Floral Swing Anniversary Session Inside Ice Cave

Our Iceland Wedding Planner team is comprised of seriously creative folks.  Individuals who thrive on adventure, plan for all types of logistic challenges, always work in solutions, and handle all the things between A-Z with positivity.  So at one of our weekly team meetings, we were brainstorming ideas on push the limits décor that has never been done before… Hoping we could match the idea with a badass adventure elopement couple.  Hence the title of this blog post being, a floral swing anniversary session inside an ice cave!  Thrilled to say this past May we were the first…

Ice Cave Wedding Swing Details

Oh la la where do we even begin?!  Maybe we start with the floral swing itself… Once custom welded, our super talented team stylist, Tinna uniquely decorated the swing with various gorgeous greens, roses, peonies, gerberas, hypericum berries, astilbe, etc!  Also, she created a matching Iceland wedding bouquet and fabulous groom boutonnière!

Next, came transporting it to the ice cave which was an awesome challenge in itself to ensure all of the flowers remained in tact.  Unfortunately, we cannot elaborate on this topic for obvious reasons.  But it made it flawlessly with several plans in place.  Now on to the logistics of the ice cave…

Firstly, the day of we knew the unpredictable weather in Iceland would need to dictate where and how we hung it.  Secondly, we had 4 ice caves in mind and ended up settling on our 3rd option.  Thirdly, in the midst of a storm, Ann’s super skilled ice climber husband Davíð Geir Jonasson, free climbed to the top of a sinkhole above the ice cave.  Then, he carefully rigged up our rope system for the floral swing to hang from.

Fourth, the swing itself was really freaking HEAVY and we had a bit of a hike (in crampons to boot), so it was a super fun skillful dance.  Fifth, the already very windy rainy day was somehow amplified x 10 inside of the ice cave, so adding extra mountain points were a no brainer to keep the swing level and in place.  Luckily, our team loves this kind of shit 😉 so #easybutton!

Floral Swing Anniversary Session

Allow us to introduce you to, Anna and Daniel!  These two share a once in lifetime kind of love.  In fact, never has being in the right place at the right time boded so true.  To illustrate, years ago, these two lovers met during the famed Westman Islands’ national festival that happens the first weekend every August.  Do we dare to say, love at first sight?!  Yes!  Days, weeks, months spent adventuring together deepened their love for each other and brought them to saying “I do!”

Next, in celebration of their wedding anniversary and a desire to adventure together somewhere new… These two let our Iceland Wedding Planner team craft some surprise magic for them!  After all, it pays off letting the experts have free-rein! So this past May, these two got dolled up and headed to the glacier with us… What unfolded was one of our most romantic décor setups mixed with one of our most challenging weather days.  But all involved ROCKED it like stars!  Bring on the floral swing anniversary session inside an ice cave in Iceland!!

Caves and Cake!

Fair to say the floral swing inside the ice cave was an unforgettable first!  Being a Iceland wedding planning team that enjoys versatile things, we loved the idea of transitioning the swing to a décor piece for a styled “reception” table too!  Since Anna and Daniel did not have a traditional Iceland wedding cake on their previous wedding day, we surprised them with a luxury picnic!  The transformation of the swing to a wedding floral circle did not disappoint!

Wedding Florist in Iceland

When planning a wedding or elopement in Iceland, it’s important to hire a planning team and / or florist that understands your vision for décor.  Not only from a style point of view, but also understanding how the weather can affect it.

For example, our teams Iceland wedding florist / stylist knows how hardcore our locations or couples can be, so rigging, reinforcing flowers and fastening things in a certain way is second nature.  Why? Because she knows first hand the dynamic of our experience driven weddings and elopements.

Lastly, has Anna and Daniels floral swing anniversary session in an ice cave inspired you to plan an ice cave wedding?  If so, feel free to contact our Iceland Wedding Planner team to get that journey started!

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