Primeval Elopement in Iceland: Larkin + Alex

Around two million years ago, humans found a way to create and control fire.  Having fire is a source of sustaining life by creating warmth, ability to cook, protection, and a way to forge tools.  Since the dawn of time, this material and process has been a significant ancient action.  Therefore, imagine combining this element with Icelandic nature… You end up with an unforgettable primeval elopement!

Love Blooms from Across the Ocean

Five years ago, Larkin and Alex found their connection to each other from across the Atlantic ocean and between the 145 million people who use Twitter daily.  To illustrate, direct messages talking business led to endless conversations to dreaming of the countless adventures they would take together.  Seeing each other through life’s ups and downs and prevailed together always as an unbreakable team has been part of their firm foundation.  Together they have made frustrating life moments FUN!!

Truly, their love for each other deepens in every country they set foot in and every adventure they embark on!  For example, these two spend their days together rocking their careers and doing extreme sports like scuba diving, motorcycling, ziplining, caving, horseback riding, and boating.  Having been to Iceland multiple times, always leaving utterly inspired, and being engaged at Gullfoss on a previous trip.  Returning to Iceland for a primeval elopement just made sense!

July Adventure Elopement

Summer is in full swing when July comes so bring on the greens and warmer temperatures!  In fact, Larkin and Alex originally had an intensive trip scuba diving North Iceland and decided to elope while they were here.  Mainly because their multiple attempts of planning a wedding in the United States and other areas of Europe were foiled for various reasons.  Meanwhile in hiring us, our process was exciting, straight forward, non-stressful, which they needed amongst these crazy Covid-19 times!

Alex and Larkin’s July elopement in Iceland began around 5:30am on July 16th 2020.  Our hair stylist and elopement photographer arrived to their beautiful Junior Suite at Hotel Grimsborgir to begin crafting and capturing.  How amazing were Larkin’s wedding dress, bridal bouquet, and Alex’s groom details!?!  Love!  Later in the morning, these two soon to be newlyweds grabbed their “go bags” and jump into the super jeep to begin their primeval elopement!

Primeval Elopement in Iceland

Every couple our Iceland Wedding Planner team works with has a unique vision or vibe they want for their elopement in Iceland.  Larkin and Alex came to us because they were seeking a private experience driven elopement.  Since they are both in artistic fields it was important to them to have a striking, bold, high energy, wild, and punchy kind of adventure.  Further, they both loved the idea of incorporating a primeval theme to the ceremony setup.  And oh did we deliver…

A highland waterfall was the backdrop for the primeval elopement.  Meanwhile, our team did a custom ceremony setup which included the following from our Iceland wedding rental collection:

  • Black Steel Arch
  • Reindeer Furs
  • Tree Stump Table
  • Whale Skull
  • 4 Horned Sheep Skull
  • Antique Ring Box
  • Viking Horn
  • Custom Welded Fire Sources (work in all weather conditions).  Special Note: Our team took steps to ensure the Icelandic nature under these firepots were 100% protected and not damaged in any way.  #LeaveNoTrace

All of these elements together plus the ceremony text 100% achieved their desire for having a primeval elopement.

Discovering a Hidden Cave

Early into our planning process, Larkin expressed an interest in a specific cave she wanted to explore that was in our portfolio… She got her wish and loved every single freaking second of it!!  Oh la la, were there some romantic moments shared after their primeval elopement ceremony!

Luxury Elopement Lunch at a Waterfall

Believe it or not you work up an appetite when you’re adventuring together!  Being very honest with us, Alex and Larkin said they would rather go all out with a luxury lunch experience than dinner so we crafted a gorgeous setup for them!  For real, could this luxury elopement lunch at a waterfall have a better view?!  Totally in line with their primeval elopement ceremony vibe too.

Iceland Waterfall Wedding Photos

Rain or shine, waterfall wedding photos are always a good idea!  Maybe that is even the reason why you head to Iceland to get married.  Newlyweds, Larkin and Alex marveled in this specific waterfalls beauty and adored every single second!

Venturing through the Icelandic Highlands

Easy to say we hands down have been the experts and go to Iceland Wedding Planner team who know the highlands like the back of our hands.  Not having our couples get married at tourist locations has been part of our brand for almost 10 years.  Long before Iceland was a popular place to visit too.  We even take the time to share with you various hiking routes in the highlands so you can venture in on your own whether you have booked us or not we crave to be a resource for you.

Part of having an experience driven primeval elopement is seeing the highlands firsthand.  For instance, crossing unbridged rivers, seeing the dramatic landscape changes, and engaging your 5 senses at locations you explore, all add to the excitement!

Mars-Like Wedding Location

Almost every single inquiry we get daily mentions something about the uniqueness and variety of landscapes throughout Iceland.  Couples love experiencing the “best of” during their adventure elopement.  Fair to say, Larkin and Alex were also intrigued by this but they wanted to step it up a notch… So why not add in a special effect?  To create an even more dramatic scene to a Mars-like landscape!  Smoke even even goes along with the primeval theme too!

Geothermal Steam Heats Things Up!

Following the previous five Iceland wedding locations, these two ended their adventure with hiking around a private geothermal area.  This felt like a really wild intimate location for Larkin and Alex.  It was so much fun to watch them discover it!

Dinner at Hotel Grimsborgir

After a full day adventure elopement, Larkin and Alex wanted to celebrate the rest of the night low key.  There’s no shame in wanting a low key dinner for two and relaxing in the hot tub!  In fact, bring it on!!  Following a rainy elopement in Iceland, being cozy in front of this fireplace is the PERFECT spot , truly!

Feeling inspired after viewing this primeval elopement and craving to plan your own experience driven wedding day?  Feel free to contact us to get that fun started!

Iceland Elopement Film

Lastly, make sure you check out live elements of Larkin and Alex’s primeval elopement by watching their Iceland elopement film!

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