Thórsmörk Wedding Adventure: Kristie + Mike

Imagine arriving to a place in Iceland that is full of mystery and history…  Intrigued?  Allow us to introduce you to Thórsmörk (Þórsmörk) Valley.  This beautiful area is named after the famous Norse God, Thór (Þór).  Meanwhile, you’ll find this special area settled between 2 glaciers, Tindfjallajökull and Eyjafjallajökull.  Further, what adds to the mystery of this valley are the unpredictable river crossings and raging rivers all around.  Come along with us today as we experience Mike and Kristie’s Thórsmörk wedding adventure!

Hotel Stracta Wedding

Mike and Kristie chose the month of October to be married in Iceland.  Likewise, during fall weather in Iceland can be hit or miss.  Meaning you never know if you’ll have sunshine, fog, rain, sleet, snow or a mix of all in one day!  Also, the days are shorter of daylight, so you often begin and end the day in darkness.  But that then means you utilize every single second of daylight!

Hotel Stracta is an ideal location if looking to embark on a super jeep adventure in Southern Iceland or a Thórsmörk wedding.  In fact, it was a lovely setting too for our Iceland wedding photographer to capture all of Kristie and Mike’s sweet details like wedding dress and groom details!  After a traditional breakfast, these two and their 20+ guests grabbed their “go bags” and were on their way!

Natural Cave Ceremony in Vik

When you plan a wedding in Iceland with guests, many couples take into consideration their guests may be less adventurous then themselves.  Maybe even less hearty to the unpredictable weather conditions Iceland can create.  So they may choose an indoors for their ceremony location.  Indoor locations like a countryside church, natural cave, lava tube, ice cave, or even inside a building with large windows and a nice view.

Therefore, before having more intense Thórsmörk wedding adventures, Mike and Kristie opted in to have a natural cave ceremony in Vik first.  That way, their guests could be comfortable before embarking on more thrilling adventures later on.  Plus, who doesn’t want to be shielded from the rain too?  Bonus!  There are countless natural cave wedding locations in Iceland and our Iceland Wedding Planner team would love to find the perfect one for you two and / or your group!

Oh la la their ceremony was really special!  Kristie our badass beautiful bride strutted down the aisle to her handsome groom Mike to kick off the ceremony.  They had a mix of religious, cultural, and spiritual elements combined.  Their guests really enjoyed the experience of the ceremony inside of the natural cave.

Iceland October Wedding Portraits

Regardless if you have a experience driven adventure wedding with guests or not, it is important to explore together after the ceremony.  For example, it is time for yourselves to laugh, smile, connect, and bask in the romance of the day!  So following the ceremony the newlyweds explored inside and outside of the cave before continuing on to their Thórsmörk wedding adventure.

Thórsmörk Wedding Adventure

The adventure continued with an exciting drive into Thórsmörk.  Which by the way is an area we suggest that you not only have a 4×4 that is on at least 31” tires.  But also that you have experience driving through unpredictable rivers or a local super jeep guide.  For instance, rivers can swell quickly so even if you crossed it okay on the way in, you could be in trouble on the way out.  Although it was crazy windy and rainy, it just gave these two even more reason to snuggle harder!

Hiking Wedding with Guests

A “must have” Iceland wedding inclusion for Mike and Kristie was to embark on a hike with their guests.  After all this is exactly how they like to explore new places and it’s an important dynamic to their relationship too.  Every single guest gave it a go hiking in a bit and if they chose to turn back, a delicious hot dog BBQ was waiting for them alongside a gorgeous canyon view!

However, only a small hardcore group made it all the way in through all of the river crossings and back to the narrow canyon waterfall.  Those that reached it LOVED the experience!  Furthermore, for those who love to hike having an adventure wedding in Thórsmörk may be complete bliss!  Meanwhile, after the hike the group chowed down on a traditional Icelandic hot dog BBQ with coffee and chocolate to boot!

Iceland Champagne Toast in a Narrow Canyon

A Thórsmörk wedding adventure would not be complete without having a champagne toast!  To illustrate, the group was surprised with a lovely toast inside of a narrow canyon named Nauthúsagil.  Those that wanted to do more discovering hiked through the river to be greeted with a sweet little waterfall too!

Private Reception in Iceland

Returning back from their Thórsmörk wedding adventure, the group took time to rest and refresh!

If having an Iceland wedding with guests, it may be important to you to have a private reception.  For Mike and Kristie it was and Hotel Stracta had a nice space to treat their guests to a delicious meal!  Meanwhile after dinner they the group cut lose with traditional Iceland wedding cake and dancing!

Planning a Thórsmörk Wedding or Elopement

Feeling inspired and excited to possibly plan your very own amazing Thórsmörk wedding or hiking elopement?  Although, our team does not go into the touristy areas of Thórsmörk, we would be thrilled to show you some more adventurous areas within or into our private property areas… Feel free to contact us for more information on getting that journey started!

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