland hot spring sits between two glaciers named, Langjökull and Hofsjökull.  How exciting, right!?!  But, how in the world do you get there?

Firstly, this is not a location that is accessible year round by an economy car or small 4×4.  Therefore, you need to be mindful of that as you plan.  For instance, it is best to check road.is before you head out.  And if you do want to get there on your own, the best time to venture there would be late June to August.  Otherwise it is best to hire a local with a super jeep outside of this time period, as the snow levels can start early and linger late.

Secondly, from Reykjavík you should expect around a 3 hour 45 minute drive (one way).  Thirdly, you’ll take Route 1 to Road #36 heading towards Thingvellier National Park to #365 through Laugarvatn.  Next, you’ll be looking for Road #35 which will transition to F-35 and you’re on there for slightly over 100km until you arrive.  Please be aware, the road is rated an “F-Road” so take care when you drive in Iceland.  Feel free to use Google Map to guide you to Hveraviller highland hot spring area to help guide you there.

Hveravellir Mountain Hut & Restaurant

When you make the turn into Hveravellir, you’ll travel down the winding road and quickly see a colorful green mountain hut and information signs.  Further, once you park and head inside, you’ll be asked to take off your shoes.  Then to the right you can enter into the Café / Restaurant and forward you’ll see bathrooms and the accommodations.

As you can imagine, our Iceland Wedding Planner team knows just about every corner of the highlands pretty intimately.  And throughout those travels we have stayed in mountain huts, camped, etc.  But each time we find our way to Hveravellir, the owner and staff make us feel welcomed like family.

For you foodies out there, we encourage you to try “Halla’s Shepard’s Pie.”  In fact, it’s so flipping good we make a team trip up there to eat it at least once every fall!  It’s made from slow cooked lamb and the freshest of ingredients.  However, you cannot go wrong with choosing anything off of their menu because it is all home made and they make their own combinations of sauces, etc.

Moreover, in regards to accommodation at Hveravellir, you’ll be happy to know the following awaits you:

  1. Old Hut Dormitory Rooms (8-12 beds / hostel style).
  2. Private Rooms (sleep 3 people).
  3. Campsite (access to bathroom and shower facilities).

Lastly, when you pay to stay in any option above, the cost includes access to the Hveravellir highland hot spring!

Iceland Hot Pot:

After you have a delicious meal and check-in, at the mountain hut it’s time to check out the Hveravellir highland hot spring!  First, please be aware there is an admission fee the mountain hut requests to maintain the facilities and area so please donate to their cause.

Second, when you leave the mountain hut after paying, you’ll see another green hut towards the right area of the parking lot.  It is there that you can change and get ready.  Third, when you look at the spring you’ll notice there are pipes going into the natural hot spring.  For example, that is the geothermal water warming it up and cooling it down!

Enjoy the view and experience!  But leave time to check out the actual geothermal area that fuels this unique spot too we highlight below…

Highland Geothermal Area: Hveravellir

Regardless of the time of year, having a short walk through the Hveravellir geothermal area is super fun!  To illustrate, you’ll walk the boardwalk and witness smoldering fumaroles and bubbling mud pots.  Leave yourself around 10-30 minutes to explore.  Also know this area is rich in hiking as well.  For instance, you can embark on any of the following hikes:

Leaving today super curious and maybe a little inspired over exploring Hveravellir highland hot spring?  Good news, they are open for private hire and it would be possible to hold an Iceland wedding or elopement here.  Or what about honeymoon photos?!  But there are other hot springs in Iceland that are more offbeat / private we would love to introduce you two too!  Feel free to contact us for more information…

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