Iceland Destination Elopement: K+A

There are so many moments from K+A’s amazing elopement in Iceland that I wanted to hit the PAUSE button on.  Luckily not only was I their Iceland Wedding Planner, but also their Iceland Wedding Photographer, so I could 😉  Here are a few of my favorites… enjoy!

Iceland Wedding Photographer

Ohhh la la THIS Iceland wedding dress and details might go down as an all time fave!

Wedding Photos in Iceland

The perfect combination of bouquet and boutonniere for K+A’s Icelandic Elopement!

During an adventure wedding in Iceland, our couples and their guests more often than not, have 3 pairs of shoes on hand… Hiking Boots, Waterproof tall boots, and Iceland wedding reception dress shoes.

K+A were most intrigued by a traditional Asatru Iceland wedding ceremony. Their Iceland wedding ceremony was dreamy on that beach!

After the beautiful beach above, we showed this fab duo a secret cave that had the most amazing outlook!

Iceland Wedding Photographer-2

Iceland Wedding Photographer and Planner

Will you take a walk through a lupine field on your Iceland Wedding Day?

Best Iceland Wedding Photographer

Iceland Wedding Locations - Photos by Miss Ann

Vik Iceland Wedding

The textures and tones of our secret locations for Iceland weddings is totally incredible, right?

Iceland Adventure Wedding

Iceland Elopement Photographer-Photos by Miss Ann

Iceland Wedding Photography - Photos by Miss Ann

Best Iceland Wedding Photographer - Photos by Miss Ann

Iceland Destination Wedding-Iceland Wedding Planner

Iceland Destination Wedding

Iceland Canyon Wedding Photographer

Eloping in Iceland - Iceland Wedding Planner

…and who doesn’t want to stop in a cave for lunch?

Unique Destination Wedding Locations in Iceland

Then on to a magnificent glacier to privately explore?

Iceland Adventure Wedding Photographer - Photos by Miss Ann

Iceland Glacier Wedding Photographer

Have you ever seen a green like this?!  Yeah, it only exists in Iceland.

Iceland Mountain Wedding - Photos by Miss Ann

Iceland Secreat Waterfall Wedding Photographer

This amazing elopement happened on the longest day of the year here in Iceland, and oh boy did we take advantage of it and this couple hit a new record of locations we adventured to… 12!

Waterfall Wedding in Iceland - Photos by Miss Ann

Iceland Wedding Photos - Iceland Wedding Planner

There are never any “rules” during our Iceland adventure wedding days, so if you feel cold or want to change part way through the day into hiking gear, do it!

Iceland Wedding Photographer - Secret Waterfall Wedding Location

Thanks for stopping by to check out this dreamy and awesomely adventurous elopement in Iceland!  Stay tuned next week when we announce something super duper exciting for us!

With a smile, Ann Peters + Team (Iceland Wedding Photographers + Planners)

Iceland Wedding Photographer-1

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