Lakeside Iceland Wedding Adventure | Elizabeth + Drew

“Loved you once, love you still, always have, always will.”


When two high schoolers meet in 9th grade, have all kinds of things in common like country-living and trying new things, and find themselves growing up together, one might say it’s a match made in the stars.

Allow me to introduce you to: Elizabeth + Drew from Minnesota (aka the Land of 10,000 Lakes)

After being high school sweethearts, fast forward 9 years where they were having a lovely dinner with friends and Drew pops the question to Elizabeth… She said yes!  Although they began down the road of planning a traditional wedding in the USA, they quickly found out it didn’t feel like “them” and were seeking a wedding day with more depth.  Iceland was a place that was high on both of their token bucket lists so they looked into having an Iceland wedding adventure and luckily found us here at Iceland Wedding Planner!

So I invite you to tag along with us today as we share with you Drew and Elizabeth’s adventure wedding in Iceland….

Having a destination wedding in Iceland with guests, it’s important to set the tone of the event with the right hotel.  More often then not, the hotels here in Iceland do not live up to our typical American expectations of luxury accommodation (IE, Actual king beds, nice toiletries, impeccable customer service, room service, hot tubs, in room mini bar, etc).  But one of my favorite hotels: Hotel Grimsborgir not only keeps up with all of those accouterments, but sets the bar for luxury within Iceland.  This fabulous hotel was Elizabeth and Drew’s “home base” for their amazing Iceland wedding adventure.

Having a summer wedding in Iceland means you get the awesome opportunity to have a lot of daylight to play in!  This awesome image of Elizabeth’s Iceland wedding dress was taken at 6am in June and the sun was just beaming it’s beauty!

Being a country girl at heart, Elizabeth rocked her white boots under that fabulous dress during her adventure wedding day in Iceland!

Our Iceland wedding hair stylist and makeup artist team does the best work!  Bravo Heidrun + Tora!

One traditional element Elizabeth and Drew decided to keep was not seeing each other until they were all dolled up so we staged a super awesome first look before we headed out to their Iceland wedding ceremony!

Ready to roll!  The girls went into one super jeep and the boys jumped into the other to head to the Iceland lakeside wedding ceremony spot!

Upon arrival, our Iceland Wedding Planner team quickly decored the lakeside ceremony spot with beautiful black benches and reindeer furs.  Elizabeth and Drew decided to forgo having a traditional aisle and opted for a “half circle.”

Okay okay okay… so seriously, this was their ceremony spot!  A dreamy lakeside spot with lovely rock formations floating in the water!


A personal element they added into their Iceland wedding ceremony was a “hand tying” ceremony.  Super sweet and meaningful!

After the lakeside wedding ceremony, Elizabeth and Drew were thrilled to take Iceland wedding photos all around this beautiful place.  Their Iceland wedding photographer chose some beautiful angles!


Not only do we keep you adventuring safely during your Iceland wedding day, but we keep you comfortable and still act as responsible and environmentally conscience tour guides by ensuring we always leave the area better than we found it (hence the luxury porta potty in tow).

Did you know beautifully lit mountains are our weakness during our clients Iceland wedding days?  We constantly seek them and this is reason #912 why 😉

Can we talk about the textures of Iceland you may see during your adventure wedding day for a sec?!  The shapes, the smells, and vibrancy, and the feel of the rocks are indescribable and always keep me coming back for more for Iceland wedding photos.

Where there is a will, there is a way is the famed quote I will leave for the shot below 😉  I always give our adventure wedding clients an “out” if they need them but presented with it, Elizabeth and Drew polietly declined and went “all in” for this image!  #worthit for their Iceland wedding photos, right?!

If you build it, they will come… Right?!  Our Iceland wedding planning team has built all size of bridges to ensure moments this image series happen (and happen safely)!

Nearing lunchtime, it was time to get back further on to the road and find out way to our secret beach lunch stop during their Iceland wedding day.

Black sand lava rock beaches amaze me.  And Elizabeth and Drew made those waves LOOK GOOD during their Iceland wedding photos! That’s for sure!

Reason #101 why having an adventure wedding in Iceland is brilliant… Your guests have their own mini adventure within your big awesome adventure!

Having a traditional Icleandic BBQ of hot dogs and all of the fixings is the perfect hot meal to have during your wedding day in Iceland!

And sometimes during an Iceland wedding adventure day, one wishes to be more adventurous in regards to trying cultural elements.  In this case, Brennivin is the best decision to try!

To get to all of the adventure wedding locations we go to, we need to have super jeeps because there are not formal bridges to cross, your sweet ass vehicle becomes your bridge to awesomeness!  Which often is an experience in itself!  Way better than any party favor you could ever give your guests.  You’re rather sharing with them  (or gifting them) with an unforgettable EXPERIENCE during your Iceland wedding day.

Sea cliffs in the Southern section of Iceland are some of my favorite for Iceland wedding photographs.

How pretty was Elizabeth’s Iceland wedding bouquet?  Wild and wonderful.

Every secret waterfall we help you find your way to always has a different feature, texture, and tone.  Not one waterfall looks like the same as the last.  Which is a pretty wonderful opportunity to explore such diversity on your Iceland wedding day.

In coming to the land of fire and ice… one typically expects to experience one of both of those epic elements.  Elizabeth and Drew chose fire as their last stop and we were happy to introduce them to our private geothermal area to explore during their Iceland wedding photos.

We returned to Hotel Grimsborgir somewhere around 6:30pm where they guests had a chance to rest and refresh before they were invited back down for a super awesome Iceland wedding reception!  The theme of the wedding reception was light and airy bringing the outside elements in.

Our decor design was created by dried moss (store bought, we did not destroy an Icelandic nature in doing this tablescape), high and lowe candles, and wild flowers in mercury vases.

Being American foodies and also wanting to embrace the traditional elements, Elizabeth and Drew designed their Iceland wedding reception menu to have a 5 sensory dinning experience with their guests…  The restaurant at Hotel Grimsborgir never disappoints!

The 1st Course: Lobster Soup

2nd Course: The Fantasy (lobster tail, scallops, mussels, and smoked salmon)

Course 3: Arctic Char


4th Course: Lamb and Lobster Duet

Course 5: Dessert Belgian Waffle

I’d dare to say this is one of the BEST Iceland wedding meals I have had.  My mouth is watering all over again just reminiscing for these fabulous Iceland wedding reception photos!

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