Luxury Wedding in Iceland: Chelsey + Alex

Over 190,000 people attend the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in SoCal.  …and somehow in the middle of a desert valley, amidst all of the awesome music, crafty art installations, and within all that beautiful chaos mixed together, Chelsey and Alex meet each other.  Serendipity at it’s best, I think!

A huge part of their relationship has been exploring the world together… Both on land and sea.  From picturesque places like Indonesia, Aruba, the many national parks, the best of Canada, or even adventuring locally with their cute pups, Chelsey and Alex enjoy life!

After dating for 5 years, Alex surprised Chelsey with a whirlwind date day where she was picked up by helicopter and whisked to the top of one of the tallest buildings in Los Angeles.  There, Alex proposed a lifetime of more adventures to her by asking her to marry him!  Woot Woot!  She said yes 😉

When it came time to planning a wedding, they were seeking a place that would provide them with a dramatic setting for their intimate group.  Chelsey I think said it best during one of our Skype calls saying they desired destination wedding locations that you could “feast your eyes on.”  Having visited once before, Alex and their families agreed, so Iceland wedding planning began!  Please come along with us today, as we share their unforgettable luxury wedding in Iceland!  Also check out the lovely Bridal Musings blog, as they recently featured their perfect day HERE!

Iceland Wedding at Hotel Ranga-73

The boutique hotel, Hotel Ranga served as our awesome host hotel for Chelsey + Alex’s Iceland luxury wedding.  The hotel is a fantastic “home-base” for exploring our Southern Iceland Iceland wedding locations.

Iceland Wedding Invitation

The day began around 6am with hair, makeup, coffee, and breakfast coming to their beautiful Royal Suite.

Iceland Wedding Dress

Iceland Wedding at Hotel Ranga-6

Iceland Wedding at Hotel Ranga-1

Iceland Makeup Artist

Oh la la and look at her eyelashes and makeup!  Sooo pretty!  Our Iceland wedding planning makeup team, is the best!

Iceland Makeup Artist-1

Iceland Wedding at Hotel Ranga-11

Iceland Wedding at Hotel Ranga-12

Iceland Wedding at Hotel Ranga-13

Iceland Wedding Shoes

Those Iceland Wedding Rings… Swoon!!!

Iceland Wedding Rings

Gotta love Alex’s awesome Iceland wedding groom style!

Iceland Wedding Attire Suit

Iceland Wedding at Hotel Ranga-9

As soon as they were dressed, Chelsey, Alex, and their 30+ guests were on their way to their Iceland wedding ceremony location!

Iceland Wedding at Hotel Ranga-15

When Alex and Chelsey came in 2016 to meet our Iceland Wedding Planner team in person and meet with potential Iceland wedding venues, they explored on their own a day and came across a sweet little waterfall called, Þorsteinslundur (Thorsteins Grove) and fell in love with it.  They could not see themselves professing their love to each other on their Iceland wedding day, anywhere else.  Side Note: This is not one of our private / secret locations we typically do via super jeeps, but as we say in our FAQ section, we are happy to make exceptions for the right clients.

Iceland Wedding at Hotel Ranga-84

It’s a lovely walk to this cute waterfall and the guests gathered together and did the walk with Alex.

Iceland Super Jeep Wedding

Being tucked away behind the trees, this sweet place is many times not on folks Southern Iceland exploring radar and it should be!  There is a sense of calm and serenity about this waterfall so I can see the draw that Chelsey and Alex had to it!  Wouldn’t you agree?

Iceland Wedding Locations-2

Iceland adventure weddings happen, rain or shine and let me just say these two and their guests make a drizzly wedding day look MAGICAL!  All smiles and embracing all that Iceland weather dealt out!!

Iceland Wedding at Hotel Ranga-19

Iceland Wedding Bouquet

Iceland Wedding at Hotel Ranga-17

Alex and all of the guests waited patiently to see glamorous Chelsey walk down the aisle!

Iceland Wedding at Hotel Ranga-17

…and when she did, WOW!

Iceland Wedding at Hotel Ranga-23

Alex looked excited, proud, and so ready to marry her =)

Iceland Wedding at Hotel Ranga-22

Iceland Wedding at Hotel Ranga-24

Their friend and celebrant, embraced the intimacy of the location by inviting guests to gather together and snuggle in during the Iceland wedding ceremony!

Secret Waterfall Wedding in Iceland

Iceland Wedding at Hotel Ranga-25

Iceland Wedding at Hotel Ranga-27

Iceland Wedding at Hotel Ranga-28

Iceland Wedding at Hotel Ranga-29

Iceland Wedding Rings-2

The love these two share is totally storybook!  Our team had so much fun photographing their Iceland wedding photos!!

Iceland Wedding Photography

Iceland Wedding at Hotel Ranga-88

Iceland Wedding at Hotel Ranga-85

Iceland Wedding at Hotel Ranga-87

Iceland Wedding at Hotel Ranga-90

The sights, textures, and tones guests see during your Iceland wedding day are indescribable along with how the adventure feels in a bad-ass super jeep crossing rivers and rolling through mountain passes!  Hello 5 senses experience!  It’s so fun that your guests end up having their own mini adventure within your Iceland wedding adventure day!  The best gift you could give your guests, seriously!!

