Iceland Honeymoon Planning and Wedding Registry

Our Iceland adventure wedding planning clients are seekers of experiences, not things.  Which is an exciting transition from previous “keeping up with the Joneses” generations where the big house with the white picket fence and 4.5 children made sense.  That said, honeymoon planning and wedding registries have also made a change.

Couples would rather adventure together collecting interesting experiences during their honeymoon than lay around on a beach at a boring all-inclusive resort.  And they would also like their friends and family to forgo traditional registry gifts like dishes, towels, etc and contribute to their honeymoon adventures or date nights to keep them “forever newlyweds.”  Doesn’t adventuring together to remain forever newlyweds sound like the BEST. IDEA. EVER?!  #yesplease

So now you’re probably wondering what sort of business can help you achieve this?  Allow me to introduce you to Wanderlust Honeymoons and their Not-So-Newlywed Registry concept….  The Wanderlust Honeymoons team are passionate tried and true offbeat adventurers. Using the Wanderlust Honeymoon website tools ensures you will have an EPIC adventure honeymoon AND always be forever newlyweds!

Wanderlust Honeymoons is a unique 3-part wedding industry website:

Part 1- Wanderlust Honeymoons: Planning Custom Adventurous Honeymoons in offbeat areas of the world.  So after we help you plan your Iceland wedding day, this awesome team can help you plan your adventurous honeymoon either in Iceland or elsewhere!

Part 2- Wanderlust Honeymoon’s Wedding Registry: Allow your guests to gift you EXPERIENCES to have during your honeymoon adventure in Iceland and beyond!

Part 3- Not-So-Newlywed Registry: Your family and friends can gift you “experiences” that will keep you dating for the rest of your lives so you stay forever newlyweds!

Since newly wedded bliss can sadly begin to wear off after the first year and then “real-life” sets in. We all get bogged down with mounting responsibilities, work, outside pressures, always have good intentions but run out of time, and we forget to go on “date nights” with each other.  When we stop communicating and dating, it adds a vulnerable stress to the relationship instead of bringing you closer together, it tears you apart. At any moment, you can change it… Thus Wanderlust Honeymoons’s and Not-So-Newlywed Registry was born!

The best part of the last section of the website is that there is a timed release concept that is used to ensure you schedule weekly or monthly “date nights” as your guests intend.  For example, Uncle Brian and Aunt Maryann can gift you 30 “Coffee Dates” to have over the next 5 years and the website “reminds” and “releases” them for you to use.  Which will encourage you guys to not get lost in the chaos of life and remember to keeping dating each other versus falling into a rut or falling out of love with each other.

Remember if you are planning an adventure wedding in Iceland and then finding your way to honeymoon around the island afterwards… Also make sure you check out the super awesome and very specific Iceland Honeymoon Registry items.

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