Iceland Central Highlands Wedding: Marissa + Ben

As adventurers, we often gravitate to places that make us feel small.  Maybe even locations that leave us inspired and make us feel that we are a part of something so much bigger.  From jaw dropping waterfalls, black deserts, canyons, and endless rivers crossings, etc.  Fair to say, the Iceland central highlands offer these vibes and so much more!  So come along with us today as we share with you the adventure wedding of Marissa and Ben…

Marissa + Ben

Avid outdoor lovers Marissa and Ben met in Circa 2010, when they were working through their undergrad degrees.  Connections over traveling, hiking, road trips, their careers and love of nature really brought them them together over time.  Fast forward eight years, they were on a backpacking trip through Alaska and Ben proposed on a glacier within Denali National Park!

After being engaged, they quickly realized a 300+ person local US wedding didn’t feel like them at all.  Therefore, they were brainstorming destination wedding locations and Ben mentioned Iceland… Not wanting to have a cookie cutter experience but rather an impactful exciting day exploring with their loved ones, they felt our Iceland Wedding Planner team was a perfect fit!  Thus began their Iceland central highlands wedding experience…

However, they were one of the countless who were scheduled to be married in August of 2020.  And well, we all know how that went 😉  Never losing faith they would make it here, they just rescheduled for the following year… So on with their beautiful Iceland central highlands wedding adventure!

August Adventure Wedding Begins

Oh la la planning an August wedding… Easily the best weather typically happens then and our island is at it’s greenest!  The morning began in the early hours at Hotel Grimsborgir when our team wedding photographer got to work capturing all the lovely details.  Next, their group of 10+ guests met in the lobby and were ready to embark on their Iceland central highlands wedding!

Discovering the Iceland Central Highlands

Traveling through the highlands of Iceland can be a mystery to many.  However, it is common in our Iceland Wedding Planner world.  In fact, the more difficult it is to get there, the better!

Marissa and Ben, opted to hold their legal ceremony before they came to Iceland and solely focus on the adventure once here.  To illustrate, it was a way to involve the ones they loved who could not make the trip to Iceland.  But most important to the newlyweds, was to adventure together through the Iceland central highlands with those who were willing and ready to travel during a pandemic.  The goal being to share an unforgettable experience as a group!

Firstly, they enjoyed the drive into the highlands.  Secondly, there was a short walk down to a stunning waterfall.  Thirdly, after they venture on to explore a rugged canyon that went on for miles.  Crazy cool experience for the group to share!

Iceland Spring Fed Waterfall Exploration

Anytime you come across a spring fed waterfall in the Iceland central highlands, you may get the sudden urge to fill up your water bottle.  Do it!  Surely it will be the coldest, freshest, and most delicious water you will ever have.  Also, there is a chance the water color will be unbelievable to you too.  After the group delighted in the crazy textures and tones of this amazing waterfall in Iceland, they enjoyed a BBQ lunch!

Netflix Movie Set Wedding Photos

Likely you know Iceland is often the background for films, TV shows, and commercials.  Well, the next Iceland wedding location, that Marissa and Ben were scheduled to explore was currently the scene for the Netflix original TV series, The Witcher, season two!  …and they were currently filming which made the entire group so excited to witness since it is one of their favorite shows!

But wait, how did we know the Iceland central highlands was going to be a set, that they were there and how were we able to crash it?  Well, our team member, David you might recall has spent 10+ years in the film industry doing special effects! And it’s also really helpful to know what specific permits have been pulled 😉

Note- You’ll see in the background the entire “funeral pyre setup.”  However, for the sake of a few photos, our photo editor removed so the couple could have the best of both worlds long term!

Wedding Photos on a Black Sand Desert

Heading further into the Iceland central highlands, the area gets more desolate and desert like.  Although it is a perfect background to run around on for adventure wedding photos!

Moon-Like Landscape Wedding Portraits

People usually marvel over Iceland central highlands lunar-like landscapes.  Why?  Because it is so vastly different than anything else they have ever experienced.  For instance, to get there, you may have to cross countless rivers, switchbacks, and a plethora of interesting types of landscapes.  Then suddenly it emerges from nowhere, so it can be pretty shocking.  After all, this is likely also the reason Iceland helps astronauts train for the moon!

Beach & Champagne

Sipping a glass of bubbles on a black sand beach just feels right.  Plus it’s a fantastic way to keep the energy and momentum going throughout your Iceland central highlands adventure wedding day too!  After all, who wouldn’t want to enjoy a glass with a stunning view?!

Colorful Geothermal Valley

Frankly, the colors found in the central highlands of Iceland are pretty intoxicating and addicting.  Especially if you find the time to explore a geothermal area!  Last on Marissa and Ben’s unforgettable adventure wedding day was this private geothermal spot…

Hotel Grimsborgir Iceland Wedding Reception

Fair to say, the Iceland central highlands did not disappoint!  Meanwhile, after a bit of time to rest and refresh, the group gathered again for a private room Iceland wedding reception.  Here they delighted in the following amazing menu:

  • First Course: Lobster or Mushroom Soup
  • Second Course: Caesar Salad
  • Third Course: Guests Choice…
    • Oven Baked Salmon
    • Icelandic Mountain Lamb
    • Vegan Wellington
  • Fourth Course: Warm Lava Cake
  • Fifth Course: Traditional Iceland Wedding Cake (Kransakaka)

Lastly, are you leaving inspired today after being witness to Marissa and Ben’s wedding journey through the central highlands of Iceland?  Feel free to contact us about the opportunity to embark on your own private adventure!

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