Iceland Super Jeep Wedding-1

During an Iceland adventure wedding, we work up an appetite!  Adding to the experience of an adventure wedding in Iceland is having a traditional Icelandic BBQ of hot dogs (and all their fixings) in a natural private cave!  Alex and Chelsey loved the idea of adding in this cultural element and their guests totally enjoyed it too!

Iceland Wedding at Hotel Ranga-35

Iceland Wedding at Hotel Ranga-33

Iceland Wedding at Hotel Ranga-32

Iceland Cave Wedding

Adventuring together on your Iceland wedding day is THE BEST!

Iceland Wedding Locations

How glamorous was Chelsey’s Iceland wedding dress ya’ll?!

Iceland Bridal Photos

And how dapper was Alex in his suit!?! Love!

Iceland Groom Photos

Iceland Wedding at Hotel Ranga-47

Iceland Wedding at Hotel Ranga-48

Iceland Wedding at Hotel Ranga-43

Iceland Wedding at Hotel Ranga-44

Iceland Wedding at Hotel Ranga-38

Iceland Wedding at Hotel Ranga-41

Iceland Wedding at Hotel Ranga-45

Iceland Wedding at Hotel Ranga-58

Iceland Wedding at Hotel Ranga-59

Iceland Wedding at Hotel Ranga-60

We always encourage our clients to ensure they take a few minutes to be by themselves when having a Iceland wedding with guests… This was one of those moments Chelsey and Alex had!  Dreamy!

Iceland Wedding at Hotel Ranga-36

Iceland Wedding at Hotel Ranga-40

Iceland is more often than not, compared to being like the “Moon” or “Mars” because of the very otherworldly textures and tones.  So that said, allow me to transport you to Chelsey and Alex’s Iceland wedding photos on the Moon!

Wedding Locations that look like Mars

My personal favorite of their Iceland wedding photos! ?

Iceland Wedding at Hotel Ranga-55

Iceland Black Beach Desert Wedding Locations

Wedding locations that look like the moon

The views during Chelsey and Alex’s Iceland wedding day adventure left most of the guests speechless.  Never have they ever had the opportunity to experience such epic natural wonders at such a personal and private level.

Iceland Wedding at Hotel Ranga-63

The next series of images will immediately bring any The Notebook lover back to Allie’s “Say I’m a bird!” scene!  So free and so vivid… Chelsey brings that line to LIFE during her Iceland wedding day!

Iceland Wedding at Hotel Ranga-68

Iceland Wedding Dress Photos

Windy Wedding in Iceland

Iceland Wedding at Hotel Ranga-71

Iceland Bridal Party

Iceland Mountain Wedding Locations

Iceland Mountain Wedding

Iceland Wedding at Hotel Ranga-73

Iceland Volcano Wedding

Iceland Wedding at Hotel Ranga-66

Iceland Wedding at Hotel Ranga-65

Iceland Wedding at Hotel Ranga-62

Iceland Wedding at Hotel Ranga-82

Iceland Wedding Photographer-2

Heading to a private black sand beach with a stunning view like THIS on your Iceland wedding day just makes sense!

Iceland Beach Wedding Locations

Wedding Photographer in Iceland

Iceland Wedding at Hotel Ranga-75

Iceland Wedding at Hotel Ranga-78

Iceland Wedding at Hotel Ranga-80

Iceland Wedding Photographer

Iceland Wedding Flowers

After several hours of adventuring the group found their way back to Hotel Ranga for a luxury Iceland wedding reception with elegant details!

Hotel Ranga Iceland Wedding Reception Details

Chelsey and Alex’s Iceland wedding reception decor incorporated a theme of greens and whites that had lovely elements of eucalyptus, olive leaves, and the understated elegance of rose gold accents.

Iceland Wedding Reception at Hotel Ranga

Iceland Wedding at Hotel Ranga-106

Iceland Wedding at Hotel Ranga-103

Iceland Wedding at Hotel Ranga-92

Iceland Wedding at Hotel Ranga-101

Iceland Wedding at Hotel Ranga-99

Having a traditional Icelandic Kransakaka introduces your guests to a fabulous cultural tradition during your wedding day in Iceland.

Iceland Wedding Cake-Kransakaka

Being both from North America, it was also important to them to have an American style wedding cake as well.  Hotel Ranga has a fabulous baker named Gina on staff who rocked out this beautiful cake!

Iceland Wedding Cake

An Iceland luxury wedding reception should always begin with a fabulous toast!

Iceland Wedding at Hotel Ranga-108

Followed by a delicious 4 to 5 course meal!

Iceland Wedding Menu at Hotel Ranga

Which would you choose to eat during an Iceland wedding reception…. Pan Fried Beef or Oven Baked Arctic Char?

Iceland Wedding at Hotel Ranga-113

Iceland Wedding at Hotel Ranga-114

Iceland Wedding at Hotel Ranga-112

Iceland Wedding at Hotel Ranga-111

Sharing a first dance is always a special moment during your destination wedding in Iceland… Bravo Chelsey + Alex!

After an awe-inspiring adventure wedding day in Iceland, guests were surprised with an invite to experience the Gamla Laugin (Secret Lagoon) privately for a fantastic after party!  Talk about having a “wedding of the year” and a day their guests will surely never ever forget!

Iceland Wedding at Secret Lagoon Fludir

Secret Lagoon Wedding-Fludir

Secret Lagoon Fludir Wedding

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