Rambling to Hljóðaklettar & Kirkjan Cave

Geology lovers rejoice!  A wonderful short hike awaits you in North Iceland.  There you will experience a unique display of basalt rock formations, named Hljóðaklettar (Translation: Wailing Cliffs).  Truly a perfect way to spend a summer day in Iceland!  So come along with us today as we share all of the details on this inspiring place…

Basalt Caves & Features Around Iceland

Often, when people plan their Iceland self drive adventure, they seek out specific types of locations.  Why?  Because you may have a limited amount of time and a must do list to complete.  Therefore, if you seek basalt features, you may want a list to work from.  To illustrate, here are basalt features and caves around Iceland to visit:

  1. Aldeyjarfoss Waterfall
  2. Reynisfjara Beach, Cave, and Basalt Sea Stacks
  3. Kálfshamarsvík
  4. Stuðlagil Canyon
  5. Svartifoss Waterfall
  6. Dverghamrar
  7. Gerðuberg
  8. Hengifoss & Litlanesfoss Waterfalls
  9. Hljóðaklettar which is today’s stunning Iceland Wedding Planner featured monthly hike!
  10. Arnarstapi
  11. Stuðlafoss Waterfall

How to Get to Hljóðaklettar

Curious on how you get to Hljóðaklettar and the famed Kirkjan Cave?  Firstly, you need to find your way to North Iceland.  Specifically if you’re in the town of Akureyri, you’ll be just under 2 hours away from this spectacular location.  Secondly, you would take Route #1 to Road #85 to Road #862 which is also called Dettifossvegur.  Thirdly, this area is within the overall Vatnajökull National Park area but actually in Jökulsárgljúfur.

Next, you will make the turn from Road #862 and take the winding road to the left down towards the river.  Furthermore, you’ll pass the campsite and finally arrive to the unmarked parking lot.  When looking towards the river (named Jökulsá á Fjöllum), you’ll see the hiking path begin on the left hand side of the parking area.

Hljóðaklettar Hike Specifications

Are you ready to visit Hljóðaklettar?  As you prepare for your trip, use these specifications to know what to expect…

  • Distance: 1-1.5 miles (round trip)
  • Hike Time: 30-90 minutes depending on how much time spent exploring.
  • Terrain: Small river crossing; dirt; stone; basalt; and sand.
  • Elevation Gain: Minimal
  • Difficulty: Easy Loop Hike
  • Google Map Link
  • GPS Coordinates: 65°55’53.6″N; 16°32’49.0″W
  • Best Time to Hike: Summer (June – August).
  • Note: LEAVE NO TRACE – Keep hold of your trash, pick up any you find, and stay on the marked trails.

Guide to Hljóðaklettar

Woohoo, let’s do this thing… Feel free to use this step by step guide to get yourself to Hljóðaklettar!

Kirkjan Cave

Likely the most famous point within Hljóðaklettar, is experiencing the Kirkjan Basalt Cave.  Frankly, it is quite astounding to see from above and then experience firsthand.  Maybe because of it’s size or the mystery of how such a place existed or even created in the first place, who knows!

Getting Married in a Basalt Cave

Are you leaving so inspired that you want to be married in a basalt cave?  In fact, it is possible to get married in Hljóðaklettar & Kirkjan Cave.  However, it will require in advance permission / permit to do so from the national park and the environmental agency in Iceland.  Hiring a local Iceland wedding planner to help you navigate through those processes.

Lastly, if you would rather find your way to less touristy / populated place to get married privately… Feel free to contact us for more information on planning and adventure wedding or elopement in Iceland!

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