Hidden Waterfall Proposal: Travis + Natalie

Iceland is often regarded as the land of waterfalls.  Why?  Because of the amount of rain and the amount of glaciers we have, which create both glacier fed and spring waterfalls.  Most people are captivated by the different types of waterfalls Iceland exudes.  From small to massive to super green to rocky, the list goes on.  Imagine experiencing Iceland with the love of your life and embarking on a waterfall proposal to seal the deal!

Finding the Right Waterfall

Travis and Natalie visited Iceland during Covid times this past summer.  Although they are Americans, they were granted a special exemption.  However, they did still have to abide by the arrival protocols before adventuring.  For instance, if you’re curious, you can visit the Icelandic governments page in regards to Covid-19.

Meanwhile, these two had been seeing Iceland from a yacht for well over a month… So when Travis reached out to our Iceland proposal planning team he was hoping to top all of the places they had seen from cruising along the coastline.  For instance, they had sailed in and out of the North and Westfjords frequently, so they had witnessed epic waterfalls, breathtaking 360 views, and had privacy throughout all legs.  Therefore, all of those elements remained important as he sought out an adventurous yet private place to propose.  On to the hidden waterfall proposal!

Hidden Waterfall Proposal

Next, the cover story Travis told Natalie, was that they would be spending a few nights at The Retreat Hotel. Then they would take a day trip to the South of Iceland to connect with a local to see some off the beaten path locations.  Immediately upon meeting them both they were beaming with positive energy and excitement!

Natalie wasn’t exactly dressed as one might for a usual offbeat adventure.  But she rocked the hike to the hidden waterfall in heels like a professional!  ::High Five:: Natalie!  After all, little did she know she was going for hike and being proposed to during 😉  As they were admiring the power of this hidden waterfall, Travis began with his unforgettable speech and got down on one knee!!  Natalie was totally surprised and gushed with love!

Iceland Engagement Photos

After Natalie said, “yes” she realized the “local guide” was actually our Iceland elopement photographer!  To illustrate, she was in slight disbelief that all of this magic was happening… For example, that Travis was so thoughtful and forward thinking to plan something so unforgettable for her.  Fair to say she savored every single second!  Including that the day then turned into their Iceland engagement session too!

Luxury Picnic in South Iceland

Oh la la and just when Natalie thought that was it for the surprises she jumped back into the jeep and realized there was more!  Woohoo!!  Furthermore, upon arrival to the next secret waterfall, our team told them to go take a hike to the middle waterfall.

Although Travis knew what was waiting for them, Natalie did not.  As soon as she got to the sketchy part leading up she caught a glimpse of their Iceland luxury picnic and happy tears filled her eyes!  Seriously, what could top having a waterfall proposal picnic?!

Exploring Waterfalls in Iceland

For many, when they travel to Iceland they will see more waterfalls in their trip than most see within their lifetime.  Each one is special and offers a different vibe.  For example, as Natalie and Travis explored this second one during their waterfall proposal adventure, they were overwhelmed with amazement.

Literally and figuratively, they had the waterfall to themselves and truly felt like they had just discovered it!  Super hard feeling to replicate, but it’s our teams mission to do so for every single couple.  That way, you walk away addicted to Iceland and always want to come back for more adventures together!

Plan Your Own Unique Iceland Proposal!

In conclusion, our Iceland Wedding Planner team are motivated to make every single proposal unique and exciting.  Listening to your ideas, thoughts, and presenting the most amazing options to explore is high priority!  Lastly, has this hidden waterfall proposal inspired you to possibly plan one of your very own?  Our team would love to get that conversation started, feel free to contact us!

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