Iceland Luxury Tour: Húsafell Canyon Baths

Although it’s no secret we are not huge fans of heading to the token “tourist” locations around Iceland.  However, there are a few exceptions.  Especially when it is an experience you can only have if you book the experience directly with the landowner or company who owns the spot.  To illustrate, a perfect example is taking an Iceland luxury tour to Húsafell Canyon Baths!

Iceland Luxury Tours

Certainly signing up for a tour in Iceland can be nerve racking.  As you have no idea who you’ll be with, what the guide might be like, or in general what to expect from the experience.  Because of that, we often lean towards Iceland luxury tours.  Mainly for the feeling of being “taken care of” or “exclusivity.”  The term exclusive can mean it’s just your group, a limited group size, a location that is private or all of the above!

For instance, when you look to booking the Húsafell Canyon Baths luxury experience, you have a few options.  Firstly, our personal recommendation to our Iceland Wedding Planner couples, is to book an entire time slot just for you two and / or your group.  That way, you ensure a fully private experience all around.  Secondly, you book seats individually.

During Covid-19 times they limit to only 10 guests to allow for social distancing.  Then during regular times, they limit the journey to a maximum of 20 people.  I imagine it can be quite “cozy” in there if they were fully booked out with 20, so hence the above recommendation.  As most folks only use the 2 hot springs and not the token “cold” pool for lounging.

Getting to Húsafell Canyon Baths

October felt like a perfect time for our Iceland Wedding Planner team to explore the Húsafell Canyon Baths.  In fact, it was so crisp and colorful!  So how do you get to this luxury little place?

  1. Book your spot directly with the Húsafell Canyon Baths team.  They offer year round experiences so pick your ideal day and time or inquire about an custom Iceland luxury tour.
  2. Be prepared to make the 1 hour 50 minute drive from Reykjavik if that is where you embark from.
  3. You may want to consider doing an overnight or two at Hotel Húsafell too.  Why? Because it is decently positioned to explore the Snaefellsness Peninsula too!
  4. Pack your bathing suit, a towel, hiking boots, trekking clothes, and something delicious to drink!
  5. Meet 15 minutes before your departure time either at the Húsafell Activity Center or at the hotel’s front desk.  Note: In October 2020, we met at the reception then were told to go downstairs towards the backside of the hotel to meet because the activity center was closed (due to Covid-19).
  6. Google Maps Link for the activity center meeting location.
  7. You’ll load into a small mini bus at your departure time and then be taken to the hiking point.
  8. While on the short 15ish minute drive your driver-guide will educate you on local stories, flair, and history.

The Hike

Within the first 10 minutes of the hike, you do most of the elevation.  And good news, you are rewarded with a stop at pretty waterfall!  Langifoss is a two-tiered waterfall that you view from the cliff top.  There is a viewing platform to see it from as well.

You’ll continue on through 5-10 more minutes through the the Icelandic “forest,” take a few turns and cross a chained gate road.  Then you’ll get the feeling you’re almost there as another canyon comes into view.  Next, you’ll cross another fence and take the stairway down where the baths come into full view.  Be excited your trek is rewarded with warm hot springs!

Special Note: Please be aware that you cannot embark on the hike to Húsafell Canyon Baths by yourself.  You must book a spot and have a guide with you.  There are cameras surveilling the area at all times for safety or all involved.  After all, it is privately owned so respect the owners time in creating this special place.

Experiencing Iceland Canyon Baths

Arriving to Húsafell Canyon Baths feels like you entered into your own little piece of Icelandic heaven!  Truly serene vibes will wash over you.  And a feeling of raw meets tangible in a surreal moment will overwhelm you as you realize such a beautiful place exists!

Once there, you will be asked to change in groups in the small building to your right and do a rinse off before entering.  Further, when ready take your pick where you begin!  First pool on your left is cold.  Second pool on your right is slightly cooler than the top furthest away pool.

Likely if you have booked a standard booking spot, you will have about 30 minutes here to relax.  Therefore, if you have the time and stamina, bring along a beer or champagne split to delight in to further enhance your experience.  But if you do, please make sure you take your trash with you and leave absolutely no trace!

Eventually, your guide will ask you to wrap it up and begin changing in groups again.  Lastly, you’ll hike back to the mini bus a slightly shorter way back (that is almost all downhill).  Húsafell  Hot Springs Tip: Have your bathing suit under your trekking clothes and change out in the open to gain a little time there or have first picks on pools!

Planning a Wedding in Húsafell

In conclusion, although the area of Húsafell is lovely, it is outside of our teams area of South Iceland.  If interested in planning a wedding at Húsafell Canyon Baths or Hotel Húsafell, feel free to reach out to our friends at, Iceland Weddings and Honeymoons.

However, if you want an Iceland wedding location that is only accessible via super jeep and your own two feet… Please contact us for more information on getting an even more exciting journey started!

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