Iceland Wedding Photography: Antonia + Tim’s Adventure Wedding

When daring adventurers, enthusiastic travelers, and just an overall #badass couple decides to get married, you know everyone waits on bated breath to know where.

So when Tim and Antonia from New Jersey were looking for destination wedding options, they wanted to go somewhere that they had never been (or their guests) and a place that would have awe-inspiring shock value.  Iceland was easily the answer.  Nowhere else can you experience fire, ice, raging waterfalls, canyons, and endless cliff lines all in one day.

Iceland Wedding Photographer - Photos by Miss Ann - Iceland Wedding Planner

Upon arrival, their 50+ wedding guests were greeted with a 3 course Icelandic meal and a welcome wedding bag which had must have necessities like a horn, a cheat sheet of Icelandic terms, a rain poncho, wedding logo tattoos, and a Viking rubber ducky!

Iceland Wedding Welcome Bag Ideas - Iceland Wedding Planner

Their guests were told at dinner they were to be ready to leave for the day at 8:30am, completely unaware of where they were going or what they would see.  Just that Antonia + Tim would be getting married at some point and they needed to be dressed for wind, rain, and hiking!  To the guests delight, they arrived atop of one of the most spectacular mountains in Iceland.

Iceland Viking Asatru Wedding

They held a traditional Viking Asatru wedding ceremony where they held oath rings as they professed their vows and even drank out of an ancient horn to seal the deal!  Everyone loaded back into the super jeeps anxious to see where they were going next. To their surprise they found themselves in the midst of the area of where Game of Thrones and Star Wars was filmed and all were loving the fact they could explore it first hand!

Iceland Wedding Locations-Photos by Miss Ann

Shortly after, they embarked on a hike to a secret waterfall and ventured through a canyon where they stopped to have a delicious picnic lunch.

Iceland Waterfall Wedding Photographer

Just when you started to think that Tim and Antonia’s wedding adventure could not get any better the guests found themselves at the last stop… At the door step of one of Iceland’s most dangerous subglacial volcanos.  The crew laughed, explored, and even found a beautiful little ice cave!

Iceland Ice Cave Weddings - Photos by Miss Ann

It seemed each location one upped the other and everyone had a fantastic day throughout the Iceland adventure wedding!  Everyone was given a short 1 hour break to rest and catch their second wind and then it was on to the fabulous Iceland wedding reception where they delighted in a traditional 4 course Icelandic meal.

Iceland Wedding Reception

If you’re interested in seeing more from this amazing adventurous wedding in Iceland, check out the gorgeous images below!  Also, be sure to check out Offbeat Bride as their fab wedding is featured there too! ?

With a smile, Ann Peters + Team (Iceland Wedding Photographers + Planners)

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