Adding Iceland Special Effects to Your Wedding Day

Sometimes couples have a specific vision in mind of how they want their wedding photos to look.  And adding Iceland special effects to your wedding day can certainly achieve that!  Furthermore, our team are serious experts in crafting such custom situations.  Why?  We have a seasoned SFX team member ready for the challenge!  So come along with us as we introduce you to all of the amazing options…

Why Add Iceland Special Effects

Firstly, you may think adding Iceland special effects to your wedding day may be a waste of money or overkill to the already stunning landscapes.  But we would like to counter those thoughts with a couple of amazing pros!


Special effects during your Iceland wedding day can really enhance the experience.  For instance, imagine adding fire sources to your ceremony or smoke / fog to your location exploration…

Enhancement and Assurance:

Maybe you have an Iceland wedding dress that would look oh-so perfect with the right gust of wind?  After all why leave it to chance?  Let’s create it to ensure it!

Storybook Ending:

Imagine ending your day with fireworks!  Maybe even fireworks inside of an ice cave

Secondly, since inception, our Iceland wedding photography team have all been firm believers of “getting it right in camera.”  Mainly to ensure a faster post processing time back to our couples!  Keeping it well under 4 weeks 😉  So that said, if a couple loves the idea of a mysterious or ethereal vibe maybe adding smoke to the location as they explore it fills their dream.  Not only all that but it is far better to create and experience it in real life versus post processing it in and seeing it later.

Thirdly, Go Big or Go Home!  You’re getting married so let’s freaking CELEBRATE it big like no one else has!!  Plus, there is a reason Iceland is famed as being the “land of fire and ice.” So why not ensure the combo is represented within your Iceland elopement or wedding adventure somehow.  For example, you’re getting married in an ice cave which checks the ice box.  But what about the fire box?  Adding Iceland special effects like torches, flame bar, firepit, etc can really enhance your experience and maybe even add a bit of warmth within!

Costs of SFX in Iceland

Now on to your big wonder… How much do Iceland special effects cost?  Likely, you know the answer is going to be that is varies!  Although, a beginning cost could be ~ $20 USD per and ranges up depending on time, vision, your imagination, and budget.  For instance, there are small special effects that can be done without an experienced staffer joining which would be cheaper (IE, in hand colored smoke).  But then there are others that require the safety and understanding of a seasoned expert.

Further, to give you a quick visual on cost you can check out a primeval elopement from July 2020.  The elaborate and remote ceremony setup (with fire sources) and special effect smoke creation in the lava field ranged between $3,000-4,000 USD as a specific example.  Several of those items were within our Iceland wedding rental collection and others were custom created to complete the couples vision.  Also the fire sources were designed to with stand the weather in Iceland (IE, not going out with the crazy wind or rain) and not harm the Icelandic landscape!

Types of Special Effects for Iceland Weddings:

Likely your curiosity has been piqued and you’re wondering what amazing Iceland special effects are possible!  Allow us to elaborate and inspire you…

Smoke / Fog

Having smoke as a special effect can really add moodiness.  To illustrate, in a lava field or geothermal area it can add mystery.  Or adding low lying fog to your ceremony aisle could add a romantic “wow” element like nothing your guests have ever seen!  On the other hand, having colored smoke in hand (IE. green, blue, yellow, red) can add excitement!  Further, if you love the idea of having a first dance maybe adding smoke can make you feel like you’re dancing on a cloud!



Oh la la, our personal fave, FIRE!  Adding fire sources for your ceremony has so many pros.  For instance, from setting the scene to providing warmth or meaning there is no wrong way to go with adding.  Our Iceland Wedding Planner team can craft flames in all sizes.  Whether it be with ground fire sources that are weather proof, standing torches, firepit, flame bars, fire rings, etc we got you covered.  In fact, our team welds custom projects, peruse our “Our Team!” Insta-Stories for proof!  Lastly, even imagine being in a lava field that has cooled down…  It can be brought back to life with a few fire sources and smoke!


Fireworks in Iceland

Choosing to add any type of fireworks to your Iceland wedding adventure, is exciting!  Frankly, it can really add to the celebration and provide an epic opportunity for your Iceland elopement photographer to capture too!  Fireworks come in all sizes and shapes so likely, we can find something suitable within your budget.

For example, sparklers can be a simple way to add energy to the evening or ambiance to a sunrise wedding or Northern Lights ceremony.  Or what about ending your wedding night with a private fireworks show?  Did someone say legendary?!  Maybe if you and your love are adventurous enough you want to have a nighttime experience in a natural cave or ice cave and have ground fireworks as an extra backdrop?  The options are endless!


Wind / Rain SFX in Iceland

Although in Iceland, we have quite a bit of wind and rain, you may want to bring it into your wedding day for a specific reason.  As we alluded to earlier in this post, you may have an amazing Iceland wedding dress that would be stunning wind blown.  Furthermore, you also may love the idea of dancing in the rain, who knows!  But we’re happy to craft the situation for you if it’s a dream of yours!

And believe it or not we have even brought in Iceland special effects to counter balance nature… To illustrate, in some Iceland wedding locations during the spring / summer, there can be these little gnat flies that surface when there is no wind.  They are super annoying, so if you’re having a ceremony or lunch experience bringing in an Iceland special effects team with fans and boxed generators can shoo them away!



Love snow?  Maybe you feel like snow adds a level of romance and we totally agree!  Since we are based in the South of Iceland, usually February is the best month if you’re a snow seeker.  Other months can be hit or miss.  Therefore, some of our couples love the idea of having a snowy romantic moment no matter the month.  Happy to craft!  For example, our team has access to all different types of real and fake snow options that are eco friendly.


Iceland Explosions

Okay, so having explosions are on the more extreme side of Iceland special effects, but they are possible!  As a matter of fact, Ann Peters’ husband, Davíð Geir Jónasson has been part of the design and execution of countless explosions on famed films such as Prometheus, Transformers the Last Knight,  Sense 8, The Tomorrow War (coming soon and one of Hollywood’s most badass real explosions ever), etc.  So bring it on!!


Custom Build Special Effects

The beauty of having a custom build for Iceland special effects is that it is not only bringing your vision to life but it is designed and custom built uniquely for your wedding day!  Which means most times it makes you the first!!  Recently, we built a crazy cool fire ring and flame bar so anything goes.  Overall, we would love to custom craft anything you dream up or your heart desires!

Permits for Special Effects in Iceland

When planning to add Iceland special effects to your wedding day, ensuring in advance permissions and permits are part of the process is extremely important.  You cannot just show up to a location and expect to execute some special effects.  Different folks and organizations must also be part of the design phase.

To illustrate, from the local land owners to the local government(s), and even the Environment Agency of Iceland must sign off on your plan ahead of time.  No secrets, we’re too of a small of country to go any other route.  Costs range for permits for special effects in Iceland.  Why?  Because of scope, area, time, materials used, location, and some additional factors all matter.  Meanwhile, you also need to have a plan for clean up or leave no trace as well.  Lots of moving parts so please leave it to the professionals to handle on your behalf.

Booking Effects for your Wedding or Iceland Elopement

Leaving today inspired or curious about adding some type of Iceland special effects to your adventure elopement or wedding in Iceland?  If so, we would love to hear from you about your desires and vision!  Although, we cater first to our Iceland Wedding Planner couples, we may have an opening in our schedule to accommodate your request.  So feel free to contact us for more information!

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